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Bangkok Visa on Arrival Form, Procedure, Documents and other Requirements at Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airports

In this page you will read the detailed procedure, the documents that you need to carry and the eligibility and other requirements that you need to fulfil in order to get a Visa on Arrival in Thailand, including a step-by-step guide for Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airports. The list of countries eligible for Visa on Arrival in Thailand and the list of Border Check Points in Thailand where Visa on Arrival is available is also given. From this page, you can download the Thailand Visa on Arrival Application Form and get the necessary information for transit passengers, i.e. arriving by international flight at an airport in Thailand and proceeding to a domestic flight. In addition, I have given some very useful information on money exchange and links for best options on travel to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang Airports.

Eligibility for Thailand Visa on Arrival

Tourists coming from 28 countries are allowed the facility of Visa on Arrival at 24 Check Points in Thailand including Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang International Airports. Visa on Arrival is a temporary tourist Visa and entitles the holder to stay in Thailand for a period of 15 days. Visitors who enter Thailand with Visa on Arrival generally cannot file an application for extension of Visa except in special circumstances like illness that prevents them from leaving Thailand, etc. The following documents need to be carried by the tourists with them:

1. Passport with a minimum remaining validity of six months
2. Return / onward journey air ticket for travel within the next 15 days
3.One passport size (4 x 6 cm) photo
4. Boarding card of the flight of arrival
5. Duly filled-in Visa on Arrival application (Thailand Visa on Arrival Application Form is given in this page below) and Arrival / Departure Card (provided during the flight)
6. Visa on Arrival fee of 1,000 Thai Baht to be paid in Thai currency only
7. Hotel reservation / other stay address in Thailand
8. Thai or other currency or debit/credit card equivalent to 10,000 Thai Baht per person or 20,000 Thai Baht per family
Keep reading for more...
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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Visa on Arrival

Visa on Arrival Process at Suvarnabhumi Airport
(Visa Process at Don Muang Airport later in this page)

Arrival / Departure card is provided to the passengers during the flight itself and should be filled in carefully. Visa on Arrival application form is made available at the counter seen in the above picture. The staff at the counter will ask for your passport size photo that will be stapled on the blank form before the form is given to you. Completely filled in application form and other documents need to be carried into the above Visa on Arrival gate.

Inside, the application form and other documents and 1000 Thai Baht fee are first subjected to a preliminary examination by immigration officials. There is usually a queue at this juncture which can mean a wait of 10 minutes to more than one hour depending on how many flights have simultaneously arrived. They also have a fast track counter (towards left side after entering the Visa on Arrival gate as seen in the above picture) where an additional fee of 200 Thai Baht is charged. This fast track counter is meant for tourists who have to catch domestic connecting flights from the airport. Probably anyone can use the fast track counter but I never tried it. Preliminary examination takes 1-2 minutes and usually no questions are asked if the documents are in order. A token number is given to the tourists for appearance at relevant Visa / Immigration counter. Wait time at this point is about 10 minutes. Token number and counter number are displayed on a LED screen and also announced over a PA system. One should proceed to the relevant counter and stand at the place marked on the floor for picture taking by the counter staff. Two immigration officials are present at the counter where Visa and Immigration happen simultaneously. The first official examines the documents, accepts the fee and makes a receipt. The second official staples your departure card to the passport and stamps Visa on the passport. Its a breeze except that you have already lost one full page of the passport because its a huge stamp. OK, Welcome to Thailand. Your baggage is waiting at the designated belt. Before leaving the airport, Thai Customs officials will screen bags on a random basis at the Green Channel so be careful about what you carry along. (See Immigration Traps in this page - scroll down)  

Thailand Visa on Arrival Form (JPEG - Click on the Image to Enlarge - Save and Print)

This is a JPEG image of Bangkok Visa on Arrival Form. I converted it from PDF because PDF cannot be put on a blogger page. Hope it is useful!

How to locate the Visa on Arrival Counter

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport International Arrival

If you are arriving on a low cost carrier like Air Asia, the bus will drop you at the above arrival gate. Premium carriers use aero bridges.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport - Immigration / Transfer Information

Immigration / Transfer information is printed on the above two boards. Immigration counters are numbered 1, 2, and 3 and are printed in blue in the sign boards above. Visa on Arrival counter is Immigration Counters Number 2 (towards West). If you are looking at these boards, turn Right. Visa on Arrival is nearby.

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport - Immigration Counter Number 2

Before Visa on Arrival, you will see Exchange Counter to change your currency in to Thai Baht and a small cabin for taking photo in case you forgot to bring your passport size photo along. Exchange rates here are not very favourable and a photo will probably cost 150 THB so better not to forget. If you need to change money here, change just enough to carry you into Bangkok city. You can find much better rates at Super Rich Money Exchange in Bangkok.

Transit Procedure at Thai Airport - Arrival by International Flight and proceeding to Domestic Flight in Thailand

Passengers arriving at any Thailand Airport by international flights must complete immigration formalities at Passport Control --> collect their baggage --> and clear Customs before proceeding to board their domestic flight.

Upon arrival,

(i) If you already have a Boarding Pass for the domestic flight, you may proceed to passport control directly for immigration.

(ii) If you do not have a Boarding Pass for the domestic flight, you will need to obtain a Boarding Pass before proceeding to Passport Control.

Transfer Check-in counters at Suvarnabhumi Airport are located on the second floor.

Travel from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya by Airport Bus or you may

Travel from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Bangkok City by Airport City Link and Airport Express Trains

Visa on Arrival Process at Don Muang Airport, Bangkok

Immigration Area in Don Muang Airport Bangkok

Immigration Area is easy to locate at Don Muang Airport by following sign boards like the one in the above picture. Visa on Arrival and Immigration enclosures are located side by side. Documents and other requirements are the same in both the airports, i.e. Suvarnabhumi and Don Muang. I urge you to read the entire page from the beginning before reading this section for better understanding of the subject. Please fill up Arrival / Departure Card that will be given to you during the flight before arriving into Bangkok. This card, Visa on Arrival application form (can be downloaded from this page - see link above) and other documents need to be carried to the Visa on Arrival counter.

Visa on Arrival Counters at Don Muang Airport Bangkok

Visa on Arrival Counter at Don Muang Airport Bangkok

The help desk seen in the above picture is not always vacant. Once I saw a security man handing out forms and guidance to the incoming passengers. If there is no one on this counter and you need help, please go the glass windows you see in the back. The sign board above the glass windows reads "Bangkok Airport Immigration". In fact these are not immigration counters but Visa on Arrival counters. Visa on Arrival form and other documents are to be presented along with the requisite fee of 1000 THB at this place. The staff at the counter  do a preliminary check of the documents and give a paper token to the passenger who is then asked to wait. The wait is usually short because the number of passengers arriving at Don Muang is not much and out of those arriving, all do not need visa. I have been there twice and the wait time on both the occasions was about five minutes. After the wait is over, passengers are called by the token number back to the counter where the documents along with the visa fee receipt are returned to the passengers. A blank visa stamp is affixed on the passport here.

