Vegan and Jain Food In Pattaya: Ning's Five Star J

Monday, December 30, 2013

(Updated December 2015) 'Five Star J' has been serving vegan and vegetarian food in Pattaya for several years. It is located at 313/37 on South Pattaya Road at the corner of 3rd Road and opens daily from 11.00am to 11.00pm. The restaurant can be contacted at and 097 235 4209, 038 421 105, & 082 208 4509 (Please see location map and directions below). Five Star J got even better in 2014 with a renovated dining hall, and a new name - 'Ning's Five Star J' after a change in ownership. Most of the food served here qualifies as vegan and "Jain" but there are a few dishes that contain eggs and those are clearly identified in the menu. Food containing eggs is cooked in separate pans. The quality of the food is awesome, everything very fresh, just lightly cooked (thanks to chef Khun Lek) and containing only the healthy ingredients. The fake meats in the dishes are made from soy or Konjac roots but not all the dishes contain fake meats. There are several preparations containing only vegetables and/or mushrooms. Pure coconut oil is used for deep frying, soy bean and sunflower oils are used for cooking, and olive oil is used for salads. Onion/garlic/white sugar are not used in any of the food. Similarly, MSG, sodium benzoate, artificial colors, high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, or trans fats are not used in Five Star J's kitchen. Keep reading...

Ning's Five Star J Vegan Food in Pattaya

Menu and Pricing

Green Curry With Vegetables, Soy Chicken, & Rice at Ning's Five Star J Pattaya

The size of the menu is huge and the range of the food is exhaustive. It includes a breakfast menu, appetisers, soups, salads, stir-fried/deep fried/steamed food, rice/noodles/curries, hot pots, pizza/burgers/risotto, desserts, and drinks. Prices start at 88 THB and go up to 149 THB for a dish. Pizzas are more expensive at 299 THB. Pizza base and the burger buns used here are also vegan. Some dishes come with free rice or noodles like the 'Green Curry with Mixed Vegetables & Veg Chicken (109 THB) which is a great value meal. An individual serving of rice can be ordered in white, red, or black variants starting at 13 THB. Desserts menu starts at 69 THB (for Black Sesame Dumplings). A very tempting dessert on the menu is 'Henry's Vegan Pancake with Bananas, Almonds, and Syrup at 149 THB. Of course one can also have the Thai favourite - Fresh Mango with Sticky Rice at 129 THB. Home made, sugar-free ice-creams are coming soon.

Quality of Service

Dining Hall of Ning's Five Star J Vegan Food in Pattaya

Service in the restaurant is super quick. Free filtered drinking water is served to all customers which can be ordered cold or at room temperature. Free WiFi is available in the restaurant.

Free Parking

Free parking for the customers is available opposite the restaurant behind the 'Fairrit Center'.

Online Ordering and Delivery

Ning's Five Star J also offers the facility of home/hotel delivery of food. There is no packing charge for delivery but the customer needs to pay for motor bike taxi fare (40 to 60 THB depending on the area). Phone numbers given above in the article can be called for delivery. Online ordering is possible. Their website (both English and Thai) offers the option of ordering home delivery, pre-order for dining or collection, and for booking a table. The entire menu along with pictures and prices can be viewed on the website. And you will be surprised to see the actual food looking much better than the pictures that you see online or on their printed menu. Its just great. Visit

Directions To The Restaurant

Turn to South Pattaya Road from Beach Road or Second Road and walk on the left side footpath of South Pattaya Road until you come to the Third Road crossing. Ning's Five Star J is located on the left side corner just before the road signal. Total walking distance on South Pattaya Road from the Second Road intersection is approximately 850 meters. Baht buses ply on this route and cost 10 THB per person.

Location on Google Maps

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