Indian Dance Bars and Clubs in Pattaya

Saturday, December 21, 2013

(Updated March 2017) Indian dance bars have been around in Pattaya for quite a few years now. These bars are modelled on the famous or rather infamous dance bars of Mumbai that all got shut down a few years back. After the shut-down in Mumbai, some of the suddenly unemployed bar dancers came to Pattaya in search of a living. But the trade did not succeed much in Pattaya and most of them moved on to Dubai or other places. However, even as a tired circus, the show still continues in Pattaya with the help of dancers most of whom come from Bangladesh. As of now, Pattaya has at least three Mumbai-style Indian dance bars. The oldest known "Indian" dance bar in Pattaya is 'Maharaja - Indian Mujra' which is located above the Maharaja Indian Restaurant off Beach Road near Walking Street. But the best one till recently was a bar near 'Alcazar' show called "Konfusion" which now has been shut down, The reason behind that shut down is rather a sudden abundance of Indian dance bars & clubs on Pattaya's walking street itself. The other two Mumbai-style bars are 'Thai Night City Indian Dance Bar' on Pattaya Second Road and 'Mehfil' Dance Bar in the middle of Walking Street. Then there is this recent addition of Indian clubs (discotheques) on Walking Street which started with Tony's Ankor Incredible Indian Club. Later another two Indian clubs came up on Walking Street and more may be on their way. Read on for all the information I could gather about these Indian dance bars and clubs in Pattaya...
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Indian Clubs (Discotheques) on Walking Street Pattaya

Tony's Ankor Incredible Indian Club

Tony's Incredible Indian Club Walking Street Pattaya

This one started the trend of Indian clubs on Walking Street Pattaya and for almost two years they did not have any competition. Thing have changed however in 2015. Still, Tony's is the most expensive in terms of entry fee (250 THB). To their credit is the fact that even when there was no competition for them, Tony's had provided a top-class club for their guests from India, After competition from other 'Indian' clubs on the street, Tony's Indian Club changed their name to Ankor Incredible Indian Club. I have got a separate article on Ankor Incredible Indian Club here or you may like to watch my YouTube video from inside this Indian Disco.

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The Nasha Club

The Nasha Club Walking Street Pattaya

Earlier this club was named "Fever" but later changed to "Nasha" to depict its Indian focus more accurately. In March 2017, Nasha appeared to be the most popular Indian club on Walking Street. They offers multiple entries to the club on the same night once an entry ticket is purchased. That means, you can leave the club and re-enter at will starting 9.00pm. Flexible entry fee starting at 150 THB.

Lima Lima Indian Club

Lima Lima Indian Club Walking Street Pattaya

Lima Lima can be found towards the end of walking street close to "The Mix" discotheque. Lima Lima offer an advantage for the customer - the flexibility in terms of the free drink that comes along with the entry fee. They offer 45ml hard drinks too in addition to beers. The entry fee / and other terms of entry here are also flexible. If you are going in a group and intend to order a bottle of scotch or a few wines, Lima Lima will be happy to waive the entry fee for you and on top of that offer a discount on the booze. Just make sure to make your deal with their staff before you enter. Multiple entries on the same night are also permitted here. Opens 9.00pm every night.

Mehfil Indian Mujra Bar & Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

Mehfil Indian Mujra, Bar and Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

This is the Mumbai-style dance entertainment on Pattaya's Walking Street. Its not a disco because all the dancing here is done by some girls on the stage while the guests watch them while enjoying their drinks and food sitting at their tables. There is an entry fee here and that works for a single entry only although before you go in, you may try to negotiate a multiple entry. Mehfil starts at 8.30pm and goes on upto 4.00am.

Thai Night City Club - Indian Dance Bar Second Road Pattaya

Thai Night City is located on the right side of Second Road, going from the Walking Street side towards the Central Festival Mall. Their entry fee is 200 THB that includes a free drink. Inside there is a low stage for dancers surrounded by tables for customers. The set up here is like Mumbai dance bars. Because of so much 'Indian' action happening on Walking Street now, Thai Night City faces tough competition but still may be fun if you are going in here as a group.

Maharaja Indian Mujra Pattaya

This one is located on Beach Road close to Walking Street but I do not know how many customers go there now. There is always a boy standing on the Beach Road close to Maharaja, who keeps telling every Indian tourist he spots to have Indian food at Maharaja Restaurant or try Indian Mujra in their place. Just to see the place from inside, I climbed their stairs. Inside, the hall was big but almost empty. The low stage and two dancers in colorful costumes were there alright. One look was enough and I started back immediately. Maharaja Indian Mujra advertises free entry but earlier I had read in some review that the price of drinks in Maharaja Indian Mujra keeps changing depending on how much they can extract from a customer. I think now with so much competition around, Maharaja Indian Mujra will also spruce up their act.
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