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MGM Grand Casino Colombo

MGM Grand (772, Galle Road, Colombo - 4) is one of the three major casinos in Colombo under a single ownership, the other two being "Bally's" and "Bellagio". MGM Grand is the smallest of the three in terms of floor area and the number of gaming tables. There are about 15 gaming tables on the ground floor and an equal number on the first floor next to the restaurant where buffet dinner is served. Upper floor gaming tables are perhaps put to use on very busy days or for "VIP" players. The games include Blackjack, Baccarat, Roullete, 5 Card Poker, etc. Though minimum bets on some of the tables start at LKR 500, most others have higher minimum bets. On a 500 LKR Blackjack table, I was told that minimum cash down amount was LKR 10,000 which meant a player would need a minimum of LKR 10,000 to even start playing Blackjack in this casino. My guess is that the minimum cash down rule would vary from game to game, and the requirement would be much lower on tables such as Roulette. Considering the generally higher minimum bets and cash down requirements, it looked like the management was trying to position MGM Grand as a "VIP" casino. Their player membership card has the words "VIP" on it, though the casino readily issued me a membership card when I asked for the same on my second visit there. It was equally easy to get a membership at Bally's, the largest casino in Colombo, but not so in Bellagio which was always packed to capacity perhaps being the most popular. MGM Grand was not as crowded as Bellagio but most of the tables were nearly full, Baccarat and Roullete more than others. Read more below...
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MGM Grand Casino Colombo

Gaming Rules and Freebies

Gaming currency is Lankan Rupees but major foreign currencies are accepted on gaming tables and at the cashier's counter. Exchange rates are better than any bank in Colombo. MGM/Bellagio/Bally's casinos promise highest winning percentages in the world. Players can surrender bets in Blackjack for a 50% loss on any card combination except when the dealer's up-card is an Ace. Additional side bets are also allowed on "Pairs" in Blackjack. On some of the gaming tables a guy sits next to the dealer to note down the bets placed by the "member" players. These bets are counted for members' eligibility in the free lucky draws which are held on weekend nights. There is a small stage on the gaming floor for a live music and singing show. Free drinks and snacks are served to players on the gaming tables. A nice and free buffet dinner is served on the first floor. Food is tasty and well presented. Gaming-wise though, I did not find the atmosphere so hot as compared to Bally's and Bellagio. When I started to leave the casino after a whie, a "Manager" type of guy at the Cashier's counter tried to convince me to stay on in the casino and when I told him I was going to Bally's, he started asking sort-of an excplanation on why I was leaving so early. I found that very unprofessional. Fortunately, they gave me a free drop to Bally's on a casino cab. Overall, MGM Grand looked like a place for serious gambling rather than an entertainment venue. So, I would return to MGM Colombo if I had nothing but gambling on my mind but if I were looking for an overall party-like atmosphere, I would just head to Bally's.

How to find MGM Grand Colombo: Most of the tuk-tuk / taxi drivers know MGM Grand in Colombo. Casino phone number is +94 112 502 268.

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