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Saturday, October 12, 2013

(Updated June 2015) The story of this Indian restaurant 'Indian Spice' that I am about to tell you here will not have a happy ending. For that matter, there is no happy beginning either. Indian restaurant business in Macau city, the area near MGM Grand, is not what it once was. In the good old days there were three Indian restaurants within a walking distance from MGM Casino - Red Chili, Taste of India, and Indian Spice. The first two are gone for good and the third one - Indian Spice - seems to be hanging in there God knows for what reason. The only other Indian restaurant now open in Macau City that I know of is Taste of India's branch at Macau Fisherman's Wharf. So, what happened to the Indian restaurant business in this part of Macau? I honestly have no answer because the number of Indian tourists visiting Macau now is more than ever. Perhaps, Indian tourists similar to family tourists from other nationalities prefer Taipa's integrated resorts (The Venetian, Galaxy, Sands Cotai Central, & City of Dreams) more than the older and smaller casinos resorts in Macau City. Three of these four Taipa resorts now have Indian food outlets - Aruna, Spice Garden, and Indian Spice Express. Business must be good there. Coming back to the main subject of this article,  lets read the sad story of Indian Spice Restaurant in Macau City...

Indian Spice - Indian Restaurant in Macau

Location and timings

Indian Spice is located at 39, Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpcau, Vista Magnifica Court BG/RC, Macau (Phone: +853-2872-2784). To get to this location, one needs to come from MGM Grand to the road along the sea and turn left. After a couple of blocks there is a left turn, a market area, where this restaurant can be found on the ground floor. Indian Spice opens for lunch and dinner from 11.00am to 3.00pm and 7.00pm to 11.00pm.

Veg Pakora and Masala Tea at Indian Spice - Indian Restaurant in Macau

What is good and bad

The good is the range of the food that they serve here. And like I said earlier, this is the only Indian food joint that can be found close to MGM/Wynn. That means, if you are around there and do not wish to go all the way to Fisherman's Wharf for Taste of India, Indian Spice is your only possible destination.

The prices of food in Indian Spice are not cheap and there is no free drinking water which is actually free in Taste of India. There is another pricing related problem in Indian Spice that you will read about later in the page.

My two experiences in Indian Spice

The original article that I wrote on Indian Spice in 2012 did not have anything on my not-so-good first experience. I had just thought of everything as a temporary blip and given them the benefit of the doubt. But the second time, in April 2015, I decided to re-verify. This time, I ordered the same exact food to compare everything to my first experience.

The order was just a platter of vegetable pakora and coffee (first time it was chai). In 2012, I had found some paneer pakora in the platter but the paneer was stale, not at all edible. So I had just left it there and thought maybe they did not have fresh paneer. Of course there was no need to include paneer pakora in a platter that is called vegetable pakora and that too when fresh paneer was not available in the restaurant.

In 2015, the same exact thing got repeated. The paneer pakora was made from rotten paneer which I could see by just cutting the paneer with a knife. That made me angry because now I know these people are habitual offenders. An order of vegetable pakora (50 MOP) is an opportunity for them to get rid of stale and rotting stuff from their refrigerator. This time, the service was horrible too. They served the coffee immediately but the pakora took 35 minutes more than the coffee. About the pricing related problem I mentioned earlier, they charged me 5 MOP more for the coffee than what was printed in the menu and said that the price had been revised but the new menu was yet to be printed. After hearing that I looked around in the restaurant and found myself to be the only customer there. It was dinner time. Maybe other people already knew what I was just discovering - Indian Spice was totally avoidable. Quality of food in their joint in The Venetian - Indian Spice Express - is not great either because the Paneer Kathi Roll I ordered there was just full of onions with very little paneer in it.

Indian Spice Interior - Indian Restaurant in Macau

Maybe all this is plain mismanagement or may be its really difficult to be in the Indian food business in Macau. Whatever that be, a poorly run business has only itself to blame. If you can't run it well, its better to shut it down. As for the Indian tourist looking for Indian or vegetarian food in Macau, there are options if one looks around. I found some great vegetarian food in The Venetian food court. Plenty more is waiting to be discovered in Macau. Why be stuck on just Indian food?

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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