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Friday, September 27, 2013

Apsara show with buffet dinner at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap

After a hard day of touring the several magnificent temples at the Angkor Archaeological Park, all one can think of is a few drinks and a hearty meal. Koulen Restaurant in Siem Reap provides both. What's more, one gets to watch a traditional Khmer dance show while sipping a drink and tucking into some delicious food from the huge buffet. Dinner service starts at 6.30 PM and the show starts at 7.30 PM. One can continue eating and drinking during the show so practically there are a full two hours to go through the elaborate buffet. The Apsara show and the 'all you can eat dinner' cost 12 USD per person. Soft drinks cost extra from 2 USD for a coke to 4 USD for a large bottle of beer. The food includes vegetarian food, Khmer food, Chinese food, western food, and Khmer desserts and fresh fruits - pineapple, papaya, & dragon fruit. There is a choice of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks too. The show begins with a traditional Khmer music performance which sets the mood for the rest to follow. There are a total of 5-6 acts that include dance / drama / comedy and even a romantic act in the end. All the performances are very entertaining and gracefully done. The best effort put in by the musicians in the background and the stage actors is clearly evident. Kudos to Koulen. At the end of the show, the Apsara dancers and other actors wait at the stage for about 10 minutes for the guests to get their pictures taken with the artists. Can one expect more for a mere 12 US dollars. (Address and phone number below the pictures)

Show Pictures

Apsara dancers at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia

Buffet Dinner at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia 

Khmer music at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia

Traditional Khmer dance performance at Koulen Restaurant
Siem Reap Cambodia 

Khmer Dance at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia 

Khmer Dancer at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia

Photo op with the Apsara Dancers at Koulen Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia

Taiki with a beautiful Apsara
Taiki, my friend from Japan, got on to the stage and got this memorable picture.

Koulen accepts reservations on phone.
Koulen II Restaurant
50, Street Sivatha, Mondul II, Svaydangkum
Siem Reap, Cambodia
Phone: (855) 12 897 105, 92 630 090

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