Indian Food in The Venetian Food Court Macau

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

(Updated June 2015) When I first wrote this article in 2012, there were two outlets serving Indian food in The Venetian Macau food court. Both the outlets were such that you would not expect to find Indian food on their menu. One was Rasa Singapura or may be Rasa Malaysia who had a funny tasting version of Indian set meals in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants at around 100 MOP. This was Indian food cooked by a Malaysian chef and was not really appealing by its looks or taste. Still, it was a relief for an Indian looking for vegetarian food in The Venetian food court. The second outlet that I discovered a little later was Pizza Pizza, a pizza-pasta joint that had two Indian set meals starting at 110 MOP for vegetarian option. This was real Indian food, more like home cooked or maybe cooked by an Indian chef for himself - dal, rice, bhaji, and chapati. The taste and the style of serving was not at all restaurant-like but after all it was a pizza joint doing a favour to Indian tourists by giving them good Indian food. I think Pizza Pizza killed Rasa Malaysia's Indian food business. And then, a dedicated Indian food stall came to the food court that killed Pizza Pizza's Indian food venture too. Keep reading...

The Venetian Macau Food Court

Indian Spice Express

Indian Spice Express at The Venetian Macau Food Court

I think this one opened some time in 2013 and has been there since then. Indian Spice Express have their parent restaurant - Indian Spice - in Macau city. Their menu has changed a little over time with the prices going up by about 5 MOP for each item and the number of food items going down. I say the menu is smarter now because all the Indian curries are served with free steamed white rice making them a complete meal. There are a total of 55 items on the menu including drinks, snacks, and meals. Their Indian set meal (thali) costs 135 MOP which I think is the costliest meal here but its a filler.

Menu and Prices

Indian vegetarian curries start at 65 MOP for dal tadka and go upto 80 MOP for paneer dishes. The rice is free but a tandoori roti can be ordered extra at 15 MOP a piece. There are options like roomali roti and naan, etc. Non vegetarian curries (meats, sea food) are priced around 80 MOP each. Snacks start at 35 MOP (samosa, 3 pcs). South Indian masala dosa is available here at 65 MOP, aloo poha and upma at 40/45 MOP, and a bhel puri at 40 MOP.

A few non-Indian food items on the menu are hummus and baba ganoush (45 MOP each), and falafel pocket (55 MOP).

Among drinks, one can have a mango lassi for 35 MOP, Indian chai (masala tea) for 15 MOP, and a local beer (330 ml) for 25 MOP. Gulab jamun is the one dessert on the menu at 25 MOP for three pieces.

Mango Lassi Cooler at Indian Spice Express The Venetian Macau Food Court

Quality of food

Quality of food at Indian Spice Express is better than what Rasa Malaysia and Pizza Pizza were serving earlier but I must say that some competition for them in this food court would have been good for customers. I tried their paneer kathi roll (55 MOP) and it was more like an onion kathi roll, certainly not good value for 55 MOP. The thali is ok but a little too expensive at 135 MOP. Try something here and see if you like it or look at other Vegetarian Food Options in The Venetian Food Court apart from Indian Spice Express. There is another Indian food outlet in the Sands Cotai Central across the road called Aruna Indian Curry. The nearby Galaxy Macau has Spice Garden, a nice & not-expensive Indian restaurant. Options are many, one just needs to look around.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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