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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hong Kong to India Cheap Calling Card - IDT True India Phone Card

After having wasted many precious HK dollars on calling India during my trips to Hong Kong, finally I found a cheap alternative. True India Calling Card. Call India for a full 8 hours. Maximum Retail Price - 50 HKD. Actual Sale price at Chung King Mansions - 37 HKD only. What would be the cost per minute. I think I will need a calculator. But I don't want to calculate. 8 hours of talk time from Hong Kong to India for 37 HKD. I typed it again in case you did not believe it the first time. Additionally one has to pay local calling charge for dialing the number 1529. I used True India card with PCCW IDD prepaid SIM on which initially one gets 60 HKD talk time for only 50 HKD. A free 30 minute wifi pass is also included in PCCW IDD SIM. For calling India Dial 1529+91+98xxx98xxx. That simple. The card PIN gets stored on True India system with your local cell number. No need to dial PIN every time. It doesn't get better or cheaper than this. (See pictures below...) Must read: Hong Kong Union Sim by More Mobile for Cheap International Calls without a Calling Card and Discover Hong Kong Tourist Sim Card with Free Data, Local & IDD Calls 

Hong Kong to India Calling Card - IDT True India Phone Card

Hong Kong to India Calling Card - True India Phone Card Instructions

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Posted by Narinder Singh


  1. I am in wanchai... can you pls help me where to buy this calling card from wanchai ?

  2. I do not know a particular shop in Wan Chai. Try any shop selling mobile / prepaid cards. Travelling to Tsim Sha Tsui from Wan Chai is easy. Take MTR to Admiralty (first stop on the way to Central). Interchange to Red Line (Tsuen Wan Line) and Tsim Sha Tsui is the fist stop.

  3. May be you can try from World Wide House. On First floor, u can get it. They charge about 39-40 HKD/card.

Blog by: Narinder Singh