Chiang Mai Sunday Walking Street And Night Market

Thursday, May 5, 2016

If one is planning to visit Chiang Mai, it is better to include a Sunday in the plan. Because Sunday is the day when in the afternoon, the road leading from Tha Pae Gate to Wat Phra Singh turns into a festival ground. It becomes a walking street because vehicular traffic is stopped on this road. The over a kilometre stretch and many of the Soi's on the way turn into a colorful street market of souvenirs, food, massage, music and other entertainment. Everything continues well into the night. And because of that it is also called as Sunday Night Market. Though the market starts in the afternoon, it comes to life fully after sundown only. Cheapest foot massage in Thailand, at 150 THB an hour can be enjoyed here out in the open. This place on a Sunday evening attracts almost every tourist in Chiang Mai thus making the regular Night Bazaar of Chiang Mai look deserted. Keep reading for more...

Varanda Do Mar Panjim Goa Hotel Review

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

When one of the best hotels in Panjim (Goa) does not become my favourite, I think it is only my bad luck. In this case though I hope that my bad luck will change someday if the high and mighty who control the operations of this hotel so decide. There are so many good things in Varanda Do Mar. Its one of the cleanest properties, has very spacious rooms, several of the rooms offer nice views of the sea, food is almost good, and the location isn't half bad. Trust me, in Goa finding these many good things together in a hotel is not easy. Most of the hotels there just maintain a below-standard set up and keep posting fake positive reviews on Tripadvisor to trap customers. Varanda Do Mar is better than most but there are still a few reasons that keep it from being perfect. Again, most of the problems can be solved in a jiffy. I intend for this article to be an appeal to the owners of Varanda Do Mar to help their guests. Please keep reading...

Tuk Tuk / Taxi Service Rates From Patong Beach (Phuket)

Monday, May 2, 2016

A fixed rate tuk tuk and taxi service operates in Patong from outside the Jungceylon Shopping Mall - Bangla Road side, and covers local as well as nearby outside destinations. The interesting thing is that this service costs the same for tuk tuk and taxi with each vehicle carrying a maximum of four passengers. The tuk tuk operating from here is designed more like a Baht Bus, only smaller. Red in color, it can carry 6 to 8 passengers and hence operating it on a shared basis is also an option for the drivers. One can find these red tuk tuks in many areas in Patong including Beach Road. But there is a concern here, since the rates are the same for a tuk tuk or a taxi, is it at the option of the passenger to choose between the two types of vehicles? I could not get a clear answer from the guy at the counter due to the language problem. He said "both taxi and tuk tuk", that's all. Yes, there is a small counter in the compound of Jungceylon where usually one guy is standing with the rate card. The rate for going somewhere within Patong (referred to by them as "Patong Area") is 200 THB for 4 persons max, with some exceptions for which they will charge 300 THB. A single person taking a full charter will pay the same price. Maybe expensive but in a way it is a good service because it provides a reference point for bargaining with a freelance taxi driver in Patong or elsewhere in Phuket. Keep reading for full list of rates...

Winning At Casino Slot Machine Games

Monday, April 25, 2016

Let me start with the obvious - it is often said that winning at casino slot machine games is a matter of luck. You win as much as your luck favours you. It is at least partly true. Now let us consider another factor - slot machines are designed to payback only a certain percentage of the total money that is deposited into the machines by the players. Usually, this percentage is around 90%. That does not mean that 90% of the players on a particular slot machine will win something. It only means that the collective long term losses of all the players on a slot machine will be approximately 10% of the total money bet on that machine. If the bets of all the players on a particular slot machine are averaged, all the players would have lost 10% of the amount of their bets. Slot machine players as a class of people win nothing. The casino is the only winner, taking 10% of the total bets on a long term basis. In the short term though, anything can happen. In the short term, there are going to be several winners and losers, some big and some small. Some players will lose all of their money on a slot machine while some others will walk away with a good amount of profit. In the short term, it is as much a game of skill as it is a matter of chance. Keep reading...

Best Paying Slot Machines And Best Slot Casino In Macau

Best paying video slot gaming machines in the casinos in Macau are those with the highest winning percentages for gamblers. In this page I will reveal where you can find these slot machines. But unlike in Las Vegas, casinos in Macau do not talk about winning percentages of their slot machines. There are no 'certified loose' slot machines in Macau. Generally speaking, slot machines in Macau are referred to as "hungry tigers" that will gobble up whatever money you show to them and give nothing back. And this is absolutely true about all the Chinese owned casinos. The American owned casinos, at least some of them, have set their slot machines to pay back some of the money bet by the players. Before moving on to the revelation, some basics on the working of casino slot machines need to be understood. Keep reading...