The next step depends on how lucky the passengers are feeling that day. On really lucky days or really lucky hours during each day, immigration formality is done at the special immigration counter located within the "Visa On Arrival" enclosure. The immigration process takes another 2 minutes as there is almost no waiting. However, on unlucky days or unlucky hours, this special counter is not operational and the passengers are directed to the regular Immigration Section where long queues await them. Fortunately, the queues are not as long as at Suvarnabhumi. At the immigration counter, photo of the passengers is taken with a digital camera and stamping on the passport is completed by immigration officers. Passengers can then proceed to collect their luggage (downstairs).

Travel From Don Muang Airport to Pattaya

Also visit my Bangkok Travel Guide and Pattaya Travel Guide

Where to take VOA if Bangkok is not your final destination

This question is repeatedly asked - where Visa on Arrival is to be taken if someone is taking an onward flight from Bangkok to another airport in Thailand, such as Phuket or Chiang Mai, etc. The answer to this question is to be decided by your airline. If you are flying out of Bangkok by the same airline that brought you to Bangkok, and your checked baggage is checked in up to the destination beyond Bangkok, you will need to take VOA only at your final destination. That means, at Bangkok airport you will remain in the transit area of the airport and will proceed to boarding the domestic flight without collecting your bags in Bangkok. However, if you have only one boarding card up to Bangkok and your bags are checked-in up to Bangkok only, then you need to take VOA at Bangkok, collect your bags, clear Customs, and check-in again for the domestic flight.

List of Check Points where Visa on Arrival can be obtained (In Alphabetical Order) 

1. Bangkok Harbour Immigration Checkpoint, Bangkok
2. Betong Immigration Checkpoint, Yala
3. Chiangmai International Airport, Chiangmai
4. Chiangrai Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Chiangrai
5. Chieng Khong Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
6. Chieng Saen Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
7. Don Muang International Airport, Bangkok
8. Hatyai International Airport, Songkhla
9. Krabi Immigration Checkpoint, Krabi
10. Mabtaput Immigration Checkpoint, Rayong
11. Mae Sai Immigration Checkpoint, Chiengrai
12. Nong Khai Immigration Checkpoint, Nong Khai
13. Phuket Immigration Checkpoint, Phuket
14. Phuket International Airport, Phuket
15. Sadoa Immigration Checkpoint, Songkhla
16. Samui Airport, Surat Thani
17. Samui Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani
18. Satun Immigration Checkpoint, Satun
19. Songkhla Harbour Immigraion Checkpoint, Songkhla
20. Sri Racha Immigration Checkpoint, Chonburi
21. Sukhothai International Airport, Tak Immigration Checkpoint
22. Surat Thani Airport Immigration Checkpoint, Surat Thani
23. Suvarnabhumi Airport
24. U Tapao Airport, Rayong

List of 28 Countries Eligible for Visa on Arrival in Thailand

1. Andorra
2. Bhutan
3. Bulgaria
4. China
5. Cyprus
6. Czech Republic
7. Estonia
8. Ethiopia
9. Hungary
10. India
11. Kazakhstan
12. Latvia
13. Liechtenstein
14. Lithuania
15. Maldives
16. Malta
17. Mauritius
18. Oman
19. Poland
20. Romania
21. Russian Federation
22. San Marino
23. Saudi Arabia
24. Slovakia
25. Slovenia
26. Taiwan
27. Uzbekistan
28. Ukraine

Beware of Immigration Traps

Thai Immigration officials sometimes try to trap tourists by making seemingly attractive offers of some kind but with a hidden sinister motive. Once while leaving Bangkok, an Immigration officer who looked like a Supervisor at the Immigration counters offered me a roll of currency notes asking me to buy a bottle of "Double Black" for him. I politely refused. But if I had accepted the money, I would probably be arrested for breaking some Law. Double Black means Johnnie Walker Double Black Whiskey that is popular among Tourists who buy the brand from the duty free shop while leaving Bangkok. It is very unlikely that a senior Immigration official will need to ask a tourist that too a complete stranger to buy a bottle of duty free booze for him at the airport. I have also read a story where a female employee at a duty free shop clandestinely put an extra packet of cigarettes in to the shopping bag of a tourist arriving into Bangkok and then he was stopped at the Green Channel. Remember, not all Thai people are your friends.

Posted by Narinder Singh

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  1. Hi
    I m from Afghanistan i need thé visa of bkk . Can u tell me thé condition coz wé dont have any embassy of Thaïlande.

    1. You may try Thai Embassy in Islamabad. Contact them through email or phone / fax. Here are the particualrs. Start the process at least 60 days before the intended date of travel:


      Phone: (92-51)843 1270 Fax: 843 1288


      Good Luck to you.

  2. Dear Brother,I have two queries :
    1)Now a days 1USD is equals to Rs.61 approx., is it the right way to take dollars from India and then exchange it into Baht or Take baht from here only + Rs.7500(Maximum that we can carry).
    2)I am indian so is it good idea to carry max limit of indian ruppees with me so if money left after my tour, i don't need to change it and save from the two times commission difference.

    1. It is always better to carry 7500 INR. INR can be exchanged for THB in Thailand.

      The rate for THB is India is very bad as compared to USD. If you can get USD at a rate close to inter-bank rate, then converting it into THB in Thailand is better. Read this page: Money Exchange in Thailand.

  3. Hello mate -
    I will be travelling (single person) from Bangalore to Phuket on Aug 9 and will be coming back from Bangkok to chennai on Aug 18 and i am depending on Visa on arrival process .Have a couple of questions

    a)Do you see any problem in my VOA as i have entry in phuket and exit from Bangkok.

    b) I have made the hotel bookings only for the initial 5 days at pattong.. for the rest of the days planninto stay at pattaya and bangkok with other friends who arrive later ... I dont have the hotel bookings for pattaya and bangkok as of now.. Is it fine?

    c) In your blog it is mentioned 1000TBT for VOA fee..but in couple of other sites i have seen as 1900 TBT.. has there been a recent change.

    d) I am planning to carry around 10000 - 15000 TBT in hand.. is it fine ..DO i have to carry any bank account statements??


    1. 1. There is no problem with entry thru Phuket and exit thru Bangkok.
      2. In the VOA form, write the address of the hotel that you booked, booking for the later days can be done there.
      3. VOA fee is 1000 THB.
      4. 10-15K THB per person is adequate. They will not ask for bank statement.

  4. First of all I would like to thank your for your non-stop replies to our endless queries all about Thailand.

    1) I would like to know where to stay in Bangkok (name of the place or name of good budget hotel for family)for a family of 3 (including our 6 yrs old son).

    2) What are the main attraction in Bangkok City? Is there any daily sightseeing service available? What would be the rate (approx)?

    3) Which beach is the best to visit for family? Best possible way to reach there?

