Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo

Monday, December 9, 2013

During my first visit to Colombo, I wanted to taste real Sri Lankan food. My hotel - Lake Lodge Colombo - offered it to me without asking. Their complementary vegetarian breakfast was stunning both in terms of taste and presentation (See my review of Lake Lodge). But lake lodge is a hotel, not a restaurant. I was still looking for a really good restaurant that served really good Sri Lankan food in Colombo. During my quest, I heard the name "Raja Bojun" twice. I was told it is a good Sri Lankan restaurant where a lot of foreigners go. I generally don't like to visit places that are known as "tourist favourites" because many of them turn out to be "tourist traps". But Raja Bojun was the only name I had heard, ignorant me.  As a result, I decided to have a lunch at Raja Bojun. In case you are wondering why I made all this background to report on a restaurant, I will not keep any suspense here. Very sadly, I have to report that Raja Bojun is, in fact, a tourist trap. It is possible that after eating at Lake Lodge, one's expectations about Sri Lankan food skyrocket. Still, I don't think cooking tasty and visually appealing Sri Lankan food is rocket science. By serving the stuff they serve, at least in the buffet, Raja Bojun may only be giving a bad name to Sri Lankan food. Read on...

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo

Raja Bojun is located opposite Hotel Cinnamon Grand at 90, Galle Road Colombo-3. It is open from 10 am to midnight. Main draw of Raja Bojun is their buffet. All you can eat lunch and dinner buffet cost Rs. 1450 and Rs. 1650 per person. For those not interested in buffet, they have an a la carte menu (See menu pictures below). Being almost ignorant about Sri Lankan food, buffet was the obvious choice for me. I am vegetarian and there were plenty of vegetables on the stands. Only, they did not look so good. Walking around, I saw their Crabs dish. I wondered if non-vegetarians would be happy with that, or may be I did not like it because I don't eat crabs. You can see picture below and decide for yourself (Click on the image to enlarge).

Crabs served at Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo

In the breads section, I found an Appam kind of preparation called Milk Hoppers, found a potato curry from the vegetables stand and started eating. I tasted one of their other veggie creations but had to stop eating that thing immediately. Apart from the potatoes and milk hoppers, their salad section and the tea / coffee were somewhat useful. Ofcourse, one would have to ignore the manner in which salad tomatoes had been cut. Overall, the meal value was much less than the price. The desserts would all contain eggs so I could not eat anything from there. There were some mixed cut fruits, mostly over-ripe papaya which I did not feel like eating. I finished the meal with a tea which I drank standing in a corner against a glass wall overlooking the sea. The view was really nice. I wished I could say the same about Raja Bojun's food.

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Buffet Pictures

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Dining Area

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Salads

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Buffet Desserts
Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Tea / Coffee

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Breads

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Curries

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Sea View

 Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Menu Pictures

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo a la Carte Menu

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo Menu

Raja Bojun Restaurant Colombo a la carte Menu

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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