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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

During each of my visits to Bangkok in the last few years, I got a foot massage at one of the many friendly neighbourhood massage shops in Sukhumvit area. It turned out nice most of the times, particularly at Bai Po Massage at Soi 11. Hence I never felt a need to visit any of the so called up scale corporate spas. But when I accidentally saw the website of 'Health Land Spa & Massage', their price list caught my attention (See Massage Rates and Menu below). If Health Land was up scale, why were they charging 250 THB for a one hour foot massage and 450 THB for a two hour Thai massage? Some of the tiny massage shops charge more than that. Curiosity got the better of me and in March 2012 I found myself heading towards the Asoke branch of Health Land. Asoke branch of Health Land is located at a walking distance from Asoke BTS Station / Terminal 21 Shopping Mall. From Sukhumvit Road, one can go into Soi 21 and after a while turn left or go into Soi 19 and turn right after a few minutes walk. Its a large building with parking space in the front. Inside I found a hotel type lobby and a few formally dressed ladies shouting names of clients on a PA system, calling them to meet their therapists and proceed for the treatment. (Read more and see pictures below)

Health Land Pattaya Review (Opens in New Window)

Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Sukhumvit Bangkok

Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Sukhumvit Bangkok Reception

Health Land Massage Rates and Menu

Foot Reflexology: 250 THB / 1 Hour
Traditional Thai Massage: 450 THB / 2 Hours
Aroma Therapy Body Massage: 850 THB / 90 Minutes
Thai Massage with Herbal Compress: 750 THB / 2 Hours
Body Polish: 750 THB / 1 Hour
Therapeutic Massage: 300 THB / 1 Hour
Facial Treatments: 1500-3500 THB / 1 hour - 1.5 Hours
Tourmaline Sauna: 300 THB / 1 Hour
Spa Suite Package: 8000 - 9200 THB / 3 - 4 Hours Package for 2 Guests
Vichy Shower: 2250 - 3100 THB / 75 Minutes - 120 Minutes
Chromotherapy Steam Room Package: 4400 - 6200 THB / 105 Minutes - 210 Minutes Package for 2 Guests

My Experience

Its somewhat like seeing your doctor. Tell your name and the treatment (massage) you want to one of the ladies, sit there and wait. Since I was experimenting, I just chose a foot massage. After about 15 minutes, my name was called and the formally dressed lady pointed towards a therapist standing somewhere behind a  crowd. I located her and followed her to the basement where foot massage factory is located. Once you have read this review it will be clear why I call this a factory. Changing room is outside the factory door where I changed in to loose pyjamas given to me by my therapist. The factory floor was a large, very dark and depressing oblong hall with about a dozen massage chairs on either side. I lied down on one of those and the massage began. Air conditioning was not working well so the place felt hot. I was missing Bai Po already.

Like I always do, I told the therapist at the beginning of the massage that I have a soft spot above one of my ankles that hurts badly when pressed. I showed her the spot to avoid and she said OK. She even applied some balm over it. But to my shock, after a few minutes, she pressed that spot very hard almost making me jump from the chair. Wasn't it supposed to be a relaxing experience. No other therapist at any of the massage shops earlier in Bangkok or Pattaya had forgotten about the soft spot during the massage after I told them about it. But this lady was really forgetful. She apologised, I forgave her and the massage resumed but the process of she forgetting and me forgiving continued. The good lady pressed the soft spot twice more, once later during the massage and once while wiping my legs at the end. What the hell. I couldn't believe I had paid 250 THB to let someone hurt me. Leaving aside the pain she gave me, the massage itself was below average. I wondered, what was Health Land really selling? Thankfully, it was just a one hour foot massage and not something more complicated that Health Land could really mess up. I don't want to write more.
If you feel compelled to go there, the place is open daily from 9.00 AM to midnight. Phone: 02-261-1110.

Waiting Hall at Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Sukhumvit         

Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Sukhumvit Bangkok Waiting Hall

Health Land Spa & Massage Sign Board on Soi 21 near Asoke BTS Station

Health Land Spa & Massage Asoke Soi 21 Sukhumvit Bangkok

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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