    Thank you in advance for your time and advice...

    1. 1. It is best to stay in an area that is connected by Bangkok's skytrain. See the bts site for their route map:

      Generally speaking, Pratunam, Siam, Nana / Asoke are good areas. I do not recommend particular hotels, you need to do your own search.

      2. For attractions, please see

      3. I guess you will visit Pattaya from where take a day trip to Coral Island for beach fun.

  5. Dear Brother,
    Do you know thailand to india call rates from Thailand shops. Can we get STD/PCO shops easily there. And what is call charges to India if we call from any thailand person's mobile.What is general internet charges per hour in thailand.

    1. Calling India from landlines in Thailand is more expensive as compared to mobile phones. Mobile phone tariff will be around 16 THB per minute. However, if you use a local Thai Sim (like DTAC) and use Bolo Card with that, it will cost around one THB per minute to call India. Read this page: Bolo Card. Internet tariff per hour is between 10-20 THB in most internet cafes.

  6. Manabendra dutta baruahAugust 6, 2013 at 5:47 PM

    Hi Great Blog here!
    I will be travelling to Thailand tomorrow for 4 days. However I have only booked my hotels for 2 nights in Pattaya, as my itinerary is not fixed for the rest of the nights yet.
    Will I have a problem in getting VOA at Bangkok with just my 2 nights of hotel bookings?

    1. No probelm. if they ask, tell them that you will book for the last 2 nights after getting there. Generally they don't ask.

  7. Hi, Can you pls let me know that is it necessary to keep my passport with me all the time or I can left it in the hotel room.


    1. Keep it with you always, even if you go for a walk around the hotel.

    2. Is this required by law or just for safety.

    3. A bit of both actually. Section 58 of the Thai Immigration Act, B.E. 2522 reads like this:

      "Any alien who has no lawful document for entering the Kingdom under Section 12 (1); or
      has no Residence Certificate under this Act; and also
      has no identification in accordance with the Law on
      Alien registration, is considered to have entered
      into the Kingdom in violation to this Act."

      Additionally, Passport serves as a valid ID, the visa is stamped on the passport so its the proof that you legally entered the country and are still entitles to be there. Also, you do not want to leave your passport away from you because if you lose it, getting alternate travel documents will be cumbersome.

  8. do we need to show at immigration counter of the airport when we return from thailand ?

    1. Immigration for will be given to you in the return flight. Fill it up, attach your boarding card and present both along with your passport at the immigration counter.

  9. Hi.. Really impressed by your blog!

    I and my spouse are travelling to Bangkok from Kolkata on 21st August. We are originally from Delhi and are flying from Delhi to Kolkata on 21st morning by Indigo reaching Kolkata at 8.30am. Our flight to Bangkok (Jet Airways) departs from Kolkata at 10.00am. Kindly suggest if it is possible to change over in this time span. We are planning not to carry any check-in baggage to make things faster. Please advise.

    1. Its a tight plan but can be done if indigo flight arrives in time. I think you need to change terminal in Kolkata. That is 5 minute walk if I remember correctly. Good luck to you.

  10. hello, in previous comments i got to know that one has to show minimum 10000 tbhs at the immigration counter for tourist visa on arrival. but yesterday this website states that one has to prove showing minimum 20000 bhts. so,which one is correct ?

    another thing is that when we enter thailand we need to show up at immigration counter for clearance; my question is for our return flight, do we have to again visit the immigration counter( or if any other) there when we reach bangkok airport?

    1. The requirement is 10000 THB per person and 20000 THB per family.

      Yes. When you leave Bangkok airport, you have to pass thru immigration. First, you get your boarding card, then go to immigration, clear security, and board the flight.

  11. I have airasia flight to bangkok on 26th aug at 01:45hrs. So as per my information one has to reach 3 hours before. Can you tell me what would be the best option to carry currency for single traveller for 5N/6D. If carry dollars is good option then where i got best exchange rate in Delhi.

    1. Carry USD from India and exchange in Thailand. If you can buy THB in India within Rs. 2.10 per THB today, its OK. Anything more than that is expensive. I do not know of the best place to buy USD in Delhi. Try CP area.

  12. I would like to thankyou for your non-stop replies.
    I have question that from where i get better exchange rates bank or from any foreign exchange shop in india. Even now a days when one us dollar equals to 61rupees.So which is the best option to carry currency from India.Baht from here only or dollars from here and then exchange it into baht in thailand.

    1. Near the top of the right sidebar there is a link Money Exchange under the heading Thailand. That page has the answer.

  13. Hi,

    I will be travelling to Australia for a official trip next month and will be back by december to India. I am going via Thai and back same route and planning for a 3 days stop over at Thailand. I will be having a valid 457 Australian work permit visa, do i need to still buy a toursit visa paying 1200 baht(speed) or will I get a VOA for 72 hours or what ever short time frame?
    1)And seeing the current ruppee depreciation against all currency do u suggest to carry INR or AUD during exchange.
    2)Can you also advise where can I keep my luggage safely in Thai airport and what are the charges.
    3)I would already be having some purchases from Australia will it impact if i do further shopping in Thai and return to Bangalore. Will the customs re-calculate. And what will be the overall limit once iam back to bangalore? Is it items specific or complete imports I get from foreign country?
    Thanks in advance for your effort and time.

    1. 1. You will need to take VOA at the airport.

      2. Carry AUD and exchange in Thailand.

      3. About luggage storage, please check this blog in two hours. I am writing an article on it.

      4. Your total shopping (Australia and Thai) will be added up. Any value above INR 25000 will attract import duty at the rate of 36.05%. LCD/LED/Plasma TV is separately taxed at 36.05% (even if it is part of INR 25000).

    2. Thanks, So do i need to pay any money for VOA?

    3. 1000 THB like everyone else (1200 for fast track).

  14. Hey there... I have couple of questions

    1. What documents does one need to show at VOA counter?

    2. What mode of transport would you suggest for someone who needs to travel to Pattaya at 2AM? How much would it cost and where does one avail that?

    Thanx a ton

    1. The answer to your 1st qestion is in the article above. To go to Pattaya at 2 am, take a taxi. Go to 1st floor gates 4 and 7. Cost should be between 1000 and 1500 thb at that time.

  15. Hi,
    What is a VOA form. what details are required to be filled in the arrival / departure card given in the flight. Thanks.


    1. VOA form is the visa on arrival application form available in this page above. Arrival / departure card has details about the person's identity and the current travel. All these details are to be taken from the passport, boarding card and air ticket.

  16. Hi,

    There is column in Bangkok VOA form " Name and address of person reference in Thailand". What should be filled there?


    1. If you are going as a tourist, leave it blank. No problem.

  17. Is it Compulsory to Carry 10000 THB per person..without this do they dont Give Visa..If we already have all bookings with us also ??? and from India will i will be allowed to take only 7500 it checked on Indian Airport Delhi ???

