Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thailand to India Cheap Calling Card - Bolo Card - One Baht Per Minute

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I came across Bolo Card in Khana Khazana Indian Restaurant at Soi 11. Nothing can beat the rates for calling India using this card. Just 1 THB per minute and no local calling charge. One needs to call a local number from one's cell phone and hang up after hearing a busy tone. Bolo card system calls back and prompts the user to dial his/her home number and connects the call. Only one baht per minute. Call quality is great.  The pin gets stored in the bolo card system along with one's cell number. No need to dial PIN every time. Easy recharge is possible. Many Indian restaurants in Bangkok and Pattaya sell this card. I have been using this card for the last three trips. No hassles. As is printed on the card, it should be possible to call a few other countries in South Asia with Bolo Card. Simple instructions are printed on the back of the card. Different numbers for English, Hindi and Thai. It doesn't get better or cheaper than this. (Pictures below...)
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Thailand to India Calling Card - Bolo Card

Thailand to India calling card - Bolo Card instructions

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