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Friday, December 6, 2013

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Colombo

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant is located at No 2, Mile Post Ave. (Phone: 2577418) which is one of the many lanes that connect Galle Road with Duplication Road (R. A. De Mel Mawatha). Mile Post Ave. falls in Kollupitiya area, Colombo-3. It is opposite Hotel Renuka on Galle Road. I think, it may help to tell a Tuk Tuk or cab to go to Hotel Renuka if they don't know Amaravathi Restaurant. Amaravathi is an old Indian restaurant and its ownership / management is said to have changed hands a few times. The wooden exterior looks like an attempt to give a traditional feel to the place. Inside, the dining area is large and the atmosphere quite relaxed. The menu has a lot of food listed in it like North & South Indian snacks (idli, dosa, vadai, vegetable pakora), vegetarian curries (they have non-vegetarian curries too), Biriyani, chapathi, desserts, soft drinks, etc. Some items like Tandoori Naan, etc. are available only for dinner. When I went there, it was almost lunch time and the only vegetarian food on offer was a South Indian Vegetarian Thali (Rs. 490). I was there at the wrong time as I wasn't in the mood for a full meal. Fortunately for me, they had Kesari Bhat (Rs. 200) and Masala Tea (Rs. 150) which were good. Prices of food at Amaravathi are very reasonable. Vegetarian curris are priced above Rs. 400 and non-vegetarian curries above Rs. 600. A dosa costs around Rs. 300 (See menu and other picture below...). I would try to go there for dinner next time so I can sample more of their food. Overall, a good restaurant with an even better potential.

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Mile Post Avenue, Kollupitiya, Colombo Pictures

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Galle Road Colombo-3

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Galle Road Colombo

Kesari Bhat at Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Galle Road Colombo

Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Galle Road Colombo Menu

Food Menu Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Galle Road Colombo

Desserts and Drinks Menu Amaravathi Indian Restaurant Galle Road Colombo

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