    1. From India you can carry Indian currency upto Rs 10,000 per person as per new RBI rules. But a total value up to 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family is required for VOA in Thailand even if you have all bookings. It is better to carry a mix of INR, USD, and THB. Both USD and INR can be exchanged into THB at Bangkok Airport.

      At Indian airport, if are carrying INR more than Rs. 10,000 per person, you can get into trouble.

  18. I have booked and paid hotel online for bangkok and pattaya. Is it Compulsory to Carry a credit card for hotels. Cash is enough for hotel safe deposit or not.
    Is it Compulsory to Carry bank statement for Voa. process.

    1. For VOA process, 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family need to be carried in USD, THB, INR, etc. If you are carrying part cash and your ATM card, you may want to take your bank statement to show in a rare case if they ask for it. For hotels, they accept deposit in cash or credit card charge. Some hotels do not even ask for deposit. Deposit will be around 500 to 1000 THB per room.

  19. 1) We shall be going straight to Phuket, which is where we have booked a Serviced Apartment. Should I carry the email communication with the Owner of the Serviced Apartment, for the Hotel proof on the VOA?
    2) Would you suggest any good Money Changers in Phuket?
    3) Travelling in a group of 4 (incl 02 kids), what kind of slab should we chose for the AIR ASIA, check in Baggage allowance? It seems that they have very intelligently kept the 40kg slab as the most expensive (per kg) slab.
    4) Is is safe to carry only CASH?

    1. 1. Yes. Email confirmation serves as proof of address.
      2. In Phuket you will need to walk around a bit looking at exchange rates of different exchange booths.
      3. For airasia, book 25KG baggagae in two of the four tickets.
      4. Cash is convenient for sure. Also carry your debit / ATM / Credit cards.

    2. Many thanks for your prompt replies.

      Could you also suggest a few good locations to stay in BKK, which would be reasonably close to BTS or River Taxi? We shall be there for 3N/4D & budgeted around INR 9-10k (approx.) for accommodation for 4 of us (kids=12yrs & 15 yrs)

    3. Here is one close to both River Taxi and BTS and will come within your budget: IBIS Bangkok Riverside. They even have a family room.

  20. hello sir, I and my wife are travelling to phuket from banglore via kuala lumpur in malaysian airlines between 6-10 dec..will we need transit visa for malasia..? we have 2-3 hours between flights.. also wht are the exchange rates from USD to THB at phuket airport via cash..? we plan to carry money in cash via USD + 7500 inr per person and plan to exchange it in phuket.. where will we get the best deal..? please suggest the best deals..
    thank you..

    1. I don't think you will need transit visa at KLIA. The airline will take care of your transit. As per new RBI rules, you can carry INR up to 10,000 per person. About exchange rates, it is always a bad idea to exchange at the airport. In Phuket, go the main tourist area and walk around a little to compare exchange rates at different exchange booths. You will find good rates.

  21. Hi restless Indian,

    I am going to Krabi in March, 2014 from Mumbai. My flight is Mumbai Bangkok and then Bangkok Krabi. So that means I have connecting flight from Bangkok to Krabi. Can I take VOA at Krabi instead of Bangkok.


    1. No. You will need to take VOA at Bangkok before boarding the domestic flight.

  22. thanks for the quick revert.

    But if I would have had single ticket than VOA could have been done at Krabi, is it correct.

    Also, how much money in USD or THB can be carried per person. As I understand only INR 10,000 is allowed at Indian airport.


    1. If your first port of landing in Thailand is Krabi, you will get your VOA there. INR 10,000 per person is good anywhere on earth. If you are carrying any foreign currency up to a value equal to USD 5000 per person, there should not be any problem. Any more, and you may need to declare the source.

  23. Firstly, thanks for doing such a wonderful job here...
    Secondly, I would like to know whether VOA is required for infants below one year..
    Thankx in Advance

    1. Yes. Visa requirements are same for infants and adults. An infant travelling on a parent's passport is considered a separate applicant.

  24. I am going directly to Phuket from Hyderabad with connecting flight transfer at Suvarnabhumi by Thai Airlines. But the transfer waiting time is more than 6 hours at Suvarnabhume airport. I can take Visa on Arrival at this Survarnabhumi airport, so as to save time at Phuket. Will the authorities allow me to come out and take Visa? Please inform.

    1. You need to ask your airline. Most probably, they will ask you to take VOA at Bangkok, collect your bags and check-in again for the domestic flight.

  25. Travelling to Phuket from Chennai with connecting flight transfer at Suvarnabumi by Thailand Airlines. But the connecting waiting time is 4 hours at International Terminal - 1, both arrival from Chennai & depature terminal to Phuket is same. As the check-in is upto Phuket, the luggage will be handed at Phuket only. can I take Visa on Arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport instead of Phuket. As I will not be rechecking as the ticket is upto Phuket. Please inform.

    1. I guess the airline will ask you to take VoA at Bangkok before boarding the domestic flight. But do confirm with them.

  26. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for doing such a gr888 Job.

    Me and my wife are going to Phuket from Bombay. We are going via Thai Airlines connecting to Bangkok (Suvarnabumi airport) then phuket from the same airline.

    We have already booked our land package ( Hotel+Day tours) from Make my trip.

    We are carring 20k Thai Bhat cash, plus 10k INR. We are reacahing Bangkok at 0505 morning and then connecting flight from 08:35. Is 3.30 Hours enough for VOA.??

    Is 20k THB to show at immigration inclduing VISA Fee (1k THB for each) or excluding this.

    If we have Same airline for whole journey ( Thai Airline in my case from Mumbai to Phuket voa Bangkok), does Thai airline will take care of VOA.

    While returning we have only 2 hours time to connect flight from bangkok for mumbai?
    Is it enough? ( Again we have same Thai airline while coming back to india.

    Thanks a lot in advanace.

    1. 3.30 hrs are enough for VOA. If the Q is too long, take fast track visa. Technically speaking, 20K THB per family requirement is excluding visa fee but you are also carrying 10K INR so that will take care of the total requirement. You have to take VOA on your own, Thai Airways will give you adequate time to take it. You will be doing immigration formalities in Bangkok while returning to Mumbai. The immigration Q is very long so do not waste any time. Get to the immigration Q as soon as you reach BKK. Good luck for everything.

  27. hi! Thanks for being so informative. How safe is Pattaya and Bangkok? What are the general problem do tourist face? I am an Indian national.

    1. Both are generally safe. Do not wander much outside tourist areas particularly at late hours. Do not follow bargains that sound too good to be true. Stay in high rated hotels, respect other people, and you will be fine.

  28. Hi, I have traveler's cheques of USD 1000, will that work as proof of enough cash??

    1. Yes. Just carry some THB in cash for visa fee or change some of the TCs at BKK airport.

  29. Hi ....
    I want to visit next March. Can you give information about weather. I want to visit in Phuket also.

    1. Generally hot and occasional rains. Its not very bad.

  30. hi i just got married n am planning to go on a honeymoon trip to phuket.i just have a marriage certificate from the temple. will that be enough as a proof of being legally married?

