Thai Style Foot Massage in Colombo for 1000 Lankan Rupees at Foot Spa

Thursday, December 5, 2013

I searched hard for a Thailand style foot massage shop in Colombo. What I was looking for was an honest one hour foot massage at a price that would not hurt my pocket too much. In Bangkok or Pattaya, a one hour foot massage costs around 200 to 300 THB in most massage shops. 200 THB in Sri Lanka would be equal to around 1000 Lankan Rupees. So, I decided to look for a place in Colombo that offered a decent one hour foot massage at around Rs. 1000. My search on google did not return any useful results. There are several websites / blogs dishing out information on spa services / outcall massage in Colombo but none contained the information I wanted. Though I found a genuine website called "Foot Rub" that offers foot massage at four locations in Colombo, their prices were not mentioned on the website. Later I located a Foot Rub joint in Crescat Shopping Mall on Galle Road. Their price for a one hour foot massage was Rs. 1800, a good 80% more than what I was looking to pay. I decided not to rush in and instead keep looking for another place. And then, at the end of my third day in Colombo, I found it. Read more below... (Must Read: 24-Hour Thai Foot Massage in Colombo)

Foot Spa on Galle Road (Vajira Road Corner) Colombo

Foot Spa near Majestic City Mall Galle Road Colombo
I was across the road from Majestic City Shopping Mall on Galle Road looking for a shop to buy a recharge card for my Dialog SIM Card. Going towards the right side from the mall, I spotted a small door with "Foot Spa" written on top. This was the corner of Vajira Road. This establishment had a Salon on the Vajira Road side and a foot massage shop (actually a basement) on the Galle Road side. Inside, there was a small reception counter and behind that, two massage chairs separated by curtains. I don't remember now whether the basement was airconditioned. It probably was because I do not remember having experienced any discomfort there. They told me what I wanted to hear: Rs. 1000 for a one hour foot massage. There were three Sri Lankan young ladies in the shop, one to man the reception and two for the massage.

I settled into one of the chairs and the massage began with a rubbing of the feet with a hot towel. The rest was much like a foot massage in Thailand except for the massage cream. In Thailand, a mixture of oil and balm is applied whereas in Foot Spa, they used a foot cream, like a moisturiser. Still, the massage was great value for the money they charged. Foot Spa seems to have worked hard in finding and recruiting the right staff for their business. I wish them luck and hope they open more such outlets in Colombo. Next, I will try "Foot Rub" to see why they charge 80% more than Foot Spa. Will report on that. Also Read: 24-Hour Thai Foot Massage in Colombo

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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