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Bus Service from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya (Bell Travel)

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Bell Travel Service Company runs a very convenient bus service from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya. Six buses leave daily at 2 hour intervals starting from 8.00 in the morning, i.e. 8.00, 10.00, 12.00, 14.00, 16.00, and 18.00 hours. Bell Travel's counter at the airport is located near Gate No. 8 on Level 1. The buses are very clean and air conditioned with very comfortable seats. Cost of the ticket includes drop to the passenger's hotel in Pattaya. The bus goes up to Pattaya Bus Terminal from where passengers are transferred to smaller vehicles for going to the respective hotels. Option to buy ticket up to Pattaya Bus Terminal only is also available. That would be good if one's hotel is very near Pattaya Bus Terminal, otherwise it is best to go all the way to avoid the hassles of finding a taxi in Pattaya which may end up costing more than what Bell Travel would charge. Bell Travel's drivers in Pattaya know all the hotels but the taxi guy may not know your hotel. Bell Travel's vehicles are waiting at Pattaya Bus Terminal when the bus arrives. The journey from the Airport right up to the hotel takes about 2 hours. A similar Service from Pattaya to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport or Bangkok City right up to the Bangkok Hotel or from Bangkok Hotel to Pattaya Hotel is also available. Pickup is arranged from the passenger's hotel at designated time. (Read more below...)

Bell Travel Service Company Limited Level 1 Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Routes and Price of Tickets

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport - Pattaya Hotel - 200 THB

Pattaya Hotel - Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport - 200 THB  

Pattaya Hotel - Bangkok Hotel - 350 THB

Bangkok Hotel - Pattaya Hotel - 350 THB

Advance booking can be done from the company's website or at the counter. Passengers with advance booking are required to report to the airport counter at least 10 minutes before the bus timing to pay for the tickets, otherwise the seats are allocated to other passengers.


Airport Counter: Gate No. 8, Level 1

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