    1. I do not know the reason why you will need to show a marriage certificate in Thailand. For visa or staying in a hotel or for anything else that tourists do, marriage certificates are not needed.

  31. Are there ATMs at Don Meung Airport? If I do not carry the 20,000 Baht in Cash and asked at the time of VOA, then can I withdraw from ATM using my International Debit/ Credit card and show them proof? Or if I just carry around 5,000 Baht and SHOW them my Credit Card, will that be OK?

    Also, I have seen 1900 Baht as the VOA fees. Has it increased now? Or will I get it for 1000 Baht?

    1. As per my info, VOA fee is 1000 THB. According to the Don Mueang Airport website, there are ATM machines of Krungthai Bank, TMB Bank, Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank, Kasikorn Bank, and Bank of Ayudhya in the arrival lounge and the departure lounge in Terminal 1. Usually the VOA staff do not ask for seeing cash. But if they do you will need to convince them. Everything applies at that point.

  32. Hi,

    I will be arriving in DMK airport at 5:20 AM from Kolkata and then I have a flight from DMK to Krabi at 8:20 AM. All the tickets are booked via AirAsia. Is the 3 hours gap sufficient to do all immigration formalities and board for Krabi flight? I do not need visa on arrival as I already have applied for it through Thai embassy. Or is it possible to do the luggage check-in till krabi and do the immigration formalities in Krabi???


    1. Airasia generally do not give luggage check-in for the next flight. Even if they do, you will need to do immigration at DMK. 3 hour gap is enough and Airasia will take responsibility if the CCU-DMK flight gets delayed.

  33. hi ,
    I will be travelling to bangkok on 4th of dec . I wanted to know the documents i have to carry for VOA . I found ur blog and it is very helpful thanks for sharing the info.

    As per ur details hotel reservations is a must for VoA. I am going to stay there with my husband who is already there on a businees visa upto march2014. I will be staying with him in his serviced apartment. Is it ok if i carry the booking confirmation of his apartment which is in his name or should i carry any other documents.

    I have booked my tickets with make my and when i read the visa requirements there , it had a point that if i am going to stay with family or friends i have to have a invite letter from them and there passport details.
    Please confirm if i really require that. My husband is also a foreigner there on a business visa , does his invite letter be acceptable for this purpose. .. please confirm request you to confirm at the earliest .. thanks in advance

    1. VOA is valid only for 15 days. No invite is necessary. Your husband's address will suffice, you don't need anything else.

  34. hello...i m going bangkok with my parents and two sisters one of my sister is from hyderabad and she is not having visa for thailand can she be able to get VOA

    1. Why not. She has to apply as explained in the article above.

  35. Do I need to show them any kind of proof for hotel reservation or just writing the name and address of the hotel will do??
    And is there any waiting place in the airport after I land and complete my immigration process but before getting out of the airport.

    1. Keep a copy of the hotel voucher with you. You can wait anywhere in the public areas.

  36. Hi, First of all you are doing a really wonderful job answering so many queries, your efforts are highly apprecited.

    I have a few concerns:
    1. I have booked tickets for 3 dec 2013 and return flight for 17 dec 2013, but will i be allowed to enter the airport in India without a valid thai visa or any other VISA related thing.
    2. After reading all your answers I have fair idea that I can book for the first day and later i can make other booking for hotels.
    3. I am planning to stay in bangkok for a day and then i will take a flight (that i can buy on airport) to Phuket, I believe thats perfectly fine.
    4. I will carrying credit cards which have credits upto 3 lacs INR i think that will sufficient for 2 people (me and my wife).

    Please revert ASAP.
    Thanks & Regards.

    1. 1. To enter an Indian airport, all you need is a printout of your ticket and your passport. At the entry gate, they will not ask about visa, at check-in counter, if they ask, tell them that you will take VOA.

      2. Correct.

      3. No issues about your planned travel to Phuket.

      4. The cash requirement of 20,000 THB per family is tricky. Most of the time, they do not ask about cash carried by a passenger. But if they ask, only credit cards may not be enough regardless of how much spending limit you have. Better to carry a mix of foreign currency, Indian currency, debit cards and credit cards.

  37. My wife and I will be arriving at DMK airport by Airasia on the 28 Nov at 5.20 am. We have a connecting flight to Phuket at 7.45 am also from DMK. We want to know is will there be sufficient time or not for getting VOA, collecting our checked in baggage and then catching the connecting flight to Phuket.

    1. I guess your connecting flight is by the same airline. You will be fine, just head towards the VOA counter immediately upon arriving there. Use the VOA form given in this page and fill it before hand.

  38. Hi...I really admire the good work you are doing here! Hats off to you!
    Most of my doubts have been cleared by going through the many posts...but would still like to reconfirm.
    I will be travelling to Chiang Rai on the 10th of Dec by Thai airways from Kolkata. The flight will land at BKK airport at 0550hrs and the next flight to Chiang Rai is at 0800hrs. I understand that Thai airways will book my luggage through to Chiang Rai,right?
    I visited the Thai consulate site that lists Chiang Rai airport as one of the VOA centres. Do you recommend that I go ahead with my plan of getting the VOA at Chiang Rai? Or is it more prudent to get it done at BKK? (Please note I have a transit time of just about 2hrs at BKK).
    Thank you and waiting for your advice! :)

    1. According to my info, you will be required to complete VOA process at BKK itself. About luggage, please check with Thai Airways. I request you to reply to these comments later after completing your travel so other visitors can benefit from your experience.

  39. Hi Restless Indian,

    Really, I must say that you have a wealth of knowledge on Thailand immigration/Visa formalities.

    I am planning to travel to Bangkok, Phulet and Kuala Lumpur in February & March, 2014. So the plan is as follows:

    21st Feb - 25th Feb -> Bangkok
    25th Feb - 1st March -> Phuket
    1st March to 4th March -> Kuala Lumpur.

    So in this case, do I have to take a Transit Visa from Bangkok or a Tourist Visa as my destination is Kuala Lumpur before flying back to India ?

    Thanks & Regards,


    1. You will be entering Thailand, so VOA will be required at Thailand airport. Take Malaysia visa before leaving home because no visa on arrival or transit visa is available for Malaysia.

  40. Hi Restless Indian

    Greetings for the day!

    You are doing a noble job of helping others.

    I have few questions for you.

    1. Is it better to convert INR to USD(in India) then to THB(in Thailand) or directly from INR to THB and at what rate i should but THB for as today's XE.COM rate is 1 THB = 1.91 INR

    2. I am travelling from Kolkata to Phuket Via Bangkok on 20th December. Both the flights are of Air Asia. I will land in DMK at 0520 Hrs and my flight to Phuket is at 0840 Hrs. So where i have to take VOA at DMK or at Phuket as i am bit confused whether the
    3 hrs is enough.

