VT Six (Vegetarian Paradise) Indian Pure Vegetarian (100% Veg) Restaurant Pattaya

Sunday, November 17, 2013

VT Six Vegetarian Restaurant, earlier known as Vegetarian Paradise, on Second Road Pattaya (Parallel to Beach Road) is one of the five pure vegetarian Indian restaurants in Pattaya, the other four being "Saras" next to Hotel Siam Bayshore on 2nd Road, Govindam Pure Vegetarian close to Central Festival Mall, and Chotiwala opposite Central Festival Mall on Pattaya Second Road and The Dosa Hut Pure Vegetarian on Second Road close to Walking Street side. VT Six (Vegetarian Paradise) is located behind Central Festival Mall / Hilton Hotel. Address: 243/27, View Talay-6 Condominium, Second Road, Pattaya. If you are going from the Beach Road side, enter the lane which has the Hilton parking and after reaching 2nd Road, turn right into the View Talay-6 Condo. (See picture of the restaurant exterior at the bottom of this page). Vegetarian Paradise remained closed for almost a year due to renovation. It opened with the new name of VT Six Vegetarian Restaurant. The floor area of the restaurant is now smaller than it used to be but the decor and the lighting are more exciting. The restaurant opens everyday from 12.00 pm to midnight serving lunch, dinner, and snacks. Read more below... (There is also a Vegetarian Thai Restaurant on South Pattaya Road for those interested in it).

VT Six (Vegetarian Paradise) Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

VT Six Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

The Menu

Onion Bhajji and Masala Chai at VT Six Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya 

The menu starts with vegetarian soups (potato, corn, mushroom, etc.) each costing 70 THB. Snacks / appetizers have Vegetable Samosa (60 THB), Onion Bhajji (80 THB), Paneer Pakora (120 THB), and Chhole Bhature (150 THB). Vegetarian curries start at 80 THB for Dal Fry. Dal Makhni costs 125 THB, Chana Masala 150 THB, Palak Paneer 175 THB, and Malai Kofta 200 THB. A plain Tandoori Roti and Plain Paratha cost 25 THB each. Aloo Paratha in the menu is marked as 25 THB which probably is a misprint. If it is not, why not order it. Exotic Naan breads cost 50-70 THB. Rice preparations (Pulao, Biryani) are priced from 70-150 THB. Desserts like Gulab Jamun (60 THB), Mango Lassi (80 THB), etc. complete the menu. I love those prices and the food which tastes great. Service is quick too. Well done VT Six.
Also try: Madras Darbar across the road for South Indian food.

VT Six (Vegetarian Paradise) Indian Restaurant in View Talay-6 Condo Second Road Pattaya 

Vegetarian / Vegan / Jain in Pattaya?

Vegan Green Curry Vegetables Tofu & Rice at Five Star J Pattaya

Try Ning's Five Star J - A vegan food restaurant in Pattaya. This restaurant believes in serving freshest food using only healthy ingredients which are cooked just lightly so as to preserve all the nutrients. The prices are just right too. The dish you see above cost only 109 THB. Read more about Ning's Five Star J here.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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