Saras Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

Friday, November 15, 2013

(Update: This restaurant has been relocated to the 3rd floor food court at Royal Garden Plaza, Beach Road and Second Road. Will update other details soon). There are perhaps a total of two 100% vegetarian Indian restaurants in Pattaya, both of which are on the 2nd Road which runs parallel to Beach Road. "VT Six (Vegetarian Paradise)" behind Central Festival Mall is the smaller of the two but is on a better location - right behind Central Festival Mall (Read VT Six (Vegetarian Paradise) Review Here - New Tab). "Saras" located at Sun City Hotel (Next to Hotel Siam Bayshore) is a little away from the tourist center but is much larger in terms of seating capacity and food options which include North and South Indian snacks and meals, Tandoori and Chinese, Set Meals (combos and Thali), Chaat Items, beverages including Lassi varieties, desserts and a full scale Indian sweet shop. Saras is like a local sweet shop for the Indian community in Pattaya. (Address and Location details at the bottom of this page). The menu even includes some Thai food but I was told that Thai food was served only in the Bangkok branch of Saras (Sukhumwit Soi 20). (Read more ... See Menu and other pictures below)

Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 2nd Road Pattaya

The menu is mostly "Chandni Chowk" type but does include some unusual items like Chinese Thali (310 THB) and Daal Bati Churma (250 THB), and Bajre Ki Roti (50 THB). North Indian and Gujarati Thai cost 280 and 310 THB, Tandoori Roti 30 THB, Mutter Paneer 220 THB, Daal Tadka 180 THB, Butter Naan 60 THB, Masala Dosa 105 THB, Idli Sambar 85 THB, Chhola Bhatura 140 THB, Paneer Pakora 125 THB and Tea / Coffee 35 / 45 THB.

I tried Masala Dosa and Assorted Pakora (135 THB) with Tea. Dosa filling was good but sambar not as good as the one I tasted in Madras Darbar (2nd Road behind Central Festival Mall). Vegetable Pakora was perfect served along with Green Chatni. Hot and milky tea was served in a kulhar. I had my Masala Dosa inside the air conditioned area of the restaurant and Pakora & Tea outside in their open-air extension. Fortunately it had rained a little earlier and the cool weather doubled the fun of having Pakora and Tea outdoors.

I can say that Saras in Pattaya will almost entirely succeed in meeting the expectations of Indian tourists looking for "Indian" vegetarian food given the variety of food that they have to offer. I would like to try Saras Chinese Thali and Rajasthani Thali some day. Of course, it would take many many visits there to taste all of what their menu has to offer. I intend to try.

Saras Indian Restaurant Pattaya Menu and Pictures

Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya

Saras (open air) - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Pattaya Thailand

Indian Sweets at Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 2nd Road Pattaya 

Masala Dosa at Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 2nd Road Pattaya

Veg Pakora and Tea at Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 2nd Road Pattaya

Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 2nd Road Pattaya Menu

Food Menu at Saras - Indian Vegetarian Restaurant 2nd Road Pattaya 

Address and Location: Saras (Sun City Hotel), Next to Siam Bayshore Hotel, 557 M, 10 Pratamnak Road, 2nd Road, Pattaya Tai, Chonburi. Phone: 038-424-769. Tuk Tuk / cab / bike taxi drivers know Hotel Siam Bayshore better than Sun City. From Central Festival Mall on Beach Road, a motorbike taxi  ride to Siam Bayshore should cost around 50 THB. Sun City and Saras will come before Siam Bayshore on the right side of the road.

Vegetarian / Vegan / Jain in Pattaya?

Vegan Green Curry Vegetables Tofu & Rice at Five Star J Pattaya

Try Ning's Five Star J - A vegan food restaurant in Pattaya. This restaurant believes in serving freshest food using only healthy ingredients which are cooked just lightly so as to preserve all the nutrients. The prices are just right too. The dish you see above cost only 109 THB. Read more about Ning's Five Star J here.

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