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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

(Updated April 2017) Bangkok's Don Muang (Don Mueang) Airport has regained some importance after Air Asia shifted its flights to that airport. Arriving at Don Muang Airport is a little disadvantagious as compared to Suvarnabhoomi Airport when it comes to travelling to Bangkok city (because there are no airport link trains) and to Pattaya because there is only a limited Bell Travel bus service (DMK - Pattaya bus service was not operating in March 2016). Travelling by Air Asia is always problematic and not necessarily cheaper than full service airlines (see Problems with Flying Air Asia here - opens in new window). There is not much that can be done about the Air Asia problems. But in this page, I will explain the ways to minimise troubles of travelling to Pattaya from Don Muang Airport. In short, there are three ways of making this journey to Pattaya: (1) Bell Travel Bus, (2) Taking a Taxi, and (3) The Budget Way. Read on ...

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1. Taxi From Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya

Public Taxi Stand outside Don Muang Airport Bangkok
This is the most comfortable way to Pattaya from Don Mueang Airport because you get a drop right at your hotel in Pattaya. Hop on to a cab. Pay around 1500 THB (including toll fees) and you will be in Pattaya within 2 to 4 hours depending on how much Bangkok City traffic you get on the way. Yes, your cab will need to wade through Bangkok city roads to reach the express way that links Suvarnabhumi to Pattaya. Fortunately, the cabs are air-conditioned and this cab ride can be a good opportunity to read your travel guide book if you haven't read it already or even to catch up on the sleep you missed on the flight to Bangkok. Make sure to settle the issue of toll fees before boarding the bus. The taxi driver could be offering you a 'deal' without mentioning toll fees that you will be asked to pay on the way.

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2. Budget Travel from Don Muang Airport to Pattaya

There are three ways to save money on this trip. Only thing is, one needs to have adequate time at one's disposal. If one is arriving late at Don Muang, its better to take the comfortable way mentioned above. Also, if travelling in a group (up to four persons), just take the taxi. Now Let's see the budget ways:

(i) Mini Van to Pattaya

One can take a taxi from Don Muang Airport to Mo Chit BTS Skytrain Station which would cost 150 THB. From Mochit BTS, take skytrain to Ekamai BTS Station. Get down from the station and walk to the Ekamai Bus Station and find the Mini Van Stand from where a 104 THB per head mini van service to Pattaya is available from 6 am to 8.30 pm. The van ride takes about one and a half hours. The vans are airconditioned and have comfortable seats but not much space for heavy luggage. Read more about Bangkok - Pattaya / Pattaya - Bangkok Mini Van Service here.

'A1' Public Bus From Don Mueang Airport to Mochit BTS Station

You may take Airport Bus 'A1' from outside Gate Number 6 to Mochit BTS Station. From there, a skytrain ride to Ekamai Station can be taken. Read more about A1 Bus later in this page.

(ii) Bus from Mo Chit Bus Terminal to Pattaya

Bus from Mo Chit Bus Terminal Bangkok to Pattaya

Alternatively, one can take taxi from Don Muang to Mo Chit Bus Terminal (150 THB) and take a bus to Pattaya. This service is available from 4.20 AM to 10 PM and costs 124 or 133 THB per person depending on the route the bus takes. Heavy luggage will not be a problem here. Go to counter number 48. Sometime, an agent or a tout at Mochit Bus Terminal may try to lead you to a mini van service to Pattaya. Just keep in mind that this is a fraud sort of mini van service. They charge 140 THB but drop you in Pattaya at some unknown place from where tuk tuk or motor bike taxi drivers will try to charge too much to take you to your hotel. You will have to pay what they want because you will not know where you are in Pattaya. So just be sure, if you are going to Mo Chit Bus Terminal, just take a bus to Pattaya.

'A1' Airport Bus Service From Don Mueang Airport to Mochit Bus Terminal via Mochit BTS Station

Don Muang Airport Bus Timings

If you are arriving at Don Mueang Airport during daytime hours, you may like to take a public bus (A1) from outside Gate Number 6. This bus will take you to Mochit Bus Terminal via Mochit BTS Skytrain / MRT Chatuchak Park Station at just 30 THB per person. Heavy luggage is allowed on the bus at no extra charge. The first and the last trips of this bus start at 7.30am & 12.00am (midnight) from the airport and 7.00am & 12.00am (midnight) from Mo-Chit. There is a bus every 12 minutes.

(iii) Bell Travel Bus From Suvarnabhumi Airport

The third way is to go to Suvarnabhumi Airport to board Bell Travel bus from there. This will require travel to Suvarnabhumi airport by mini van, public bus or taxi, and all will cost time and money. Mini van should be the cheap and best mode and you may read about it below. Public bus number 554 goes from Don Muang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport. The 554 route is actually from Rangsit to Suvarnabhumi via Don Muang and a few other stops. The bus operates between 4.00am and 10.00pm and costs 34 THB one way from any stop. Its a 47.5 km distance which can be covered by Taxi in 45 min to 2 hours depending on the time of the day and the traffic conditions. Cost of a taxi ride to Suvarnabhumi Airport will be around 350-400 THB. Public bus should take between one and two hours.

Mini Van to Suvarnabhumi Airport from Don Muang Airport

Mini Van From Don Muang Airport To Suvarnabhumi Airport

My fellow traveller Mr. Dalbir Singh has kindly shared this information. A mini van service is available to travel from Don Muang Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport which can be taken from the parking area of Don Muang Airport. One needs to exit from gate number 1, 2, or 3 and then keep walking towards the right side until one reaches a parking area. Mini vans are available from here to Suvarnabhumi Airport at just 50 THB per person. Mini vans in Thailand sometimes charge extra for carrying large bags and may ask you to buy two tickets instead of one. Even then, 100 THB for a fast mode of transport to Suvarnabhumi Airport is not bad. During my visit here in December 2015 I tried to confirm the van timings. The van staff there could not communicate but a fellow passenger told me that the van service started at 5.00am and continued up to 9.00pm. I am not sure about the actual timings but I was able to board a mini van from there at 6.15am. The van took about one hour to reach Suvarnabhumi Airport and went on dropping people at their desired points around the airport. I told the driver that I wanted to board a bus to Pattaya so he took me to a nearby bus stop from where I got a '389' bus ticket at 122 THB. Later that bus came to the Bell Travel Bus Stop at level 1 at the airport from where more passengers boarded. I was taken to this nearby bus stand by the van driver due to communication gap. I think it will be better to tell the van driver to drop at the Airport Taxi Stand because from that level one can enter gate number 8 and buy a bus ticket from the Bell Travel counter.

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Free Airport Transfer Bus to Suvarnabhumi Airport is not an option for going to Suvarnabhumi Airport just to catch a bus to Pattaya because this transfer bus is meant for passengers who have an air ticket for an onward flight departing from Suvarnabhumi Airport.

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