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Saturday, December 28, 2013

New Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

New Bombay Palace is one of the two Indian restaurants located inside Pattaya's famous Walking Street (left side of the road from the Beach Road end). The other one is called "Banana Leaf" which is located at the far end of the street on the way to the boat terminal for Coral Island. New Bombay Palace is open everyday from 12.00 pm to 02.00 am. The timing is covenient for someone looking to have Indian food late in the evening without leaving Walking Street. Otherwise, there are several Indian restaurants on the Beach Road and the Second Road (behind Beach Road) that serve nice Indian food but may not remain open up to 2.00 am. I guess, the opening hours and the location must be the USP of New Bombay Palace because I found their food quite ordinary and their air conditioning hopeless. After walking around in the crowded street full of bright neon sign boards, I entered this restaurant not so much for food but looking to spend some time in airconditioned comfort. It was no doubt better than the street outside, but not very cool. After a few minutes, it started feeling as hot as outside. But by then, I had already ordered a Chana Bhatura (chick peas curry with deep fried bread of refined flour - 195 THB). This dish is classic North Indian junk food, an all-time favourite eaten as a snack and also as a meal because the chick peas curry and the oily bread make it very heavy. The taste of Chana Bhatura is pleasant in most Indian restaurants. In New Bombay Palace, poor air-conditioning had almost killed whatever little appetite I had when I entered the restaurant. The Bhatura (deep fried refined-flour bread) was OK but the chick peas curry had more salt than flavour in it. It was like a dish prepapred by an ill-trained chef. Read more below...

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New Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

Anyway I was not interested in food but I complained about the heat in the restaurant to the staff around. They did not seem to care much. Actually they knew about the probelm because I noticed a few pedestal fans kept next to some of the tables. That was not very professional of them. If they knew air-conditioning was not adequate, why not keep fans for all the tables? I settled my bill and left New Bombay Palace quickly hoping that other customers would not form a bad opinion about Indian food because of these people. Their Indian food was not cheap though. Vegetarian curries cost between 150 & 260 THB, and non-vegetarian curries cost around 290 THB. They just seemed to have figured out that even if they did not get repeat customers, their location would bring them a good number of first timers. So why bother about the quality of food or even to get new airconditioning equipment? If I ever prepare a list of Indian restaurants in Pattaya that I do not recommend, I will include this restauant in that list.  

Food at New Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya

New Bombay Palace Indian Restaurant Walking Street Pattaya Menu

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