    Thanks in advance


    1. It is usually better to buy USD in India as THB is comparatively more expensive here. But do not pay too much premium on USD. Buying from a bank or Thomas Cook will prove expensive. Look for a friendly neighborhood exchange shop.

      Confirm with airasia but most probably, they will ask you to take visa at DMK. You have enough time at DMK.

  41. hi..
    ur doing a great job...
    now we are a group of 9 people( 4couples and 1 single) planing to go on the 17th of december through a travel agent in delhi. as i read in ur blogs , we need to show 20k BHT per family in our visa formalities for VOA, but the travel agent through which we are going is saying that it is 20kBHT per person... What is true.. and which one should we follow..
    secondly, approx how much time does it take for the visa on arrival clearance, we reach at 13:50 hours at the bangkok airport and have to proceed to pattaya.

    thanks in advance


    1. The requirement is 10000 THB per person and 20000 THB per family. About time taken for VOA, it all depends on how long the Q is. Min 5-10 minutes to longer than an hour.

  42. Many thanks dude for publishing such great info. On Thailand travel. Well I am an Indian student in UK and I will be coming to BKK in January. My question in particularly for THB 10,000 required during VoA.
    1) Can I carry the equivalent amount as Pounds or dollars is more advisable?
    2) If I carry the equivalent amount in my debit card, would that be fine as well?
    3) As u wrote earlier that some THB should be taken for Visa fee, Taxi and Hotel etc. So does the exchange counter at BKK AIRPORT offer fair rates or is it better to take some THB from UK itself??

    1. 1. USD / Pounds both get good value in Thailand.
      2. Debit card can be risky sometimes but if you carry your latest bank statement along, it should be alright.
      3. Airport rates are bad all over the world but no harm changing a few for immediate need.

  43. in my passport its mentioned, 'emigration check required", is that of any concern for going to thailand ? i m from bangalore

    1. For going as tourist, ECR stamp is not relevant.

  44. I have booked tickets for chennai-bangkok in may 2014 for 7 days by air asia, going as tourist....2 adults, 2 kids

    pls advise visa fees for adult and kids ?

    is visa fees same if we make visa in india or if we do it on arrival in thailand ? what is advisable ?

    in case i stay at my relative place in thailand , do i need some letter/document from him for getting visa ?

    in case i stay at hotel, do i need hotel booking details before hand to get visa ?

    can i not go there, get visa on arrival, and then directly book hotel or go to relative place....or do a combination of few night stay at hotel and few at relative place ?

    1. 1. Visa fee is same for adults and kids. VOA is better.
      2. No letter needed for going as tourist.
      3. Yes. Hotel booking voucher must be carried.
      4. Just make sure you have an address to write on the visa form.

  45. Hi, I am first time traveller, 2 adult, 2 kids, need advise on lot of points

    1. preferred mode to go from bangalore to chennai, air asia flight at 10:15pm on 14 may 2014
    2. how much time before need to reach airport in chennai...what economical mode to go from chennai railway station to airport
    3. other than passport, ticket, what else document to carry to chennai airport
    4. can we carry food, water for kids in air asia flight...air asia customer care lady said,only 200ml water can take, and no food
    5. luggage have bought 20kg for 1 adult, and bal thinking 7 kg x 4 = 28 kg cabin baggage will do....whats your advise....but again thinking cant take care of so many things with kids...max 2-3 luggage shud b there..pls

    advise ....
    6. can we get all 4 seats together without paying extra...or 2+2 together...any advise...
    7. flight from chennai at bangkok will reach at flight duration 5 hours ? or am calculating wrong as some time difference wud b there
    8. for visa...have already asked couple of questions in last avoid headache can we get visa in india itself at same price ???
    9. return flight at 7:35pm from Don Mueang International Airport on 21 may, will reach chennai at 9:30 pm, can u suggest safe mode of transport from chennai to bangalore in night
    10. will reach 15th may 3:10am in bangkok, return on 21 may 7:30pm....can u help design itinerary ..need more kid/family friendly
    11. shud v stay in bangkok first or go to pattaya
    12. shud we wait till 5-6 am in morning and then only leave airport for safety reason ...are taxi people over there also cheaters like in India...pls advise its very important...whats per km rate for taxi there, is metro train there
    13. was thinking to go to pattaya first, at 6am, reach there by 8-9am....then wait 3 hour at lobby of hotel as i dont think will allow early check in...stay in pattaya for 15th, 16th night...
    14. suggest some 4-5 hotels in Rs 3 to 5k per night category in pattaya, safety important...also in bangkok for 17,18,19,20 may night
    15. what to see and not to see ...need some plan....and approx ticket price, total price....mode of travels locally...
    16. need tips on travelling around to keep money and passport safe....shud we leave passport in hotel ? shud we leave excess money in hotel ?
    17. can we use indian icici credit card there, any extra charges for same
    18. pls tell about travel/medical insurance...shud we take icici lombard
    19. in case kids fall ill or something, shud we take some medicine from india...what rate if we show over there...can we get insurance benefit for opd expense over there...what is doctors fee over there
    20. what about telephone in thailand, what to take and how, what all docs reqd...what wud be call charges approx

  46. 21. where to get indian food, esp milk etc for kids
    22. in case of crisis, money stolen, passport stolen...what shud we do
    23.just one percent in case kids go missing in market, what to do, whom to to avoid...
    24. where to get good indian food ? where to shop ? shopping tips ?
    25. is weather right in may ? is there any thing to worry 'coz of political issues happening there now ?
    26. what kind of clothes to carry in may
    27. if going to beach all family, where to keep valuables...or all 4 shudnt go together
    28. how do people usually cheat tourists over there, give some tips to safeguard
    29. need helpline nos who will actually help in thailand
    30. is hotel water safe, or shud use mineral water only
    31. in my passport its mentioned, 'emigration check required", is that of any concern for going to thailand ?
    32. is visa fees same if we make visa in india or if we do it on arrival in thailand ? what is advisable ? is viss fees same for kids ?
    33. in case i stay at my relative place in thailand , do i need some letter/document from him for getting visa ?
    34. in case i stay at hotel, do i need hotel booking details before hand to get visa ?
    35. can i not go there, get visa on arrival, and then directly book hotel or go to relative place....or do a combination of few night stay at hotel and few at relative place ?
    36. in case last minute flight gets cancelled, what option do i have....will air asia give me next flight ticket....or will refund....or give me credit note, but do i have to pay difference in fare in next flight.....but all my bookings will

    go waste to safeguard any insurance there for sam
    37. what should be approx expense for this trip....can u give some rough idea with break much are general food expenses per day for an adult
    38. how to carry cash..what are different modes...can i borrow USD from my boss and take.....or can i take indian rupee and take baht from my relative in bangkok in exchange....
    39. is Don Mueang International Airport inferior to swarana bhoomi....any disadvantage for us as a layman
    40. is air asia the right decision or do u think lot of trouble with that
    41. is yellow fever certificate reqd from india ? what kind of disease common there ?

