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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Indian Dance Bars in Pattaya

Indian dance bars have been around in Pattaya for quite a few years now. These bars are modeled on the famous or rather infamous dance bars of Mumbai that all got shut down a few years back. After the shut-down in Mumbai, some of the suddenly unemployed bar dancers came to Pattaya in search of a living. But the trade did not succeed much in Pattaya and most of them moved on to Dubai or other places. However, even as a tired circus, the show still continues in Pattaya with the help of dancers most of whom come from Bangladesh. As of now, Pattaya has at least four Indian dance bars. The oldest known "Indian" dance bar in Pattaya is "Maharaja - Indian Mujra" which is located above the Maharaja Indian Restaurant off Beach Road near Walking Street. The best one at present is called "Konfusion", and the other two are "Thai Night City Club 1 & 2". The most well known Indian dance bar was "Mumbai Magic" that no longer exists. Then there is this recent addition of Indian Disco in Walking StreetRead on for all the information I could gather about these Indian dance bars in Pattaya:

Indian Disco in Walking Street Pattaya

This one, in my opinion is better than any Indian Dance Bar in Pattaya. Of course you will read about the Indian Dance Bars later in this page, but if you are interested in knowing more about the Indian Disco in Walking Street, click here or watch the YouTube video from inside this Indian Disco.

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Konfusion Indian Dance Bar Pattaya

Konfusion Indian Dance Bar Near Alcazar Show Pattaya

This one is the best of the lot. Located in the ground outside the building where the Alcazar show is staged, Konfusion is easy to locate. Though no one knew Konfusion even in that ground. But when I said "Indian Dance" they quickly pointed me towards a structure that read Fusion on one side and Konfusion on the other. Konfusion on that evening was hosting a private party. The Gujrati boy on duty told me and my friend to return after midningt. He said that the opening hours of the bar depend on the number of customers present on a particular night. That was actually bad news. If the best Indian dance bar in Pattaya was so unreliable, what would be the position of the others. You never know when they will be having a private party or when they will be closed because of no demand. We were told that entry fee to the show was 300 THB that gets a free drink - beer or soft. However, if we bought a wine bottle from them, they would perhaps waive the entry fee. A red or white hosue wine bottle costs 1500 THB, which would cost 900 after netting-off entry fee for two. Coming to the show, there was a high stage inside and a couple of ladies in Indian costumes dancing to Indian Bollywood songs. The show is continuous as long as the bar is open and customers are allowed to remain inside as long as they keep ordering drinks. Requests for songs are accepted and customers are free to give tips to dancers.

Konfusion Indian Dance Bar Pattaya

Konfusion Bar Menu

Bar Menu at Konfusion Indian Dance Bar in Pattaya

Thai Night City Club 1 & 2 - Indian Dance Bars Pattaya

Thai Night City Club - Indian Dance Bar Pattaya

There are two joints like this. I saw Thai Night City Club-1 on the right side of Second Road, going from the Walking Street side towards the Central Festival Mall. Their entry fee is 200 THB and no free drink. Inside there is a low stage for dancers surrounded by tables for customers. The setup here is more like Mumbai dance bars. Club-2, likely to be very similar to Club-1, was spotted by me soon after boarding a Baht Bus from Second Road for going to Jomtien. But there is no need to search for this one. If you have seen one, you have seen all of them.

Maharaja Indian Mujra Pattaya

This one is the most interesting - one, because of its proximity to Walking Street, and two, because of its free pricing. Let me elaborate. There is always a boy standing on the Beach Road close to Maharaja, who keeps telling every Indian he spots to have Indian food at Maharaja Restaurant or try Indian Mujra in their place. He told me the entry fee to Maharaja Indian Mujra was 100 THB. Just to see the place from inside, I climbed their stairs to be told there that the entry fee was 150 THB. Inside, the hall was big but almost empty. The low stage and two dancers in colorful costumes were there alright. One look was enough and I started back immediately. Earlier, I had read in some review that the price of drinks in Maharaja Indian Mujra keeps changing depending on how much they can extract from a customer. But I don't blame Maharaja for that because of the inherent problem in their business. Demand is low, because of which it becomes difficult to maintain quality and low quality results in even fewer customers.

All this forces one to ponder over another problem in Pattaya - restrictions on the entry of non-farangs in Pattaya's dance bars (read go-go bars). The bars that allow non-farangs can be counted on fingers of one hand. But still, all is not lost and there exist a few options better than Indian dance bars in Pattaya. I have written an article on Pattaya Nightlife Without Discrimination in this blog. Do read that. Also Read: Indian Disco in Walking Street Pattaya

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