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Golden Tips Tea Shop Gangtok

Update March 30, 2013: Golden Tips have opened a new showroom in the middle of M. G. Marg. Now tourists do not need to go to Kazi Road to buy tea from them. See pictures of both showrooms below...

Its a Tea Shop like no other. Golden Tips Tea Showroom in Gangtok is a complete tea shop - where you can sample some of the finest teas in the world, brewed fresh in the shop, and then take home packaged tea that suits your taste and your pocket. Let me warn you that this is a tea shop where it is entirely possible to "max" your credit card buying jsut a few hundred grammes of tea. But then, for a tea lover, it will be money well spent. Whether you buy a packet of tea or just sample some of the tea varieties from their menu, a visit to the Golden Tips Tea Showroom is an experience to remember. The showroom is located at Yangthang House, Sonam Tshering Marg (Kazi Road), Gangtok (Sikkim)(Phone: 03592 203437) at a walkable distance from M. G. Marg. This is the road that leads to Gangtok's famous Flower Exhibition, an orchid greenhouse. There is a tea menu, as in a restaurant, and comfortable seats to sit down and enjoy the valueable brew. The shop decor is very pleasant and easily beats any high-end gift shop. The menu has the all time favourite Masala Tea (Rs. 50), Assam Orthodox Supreme (Rs. 40), the Darjeeling Green Supreme (Rs. 70), and many other plain and flavoured teas. (See menu and other pictures below...). The Manager of the shop, Mr. Najrul (seen in one of the pictures) sure knows his tea and is a pleasure to talk to. And he is a great salesman. I ended up buying 350 gm tea for INR 1800. This was 100 gm of a white tea called Okayti (Rs. 1400) and 250 gm Makaibari (Rs. 400). I had sampled three cups of different teas for which I was not charged. I have already decided to visit Golden Tips again during my next visit to Sikkim. And then, I will sample at least six variants of tea and will try to resist the temptation to buy more tea packs. I hope I will succeed.

Golden Tips Tea Showroom Gangtok Pictures

M. G. Marg Gangtok

Golden Tips Tea Shop M. G. Marg, Gangtok

Kazi Road Gangtok

Golden Tips Tea Showroom Kazi Road Gangtok

Golden Tips Tea Showroom Kazi Road Gangtok Store Manager

Golden Tips Tea Showroom at Kazi Road Gangtok
Packaged Tea at Golden Tips Tea Showroom Kazi Road Gangtok
Tea Menu at Golden Tips Tea Showroom Kazi Road Gangtok

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