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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Shuttle Buses in Macau

One of the many things I love about Macau is free casino shuttle buses that cover not only the casinos but all the transit points and almost all the major tourist places of Macau. Most of the hotels in Macau also operate shuttle buses for their guests. Casino shuttle buses can be used by anyone. Board and alight as you please. No questions will be asked if you are boarding a shuttle operated by a Casino. But if you are boarding a shuttle operated by a small hotel (that does not have a casino either), the driver may like to see your booking voucher while boarding from the airport or ferry terminal. It is also possible to board the shuttle operated by another casino that is located close to the one you actually wish to go. Wynn, MGM, Starworld, and Lisboa are located very close to each other in Macau City. So take a shuttle going to Starworld and after getting down at Starworld, cross the road and enter Wynn. Who can stop you? Similarly Venetian, City of Dreams and Galaxy Macau are bunched up together in Taipa, Macau. It is totally possible to have a holiday in Macau without ever using a paid form of transport like taxi or a public bus. I have done it. I spent four days in Macau, travelled everywhere (including airport transfers) using only free shuttle buses run by different casinos and my hotel. Here's how to do it...
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Wynn Casino Shuttle Bus to Border Gate, Macau

Free Shuttle Bus From Macau Ferry Terminal and Taipa Ferry Terminal

Way to Shuttle Casino Buses at Macau Ferry Terminal

Towards Macau City

Both Macau Ferry Terminal and Taipa Ferry Terminal are connected by free shuttle buses. For going towards Macau City, shuttle buses operated by Sands Casino, Star World, Wynn, MGM Grand, Lisboa, etc. can be used.

Major Shuttle Bus Services from Macau Ferry Terminal

Macau Ferry Terminal to Wynn Macau: 9.00am to 11.45pm Daily, Every 10-15 Minutes
Macau Ferry Terminal to Sands Macau City: 9.00am to 11.55pm Daily, Every 5-10 Minutes

Major Shuttle Bus Services from Taipa Ferry Terminal

Taipa Ferry Terminal to Wynn Macau:   9.00am to 11.30pm Daily, Every 20-35 Minutes
Taipa Ferry Terminal to Sands Macau City: 7.45am to 11.50pm Daily Every 10-15 Minutes

Night Service from Taipa Ferry Terminal to Sands Macau City: 00.20am, 00.35am, 1.20am, 1.30am.

Most likely your hotel will have a shuttle service too even if it is not mentioned in your hotel voucher. Just cross over to the shuttle bus area and take a look around or ask from the staff of any casino or hotel present there whether your hotel has a shuttle service. Show them your hotel voucher in case of a language difficulty. They will point you in the right direction.

Free Casino Shuttle Buses at Macau Ferry Terminal

Towards Taipa

For going to the Taipa side of Macau, one can board a shuttle bus of The Venetian Macau, Galaxy Macau, City of Dreams, or Sands Cotai Central, etc. This route can also be used to go to Border Gate, if one's hotel is in Border Gate area. First take a shuttle to The Venetian and from there, board the Venetian's shuttle going to Border Gate.

Free Shuttle Bus From Macau International Airport

Free Casino Shuttle Buses at Macau International Airport

Most hotels in Macau and all big casinos have a free shuttle service to the airport. If you are not carrying too much luggage, it may be possible to board a casino shuttle from the airport even if you are not staying in their hotel. If the queue is not too long, most probably no questions will be asked.

Wynn Macau operates free shuttle bus services from Macau International Airport as under:
Macau International Airport to Wynn Macau: 10.00am to 10.15pm Daily, Every 20-35 Minutes

Free Shuttle Bus From / To The Venetian Macau

Free Casino Shuttle Bus outside The Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau's blue shuttle buses can be seen all day criss crossing the roads in Macau City and Taipa island. These buses are also provide the best connectivity from Taipa (Venetian) to Macau City (Sands). Venetian and Sands belong to the same group. Shuttle buses connect these two casinos from 10 am to midnight. In addition, shuttle services from The Venetian operate to Border Gate, Taipa Ferry Terminal, and Macau Ferry Terminal. The Venetian is located very close to City of Dreams, Sands Cotai Central, and Galaxy Macau.