Long Tail Boat Service To Beaches And Islands From Ao Nang (Krabi)

Thursday, April 21, 2016

For those willing to try something other than conducted tours of beaches & islands from Ao Nang, there is the cheaper option of making the trips on long tail boats. These boats are called 'Long Tail" because of the long propeller shaft attached to the engine at the rear end of the boat. Tickets for long tail trips can be bought from the Ao Nang Long Tail Boat Service Club counter on the Beach Road. One can walk to the counter or take a tuk tuk (ask for long tail boat counter). Just know that tuk tuk service in Ao Nang is expensive and to take you even to a very nearby point, they will ask for 100 THB or more. I have given the location of the long tail boat counter in Google Maps below for help. In general, if you are walking on the beach road with the beach on your right side and the shops on your left, soon you will reach a left turn. The counter is at this corner. The road is indicated as "4203" in the map. There are several options for taking 'DIY' tours from this counter to local beaches & local islands such as on a shared basis or as a private boat charter. The counter opens daily from 8.00am to 6.00pm. Keep reading for more details...

'Friends Massage' On Beach Road Pattaya

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Pattaya, as it is, is a difficult place to find a massage shop where no hanky-panky takes place. In other words, how many massage shops one can find in Pattaya that offer a clean and professional massage service that is not too expensive. I have always been on the look out for such a massage shop and in March 2016, I was lucky to find one very close to my requirement and that too almost on the Beach Road. I am happy to share this find with my fellow travellers. This massage shop is called 'Friends Massage' and is located on Soi 13/4, next to hotel Taj Place Residency. Let me describe the location. If one comes out of Walking Street and starts walking on the Beach Road, there is a right turn (Soi 13/4) where one sees 'Maharaja Indian Restaurant' on the left side at the beginning of the Soi. Taj Place is opposite 'Maharaja' and after Taj Place, one can see this nice little shop called 'Friends Massage'. I have given the location map of the shop later in the page. Keep reading...

Why You Cannot Trust OYO Rooms in India

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I spent three nights in an OYO Rooms hell so that I could I bring these facts to you. Before this I have stayed in a sub-standard OYO room in Candolim Goa and after I published that story ( My first OYO Rooms experience), I was contacted by OYO Rooms, they apologised, offered me a Rs. 1000 voucher for the next booking, and tried to make me believe that the problems experienced by me in their Candolim hotel were just an exception. Now after staying in another OYO property in Panjim Goa, I know that OYO Rooms actually have no control over what happens at the OYO Rooms on the ground. I also discovered that the people at OYO Rooms get concerned only when something bad about OYO Rooms get published. But when a customer of OYO Rooms complains directly to them, such complaints are never taken seriously. I know this because my complaint to OYO Rooms was ignored as if it was just a matter of routine. In this page you will read why OYO's promises of spotless white linen, hygienic bathrooms, and free WiFi are just false promises. Keep reading...

Buying Vegetarian Thai Curry Paste in Bangkok

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ready to use Thai curry paste, including its vegetarian variants, is available in many countries including India. Still there are times when a tourist may like to take home some Thai curry paste while leaving Thailand. At first I need to clarify what a vegetarian Thai curry paste means, and then later I will tell about the exact products, prices, and where to buy them in Bangkok. Thai curry paste, whether its packed & ready to use variety or a fresh paste prepared and used by a Thai restaurant usually contains a non-vegetarian ingredient: shrimp paste or shrimp powder. The idea of adding shrimp is to add flavour. I hate to break this to you but it is 99% likely that the vegetarian Thai curry that you order in a Thai restaurant that is not a 100% vegetarian restaurant, is made using a curry paste that contains shrimp paste. I have been told at many Thai restaurants that they would be able to prepare a red or green Thai curry containing only vegetables and no meat or seafood. But when I ask them if the curry paste they use contains shrimp paste, they look clueless. To make it very clear, shrimp paste is a standard ingredient in Thai curry paste produced and used in Thailand. But at the same time, a 100% vegetarian Thai curry paste can also be purchased in Thailand if one knows where to look for it. In Bangkok I always find it in Tokyu Department Store at MBK Center. Keep reading...

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