Best Money Exchange Rates in Bangkok

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

(Updated December 2014) Money Exchange options are aplenty in Bangkok starting from the exchange counters located at Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang Airports. But that does not mean that all money exchange places give you the same value for the currency that you are carrying. The exchange counters at the airports in Thailand or in any other country for that matter usually offer very bad exchange rates for any currency. There is an easy way to check how much premium you are being made to pay for exchanging one currency into another. For example if you are planning to exchange USD into THB, just go to Google and type 'usd thb rate' in lower case without quotes and press enter. Google will show you the current inter-bank rate at the top of the page. Compare this rate with what the exchange counter at the airport is offering you. The result may shock you. At New Delhi's IGI Airport T3, the banks and Thomas Cook exchange counters charge a premium of roughly 10% over the inter-bank rates for selling you a foreign currency. When they buy a foreign currency from you, they buy at a discount of roughly 10%. Its a great business for them but for a tourist, it just makes the holiday more expensive by 10%. Airports in Thailand do not charge 10% premium but if you compare Bangkok airport exchange rates with the best money exchange rates in Bangkok city, you will see quite a difference. So if you must buy some THB at an airport in Thailand, buy just enough to pay for the Visa and initial expenses. Once in Bangkok city, you can get the best money exchange rates by going to the right place that I reveal in this page. Keep reading...

Super Rich Thailand Money Exchange, Bangkok

Best Money Exchange Rates in Bangkok

Super Rich Thailand (Rajdamri Soi 1) near Big C on Ratchadamri Road is the place for best exchange rates in Bangkok. These people function like a bank. Currency exchange process here starts with taking a copy of the customer's passport. Photocopy machine is on the right side after entering. The customer is then asked to write his/her hotel name on the passport copy and sent on to stand in one of the queues. At the counter, they count the money and give a token to the customer. Wait again, this time outside the queue. At last they call the token number on a public address system and one gets the desired currency with a printed receipt. The extra money one gets because of the favorable exchange rate makes all the hassle worth enduring. The place is air conditioned, and cool drinking water is available. Monday - Friday open from 9.00am to 6.00pm and Saturday/public holiday 9.30am to 4.30pm. You can see the exchange rates offered by Super Rich (Thailand) on their website which is updated several times during the day. This is the link: Current Super Rich Thailand Bangkok Exchange Rates. Just remember that by the time you get to their office the rates may have changed again, so don't get alarmed. Later in this page, you will read about Super Rich (1965), another money exchange shop located close to Super Rich (Thailand). Also Visit: Best Money Exchange Rates in Pattaya and Best Money Exchange Strategy for Travel to Thailand

Super Rich Thailand Ratchadamri Location Map (click on the map to enlarge)

Super Rich Thailand Money Exchange Ratchadamri Bangkok Location Map

(Also see: Bangkok Visa on Arrival Procedure and Requirements)

Directions to Get to Super Rich (Thailand), Ratchadamri

Big C Ratchadamri Bangkok

Getting to Super Rich Thailand is easy. You can either get down at Ratchadamri or Siam Sky Train station. Ask someone for directions to Big C. It is walking distance from both stations but Siam is a bit closer. Going from Ratchadamri/Siam station, you will reach Big C as in the above picture. Walk past Big C and at the next turn go right and again ask someone for Super Rich Thailand. It is very close from there. 

Super Rich (1965) (Orange Signage)

Super Rich (1965) Money Exchange Ratchadamri Bangkok

Super Rich (1965) has orange sign boards like you see in the picture above. Lately, the competition among these two exchange shops has increased so much that the staff of Super Rich (1965) stand opposing the entrance of Super Rich (Thailand) and try to call the customers to come to their shop instead. If that happens to you, you should just ignore them because the exchange rates offered by Super Rich (1965) are not as good. I have compared their exchange rates with those offered by Super Rich (Thailand) on different occasions and always found Super Rich (Thailand)'s rates to be better. For that matter I have compared Super Rich (Thailand)'s exchange rates with dozens of exchange shops & counters in Bangkok and never saw anyone beating Super Rich (Thailand).

Super Rich (1965) is open 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday. They even open on Sunday for a few hours. I have changed money with them a few times when Super Rich (Thailand) was closed. To be fair to them, Super Rich (1965) offers rates better than many other money changers in Bangkok but they just don't do better than Super Rich (Thailand). Lately, Super Rich 1965 have also started taking a copy of the customers' passports with the hotel name written on them which they were earlier not doing.

Another Super Rich (Thailand) Branch in Bangkok

Super Rich (Thailand) Exchange Counter At Asiatique The Riverfront Bangkok

I have seen another exchange counter operated by Super Rich (Thailand) in Bangkok apart from the Ratchadamri office. This exchange counter is located inside Asiatique The Riverfront shopping Mall. A free boat ride in Chao Phraya River can take you to Asiatique. Its a nice experience.

Money Change At Other Places in Bangkok

Money exchange shops and counter can be found everywhere in Bangkok and I know it will not always be possible for you to go to Super Rich (Thailand). If you are forced to change money elsewhere, just try to compare the exchange rates being offered to you with the Online Rates of Super Rich (Thailand). That way at least you will know how much extra premium you are paying.

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Posted by Narinder Singh

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