Nantika Thai Massage Shop Beach Road Near Walking Street Pattaya

Monday, November 11, 2013

A massage shop in Pattaya is something one doesn't need to search for. They are everywhere and more so in and around the tourist centers like Beach Road and Walking Street. I would call this a problem of plenty because I have never been able to decide which one to walk into. Having experienced Bai Po, an excellent massage shop in Bangkok (Soi 11 Sukhumwit), I have been searching for a similar quality shop in Pattaya. While my search is still on, I found one on Beach Road very close to Walking Street that, though not in the same league as Bai Po, would surely be a contender for the top slot among the typical Pattaya massage shops. Its called Nantika Physical Thai Massage. I think this is the first or second massage shop on Beach Road from the Walking Street end. The blue sign board cannot be missed (See picture below). Nantika is the name of the young lady who owns the shop. She was in the shop getting a pedicure from one of her staff at the time I visited there. The shop is beautifully decorated. Massage ladies are a young and happy lot. Their energy keeps the atmosphere in the shop very lively. Prices are as low as they could be, like 200 THB for 1 hour of Foot Massage. (Read more and see picture & massage menu below...) Click here for my review of Health Land Spa & Massage Pattaya.

Nantika Thai Massage Near Walking Street Beach Road Pattaya

There are about 6 massage chairs in the front for foot massage and a few massage beds separated by curtains in the back for body massage. I had a one hour foot massage that was very good for the price. Thai Massage too costs 200 THB for one hour. The shop is open from 10.00 AM to Midnight.  Certainly worth a visit.

Massage Menu

Foot Massage: 200 THB / 1 Hour

Thai Massage: 200 THB / 1 Hour

Oil Massage: 300 THB / 1 Hour

Aroma Massage: 500 THB / 1 Hour

Body Scrub: 500 THB / 1 Hour

Facial Massage: 450 THB / 45 Minutes

Manicure / Pedicure: 200 THB

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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