    **sorry too many questions, hoping to get reply and guidance for all

    1. Give me a few days. I will try to answer.

    2. Mr Ranbir Singh...m sorry to say that your queries looks like a spam.some r genuine n others r unnecessary..please don't be so much confused...u r not leaving this's just a different country...go n enjoy...all d best!!

    3. dont poke your nose in between, i am not asking for your advise

    4. Ranbir - you have asked many questions, I can't answer all in sequence but can share a bit, may be of some help for you.
      From Bangalore, you may catch train to Chennai and then reach Chennai airport to catch your flight. Yes, Air Asia reaches DMK at 3.15 am or so, you may need to take Visa (its better to get VOA as its cheaper and in DMK airport at 3 am rush wouldn't be much).
      You may wait till 6 am at airport because taxi fare are dearer at night till 6 am however in night its usually safe.
      You should first visit Pattaya and then go back Bangkok for few days then finally to catch flight back to India from there.
      Most of the hotels do not offer early checkin, may be you can pay extra and try else wait at lobby.
      There are lots of Indian hotels in Pattaya and Bangkok but taste would be different; milk you may get from hotel itself.

      For VOA, you need to have your valid passport with return flight confirmation, hotel booking (if possible), and also guess you should have atleast 10k baht.

  47. I need tips on travelling around city bangkok and pattaya to
    keep money and passport safe....shoud we leave
    passport in hotel ? shoud we leave excess money
    in hotel ?

    1. Not safe to leave excess money in hotel room. Keep it with you. Same with passport. You should always carry your passport with you when you are in a different country.

  48. how is the weather in the first week of january in bangkok & pattaya?

    1. Perfect. Like a no-sweat summer during the day, cooler at night. Full sleeve shirts work best.

    2. do i get non veg like chicken,mutton easily in bangkok & pattaya?

    3. Everywhere. Its cooked according to the type of restaurant you are in. Thai / Chinese style or Indian / Arabic style, etc.

  49. I am going to bangkok on 1st of jan 2014. I have bought 25000 THB in advance for visa process and other expences for two person . Is there any document required for Currency exchange (I have bought THB ) at both airports (ccu-bkk)? I want to clear in this regards I havet any recepit of this transaction.

    1. No need for any receipt. Its small money that you are carrying. If you have cash equal to 3000 USD, then keep the receipt.

  50. dear sir thnx u r doing great job,my question is only that how much last amount I can take to bangkok

    1. You mean max? Upto 5000 USD in cash. 10,000 USD in cash+other instruments.

  51. I am a British teacher and will be taking 4 children to Bangkok for Maths Competition in March. One of the children is Indian so will require a Visa on Arrival. She will have the 1000baht fee but will she or I need to show/prove THB10000? Many thanks

    1. Rules are the same for adults and kids. Be ready to show the money if asked.

  52. Hello!
    First of all thank you for this amazing blog and keep up the good work, big fan of yours now!!!
    I have few questions and clarifications of my own:

    1.I’m travelling in March by AirAsia from Chennai-DMK (reach @ 3:30am) & 7:40am DMK-Phuket AirAsia on same day (roughly 4hrs Layover), is it enough time to get VOA before the next flight?

    2.I was planning to go to VFS for Visa, but now plan to take VOA, I do not posses Credit Card, should I Carry 20K Baht in Cash or International Debit Card would work?

    3.Should I exchange the money in Chennai or as I get down in DMK - any suggestions?

    4.I’m planning to stay in International Youth Hostels in Phuket – any suggestions on that and do they provide accommodation confirmation over email to show at the VOA counter?

    5.I’m planning to go from Phuket-Phiphi-Krabi any suggestions on how much should I budget for Travel/Stay? BTW I’m not a luxurious traveler.

    6.This is my first international travel with NEW passport (got it two months ago), do I need to carry my OLD passport as well as that had travels to few other countries?

    7.Any tips on travel & safety?

    TIA for your suggestions & Advice.

    1. 1. 4 hours is enough for voa.

      2. Better carry cash (USD).

      3. Carry USD and change in Thailand, but not at the airport.

      4. No info about Phuket, but when you make a reservation, they will send an email.

      5. Book cheap but high rated hotels / hostels. The rest is up to you.

      6. Carry both old and new passports.

      7. Please google.

  53. Hi , I am travelling to Phuket from Mumbai on 18th Jan , reaching BKK at 1:50 PM afternoon, and connecting flight to Phuket is at 4:55 PM. MUM-BKK is Jet airways and BKK-HKT-BKK is Thai airways.

    A) is 3 hrs good enough for VOA at BKK and checkin baggage after immigration ?
    B) I will have to collect baggage after immigration and then checkin baggage again and collect boarding pass for connecting flight right ?

    My return is again Phuket to BKK - Landing at BKK at 6:15 PM and connecting flight back to mumbai is at 9:35 PM .

    B) Is this 3 hours good for check in of baggage and immigration ?
    C) I assume that I will be getting boarding pass after I land at BKK , when I checkin my baggage to mumbai right ? for the BKK-MUM flight ?

  54. 3 hours is enough for voa both ways. Immigration formalities need to be completed at BKK before boarding a domestic flight. About boarding pass, please check with your airline. Send them an email.

  55. Dear “the restless Indian”,
    Hope you are doing well. First of all thanks a lots for such wonderful information and blog. It’s really very nice.
    I have gone through your blogs and found its really interesting. Actually I will be travelling from Seoul (South Korea) to Bangalore (India) Via Bangkok on 24th Janury,2014. My flight arrival at Bangkok around 11.55AM and departure around 20.30PM, so I got around 8 hours time.
    I was thinking to do small 6 hours tour in Bangkok. But while I check in your VOA process I found two requirements as below,
    “Hotel reservation / other stay address in Thailand (Hotels in Bangkok and Pattaya) (Link opens in new window) and Thai or other currency or debit/credit card equivalent to 10,000 Thai Baht per person or 20,000 Thai Baht per family”
    So my question,
    1. Do I need to book hotel just for 6 hours tour? Is it mandatory? If so how to handle this scenario?
    2. How Authority will verify my credit card limit is greater than 10kTBH or not?
    3. Where can I find good trip planner for 6 hours? Any suggestion? And how much will it cost?
    * My plan taxi shall pick me from airport and roam around Bangkok and drop me back at airport. After trip complete.

    1. There is a city tour option for transit passengers having more than six hours of waiting time. See the related Suvarnabhumi Airport page or

    2. Dear the restless Indian,
      Thanks for the response. Still my question in unanswered, Do i need to show hotel booking details for 6 hours tour? what is transit visa? And the link you provided there its mentioned "for transit guests, you need not clear immigration."- what does that mean?

