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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Lake Lodge Colombo is a beautiful hotel located in a peaceful part of Colombo near Gangaramaya. The exact location is called Alwis Terrace / Alwis Place which is opposite a lake and behind a play ground. Their phone number is: 94-777284158. Why I am giving all these details in the beginning? Because I know inspite of all this information in hand, your cab driver may have to struggle to find this hotel. The hotel address reads "Alwis Terrace" whereas the road sign outside the street reads "Alwis Place". My cab had to go around in circles for 15 minutes before we could get there. I had paid 2500 Lankan Rupees at the airport for this prepaid cab because of which I did not worry much about the driver. Still, being happy at finally having reached my hotel, I gave him a tip of 200 Rupees. I had reached before check-in time and the room wasn't ready. So they made me wait in their cafe, which was so well decorated and furnished that I did not mind the wait much. There were real lotus flowers outside the cafe and the air clean after a recent spot of rain. I wished I had slept better in my flight lsst night so I would have been able to appreciate all that beauty much better. I had tea while waiting for which I had to pay in cash. They managed a room for me at 10.30 AM, much before the official check-in time. My Standard Room (85 USD including breakfast) turned out to be really nice. There was only grey cement plaster on the walls and no paint. Still it did not look depressing. I had a four hour nap before getting ready to start my exploration of Colombo. Before leaving for my sightseeing, I went to the front desk to inquire about breakfat for the next morning. Luckily there was a vegetarian option - Daal Curry and Stringhopper Roti. I requested for Potato Curry instead to which they readily agreed. That breakfast next day became the highlight of my stay in Lake Lodge. (Read more about breakfast below, see pictures...)

Complimentary Breakfast

This needs a special mention. Vegetarian breakfast consisting of Stringhopper Roti, Daal Curry and Potato Curry was the best vegetarian breakfast I have had in a hotel in a long long time. This was also my first taste of Sri Lankan food and I became a fan instantly. Take a look at the picture below to see what and how they serve.

Complimentary Vegetarian Breakfast at Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo-3
Everything was full of flavour and very delicately spiced.  All this on the table in front of me made for a very heavy breakfast for one person but the taste was so amazing that I could easily finish it all. On my next visit to Colombo, I am thinking of going to Lake Lodge for Lunch or Dinner to sample more of their vegetarian Sri Lankan food.

There is a shopping area on Galle Road close to the hotel and I could walk to that place. There I found a shopping mall called "Crescat" which has a nice food court in the basement serving international food. Crescat also has a "Dialog" Mobile Phone Store where I picked up my Sri Lankan Prepaid SIM card which was immediately activated.

Overall, with its beautiful location, decor, atmosphere, and great food, Lake Lodge Colombo is one of the best hotels in Colombo.
Lake Lodge Colombo Guest Ratings & Tariff Comparison

Lake Lodge Colombo Pictures

Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3

Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3 Cafe

Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3 Gargen

Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3 Standard Room

Standard Room Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3

Lake Lodge Colombo - 3 Standard Room

Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3 Bathroom

Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3 Shower

Road Outside Lake Lodge Hotel Colombo - 3

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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