Free Shuttle Bus From / To Galaxy Macau

Free Casino Shuttle Bus outside Galaxy Macau

Galaxy Macau is a huge casino resort located at Taipa next to The Venetian. Shuttle buses are available from here to go to Star World Casino in Macau City from 10.00 am to midnight every 7-10 minutes. Star World in Macau City  is located opposite Wynn Casino and is very close to MGM Grand and Lisboa.

Free Shuttle Bus From / To Sands Casino and Macau Fisherman's Wharf

Free Shuttle Buses outside Sands Casino Macau

Sands in Macau City is located next to Macau Fisherman's Wharf. Shuttle buses can be taken from here to go to Taipa Cotai Strip (The Venetian, Plaza Macau, and Sands Cotai Central), Border Gate, Macau Ferry Terminal, and Taipa Ferry Terminal. Most services operate up to 11.00 pm. The last shuttle for The Venetian leaves at midnight.

Free Shuttle Bus From / To Star World Casino Macau

Free Shuttle Buses outside Star World Casino Macau

Star World Casino (opposite Wynn Casino and close to Casino Lisboa and MGM Grand) belongs to the same group that operates Galaxy Macau in Taipa. Shuttle buses are available from here to Galaxy Macau from 10.00 am to midnight and to the Ferry Terminals and Border Gate.

Free Shuttle Bus To Border Gate Macau

Free Casino Shuttle Buses at Border Gate Macau

Border Gate is the border checkpoint to cross over to the People's Republic of China. All major casino groups in Macau such as City of Dreams (next to The Venetian), Galaxy Macau / Star World, Sands / Venetian, Wynn Casino, etc. operate free shuttle buses from / to Border Gate. These buses can be very useful for reaching hotels in Border Gate area such as Victoria Hotel. However, shuttles going towards Border Gate get crowded after 9.00 pm. Taxi drivers start asking for 100 HKD to go from Macau City to Border Gate at night. Better to start early, if you can. 

Major Shuttle Bus Services from Macau City to Border Gate

Sands Macau City to Border Gate Shuttle Bus Station : 9.00am to 11.30pm, Every 10 Minutes
Border Gate to and from Wynn Macau: 9.00am to 11.45pm Daily, Every 15-20 Minutes 

Free Shuttle Bus To Senado Square and St. Paul's

Grand Lisboa Hotel and Casino Macau

To visit Senado Square and St. Paul's, one can take a free shuttle to Wynn, Star World, or Grand Lisboa (Shuttle schedule below). Wynn and Star World are walkable from Lisboa. One needs to get to the point shown in the above picture and walk down the road. Senado Square is about 10  minutes walk away. Senado Square is the best place to exchange your money into HKD/MOP.

Shuttle Bus Schedule To and From Grand Lisboa
Casino Shuttle
Macau Border Gate:  9.00AM - 11.30PM (Every 5-20 minutes)
Macau Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal: 9.00AM - 11.59PM (Every 5-30 minutes)
Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal: 10.30AM - 5.30 PM (Every 60 minutes)
Hotel Shuttle
Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal - New Yaohan - Hotel: 8.30AM - 10.30PM (Every 15 minutes)

Free Shuttle Bus to Macau Tower

Shuttle Bus Schedule Between Macau Tower and City of Dreams Casino

A free shuttle bus to Macau Tower exists but only from one place in Macau. The City of Dreams Casino in Taipa Macau (opposite the Venetian) operates a free shuttle bus service between their casino and Macau Tower starting 12.00 Noon with the last shuttle bus leaving at 9.00 pm. The buses operate at 30 minute interval. Also read: Using Public Buses in Macau

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