Gangtok Flower Show - Flower Exhibition Center

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

There is a permanent flower show in Gangtok called Flower Exhibition Center situated near White Hall / Ridge Park. The loacation is not very far from M. G. Marg, I was able to walk up to the place. But for a family with small children, one may need to hire a cab. Entry fee is Rs. 10 per head, children below 5 years go free. The exhibition area is a small green house where flowers are displayed according to the season. Its not a bad place for a family to spend about 30 minutes admiring the beauty of nature and take some memorable family pictures. Some of the flowers (mostly orchids) were stunning (see pictures below...). It would be a nice idea to take a guide from the center along to know something about the flowers on display, if at all such a service does exist. Outside, one can buy orchid bulbs / seeds for flowers. The prices vary according to the variety you choose. They show an album of flower pictures and give you the bulb / seeds of the flower of your choice. I bought a bulb of a white orchid but unfortunately, it did not grow in my house. Orchids require a particular type of climate. Orchid bulbs are expensive too, so be sure before you buy them. I was told that some special shows are held in this center each year. One has to be lucky to be in Gangtok at the right time to see them. Special or not, the show is worth much more than the entry fee of Rs. 10. On the way back from the show, remember to stop at the finest Tea Shop in Gangtok - Golden Tips. This would be one stop you will never forget.

Gangtok Flower Exhibition Center Pictures

Gangtok Flower Exhibition Center

Gangtok Flower Show

Gangtok Flower Exhibition

Orchids at Gangtok Flower Show

Flowers at Gangtok Flower Exhibition

Exotic Flowers at Gangtok Flower Show
Tiny Flower Pots at Gangtok Flower Show
Orchid Sale at Gangtok Flower Exhibition

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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