Bolo Card for Cheap International Calls from Thailand

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

(Updated January 2015) Making international calls from Thailand is not expensive, thanks to some Tourist Special Thai Prepaid SIM Cards. However, if you do not wish to change your existing Thai SIM and would rather like another way to make very cheap international phone calls from Thailand, you need to buy yourself a Bolo Card. This reliable calling card has been around in Thailand for several years now offering IDD/ISD calls from Thailand at rates as low as 0.65 Thai Baht Per Minute. On the face of a Bolo Card, the words "South Asian Calling Card" are rather misleading because this card can be used to call practically all major countries in the world including US/UK and African countries. No local call charges are to be paid while using Bolo Card because you just need to call a Bolo Card number and hang up after hearing the busy tone. They immediately call you back to connect you to the international number you wish to call. A PIN printed on the Bolo Card is required to authenticate your balance and then your call gets connected. You may even permanently register your Bolo Card PIN in their System that will link your SIM Card with that Bolo Card. Later you can use another Bolo Card to top-up your balance. If you do not wish to bind your Bolo Card with a particular SIM, just type the PIN every time, instead of registering it. Many restaurants across Thailand sell Bolo Card. In case of difficulty finding a Bolo Card, try an Indian restaurant. Bolo Card can also be purchased at Family Mart outlets and a few other stores. Later in this page, I have included a link to the store availability of Bolo Card. The Bolo Card numbers are printed at the back of the card and their separate numbers to call for English, Thai and Hindi (See pictures below). The price of a Bolo card starts at 100 THB. Keep reading...

Thailand to World Calling Card - Bolo Card

Prices and availability of Bolo Card in Thailand

Bolo Card is available in 100 THB, 300 THB and 500 THB versions and usually there is a discount on the selling price. For example, you can buy a 500 THB Bolo Card by paying 400 THB only and still get some talk time bonus over and above 500 THB. Home delivery of 500 THB Bolo Card is possible in Bangkok by calling their number 02-696-9574. Other denomination Bolo Cards need to be purchased at stores. Like I said earlier, try an Indian restaurant first and if you do not find it, call Bolo Card helpline 02-696-9588 or email and ask them where you can find Bolo Card in your area.

How to use Bolo Card

Thailand to World calling card - Bolo Card instructions

Ring back Service

See instructions like in the picture above on the back of a Bolo Card. Use the Ring Back Service if you are using a mobile phone because that will save you local call charges. Call one of the ring-back numbers and hang up when you hear the busy tone. A few moments later, you will get a call back asking you to enter your PIN. If you have already registered your PIN with your mobile phone number, you will not need to enter your PIN. After verifying your PIN, Bolo Card will prompt you to enter your desired international phone number starting with the country code without any 00. Your ISD/IDD call will be connected.

Direct Call

If you do not want a call back or are using a fixed phone, call a Direct Call Bolo Number and when prompted, enter your PIN and thereafter your desired international phone number. In this case, you will be paying local call charges too.

Register PIN for PIN-less calling

The PIN registration number, something like 111# (see back of the card), needs to be called. After you validate your Bolo Card PIN, your phone is paired with that particular Bolo Card. Later, you may top-up your balance by pairing another Bolo Card. When you have paired a Bolo Card with your phone, you do not need to enter PIN while making a call.

Bolo Card International Call Rates

Indicative Bolo Card international call rates (THB Per Minute) for a few countries are as under. Actual rates may depend on the offers valid at the time of call:

India: 0.65
Pakistan: 3.60
Nepal: 8.00
Bangladesh: 1.66
Sri Lanka: 4.00
Myanmar: 10.40
USA: 0.80
UK: 1.20

For a complete list of Bolo Card calling rates, please visit this link:

Where to Buy Bolo Card

Bolo Card can be purchased at South Asian restaurants in Thailand (particularly Indian restaurants), Family Mart outlets, and at several other stores listed in this page:
Now go ahead and save on international calls from Thailand with Bolo Card. If you are looking for a local Thai SIM card, try DTAC Happy Tourist SIM. While you buy your local SIM card in Thailand, try and avoid this Thailand SIM Card Scam. Enjoy your holiday.

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Posted by Narinder Singh

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