    3. Transit Visa means before clearing immigration, you will go to this company's counter at the airport where they will do the formalities and take you on the city tour for a few hours. You will not need any hotel address. After the tour is over, they will bring you back to the airport for your next flight. I have not taken this tour personally so please email orientalescape for further information.

  56. as so many political issues happening in bangkok, wud it be safe to travel in may 2014

    1. May 2014 is far away. Can't predict but go ahead with your plan.

    2. hi i am going on feb 2nd with family to bangkok, dont know what to do, if to cancel tickets.pls suggest

    3. Usually tourist areas are left untouched during agitations. But the situation can go out of hand due to the current "Emergency" declaration. If you do not wish to cancel, you may consider changing your plan to another city like Pattaya or Chiang Mai or Phuket. The problem appears to be concentrated in Bangkok, so other areas will be almost peaceful.

  57. dont want to wait at airport for visa, how can i make that in bangalore ? whom to contact ? is visa fee and document reqt same whether u make visa on arrival or here in india itself ?

  58. Hi Restless indian, very good info.. I am able to understand how this entire process works..

    I am actually planning to travel from kualalampur.. so have few queries or rather needed advise.

    1. Do you think any other way of transport apart from airlines like Cruise or train from kualampur to bangkok? Wha do you suggest?

    2. Second, if we have to go by air itself, i am actually planning for max 3 days jsut for travel. Do you think 3 days good enough to travel in bangkok? My main aim is to visit tiger temple and any other places in bangkok, thats it.

    3. is air asia preferrable or will i get into any problem in finding out VoA? bcoz you said it will get somewehre and need to come to other desitination.

    4. What is the best and cheap way to travel within bangkok?

    5. Converting to currency, is this something i can do in bangkok airport?


    1. 1. I do not know of a train but there are cruise options to Thailand (Phuket, etc.).

      2. Three days in Bangkok are OK. Just plan well.

      3. Air Asia lands in Don Muang Airport of Bangkok. VOA process is same at that airport.

      4. Within tourist areas of Bangkok, use Skytrain. Its the best mode.

      5. You can change money at BKK or DMK airports but you get better rates in the city.

  59. Hi Restless Indian,
    I am traveling to Bangkok+pattaya with my friends in second weekend of march.
    i have one confusion here...
    1.shall i make VISA in india or VOA - if i take VISA on arrival , is that any issue?
    is that okay to take VOA,
    Please clarified on VOA. mine friend telling if something went wrong, not sure.
    please give some advice

    Thanks in advance

    1. There will not be any issues with VOA. It is less expensive and more convenient than taking Visa from embassy. Read the requirements carefully and go.

  60. hi sir

    I am a indian passport holder and i want to know i.e. Is there any other charges i have to pay except 1000 THI bahts of VOA fee.

    1. No. But for fast tract VOA, the fee is 1200 THB.

  61. Hi Restless Indian,

    I am travelling to Myanmar through Bangkok in Thai Airways on 27th Feb. While returning from Myanmar to India, I have 8 hours at Bangkok, my connecting flight is of thai airways only.

    1. I want to shop for Mobile phones there, so where to buy from.
    2. Is 8 hours enough to go to market, buy and come back. what is the cheapest and safety way to reach market
    3. How much time will VOA will take. Or since I have a connecting flight same day evening, what will be the process.

    Looking to your prompt response.

    1. 1. Go to Pantip Plaza in Ratchadamri.
      2. Take airport express city line and go to Phaya Thai station. From there, cross over to skytrain and go to Siam skytrain station. From there you can either walk or take a taxi (minimum fare) to Pantip Plaza. Check prices in 2-3 shops there before buying. Come back to airport via the same route.
      3. VOA is quick. You will need to take VOA.

  62. Hi Sir

    I am visiting bangkok next week a indian passport holder.
    i want to ask that i want to purchase one pair of cloths, sunglasses and two wrist watch from bangkok. I have to pay VAT tax or not if yes then in which rate.

    1. Prices in Bangkok are inclusive of VAT. Ask the shopkeeper about your eligibility for VAT refund. Ususally for small value purchases, there is no VAT refund. In India, you need to pay Customs Duty if your total purchases exceed Rs. 35000. If you buy LCD/LED TV of any value, you need to pay Customs Duty in India and the airline may also charge you extra for carrying a TV.

  63. Hello SIR

    I am from INDIA and coming to bangkok next week.
    Please tell me In the process of VOA . Fast track fee of 1200 thai bhats is compulsory to pay.


    1. 1200 THB for fast tract and 1000 THB for normal queue. These are the rates for everyone.

  64. Hi,
    I am planning to visit Bangkok and Pattaya from India with one of my friend in April, please let me know if its saffe to visit Bangkok during the time; I heard Bangkok is unsafe for tourism due to Anti-government protesters activities in recent days. Please suggest if any information is there.


    1. Information is all over the internet. Tourists are still going there. Just try to avoid the areas where protests are going on. Still you have to take your own decision.

    2. Hi,

      Next week am travelling to bankok from bangalore, india....

      I need few information on the below points:

      1) I have to take min of 10000 THB..or credit card/debit card showing the above convertable value of such amount.. I had asked this question, since some of the advisers says to carry 20000 thb... pl suggest on this.

      2) Can we get local sim of thailand. if yes then where will be best deal.

      3) can we get good indian veg resturant

    3. If you carry proof of funds in your bank account and limit on credit card, then you can carry a mix of some cash and your cards. But do carry some USD / THB / INR. The minimum requirement is 10,000 THB per person and 20,000 THB per family. A group of friends will need 10,000 THB each.

      I have written a few articles on Thailand local sim cards that have answers to your question. Please see Bangkok Pages.

      Similarly, info on Indian vegetarian restaurants is also there in my Bangkok and Pattaya pages.

      This blog has almost all the information you will need on Bangkok and Pattaya. Please explore.

  65. I have a small confusion regarding the amount we can carry. If we are allowed to take only INR 10000 from India, how are we expected to have 10000baht at bkk? Or is it that only for INR the limit is 10000₹ and we can carry some amount of USD too along with 10000INR? Is the max limit on carrying USD 5000? So 10000₹ + about 200USD should suffice? Will they kick us out if we have even one rupee more than 10000inr at indian airports?

    Our flight lands at bkk at 6am but the standard check in at hotels is 2pm so should we just wait at the airport or can we drop off our luggage at the hotel and roam around until it is time to check in?
    Sorry for all the questions, thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

    1. INR 10,000 limit per person is only for carrying Indian currency. When it comes to carrying foreign currency, you can carry any amount but you need to declare it to the Customs officials if you carry more than 5000 USD or equivalent in cash or 10,000 USD or equivalent in cash + other instruments like TC. Both the limits are per person. If you carry INR more than 10,000 per person, that violates Indian law. There may be some sort of penalty but it depends on the Customs officials.

      About the hotel check-in time, I suggest you go to your hotel and ask for early check-in. If they have a room vacant, they may oblige you. Otherwise, they will happily keep your bags.

Blog by: Narinder Singh