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Best Money Changer (Money Exchange) in Bangkok - Super Rich (Thailand) Money Exchange

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Super Rich Thailand near Big C at Ratchadamri is the best place for money exchange in Bangkok. Their working hours are like government offices but exchange rates are the best in the city. These people function like a bank. Currency exchange process here starts with taking a copy of the customer's passport. Photocopy machine is on the right side after entering. The customer is then asked to write his/her phone number on the passport copy and sent on to stand in one of the queues. At the counter, they count the money and give a token to the customer. Wait again, this time outside the queue. At last they call the token number on a public address system and one gets the desired currency with a printed receipt. The extra money one gets because of the favourable exchange rate makes all the hassle worth enduring. The place is air conditioned, and cool drinking water is available. Monday - Friday go there before 5.00 PM and don't go on a Sunday/Holiday. I think Saturday is a half day for them. See directions to get to this place below...
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Super Rich Thailand Money Exchange, Bangkok
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Directions to Get to Super Rich (Thailand), Ratchadamri

Big C Ratchadamri Bangkok

Getting to Super Rich Thailand is easy. You can either get down at Ratchadamri or Siam Sky Train station. Ask someone for directions to Big C. It is walking distance from both stations but Siam is a bit closer. Going from Ratchadamri/Siam station, you will reach Big C as in the above picture. Walk past Big C and at the next turn go right and again ask someone for Super Rich Thailand. It is very close from there. Only don't stop at Super Rich (1965) that you will see first while walking towards S.R.Thailand. Their rates are not as good. 

Super Rich (1965) Money Exchange Ratchadamri Bangkok

Super Rich (1965) will be open long after Super Rich Thailand has closed for the day. I have changed money with them when S.R.T. was closed. S.R.(1965) offers rates better than many other money changers in Bangkok. But no doubt, Super Rich (Thailand) is the best.

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