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Sunday, December 22, 2013

(Updated March 2016) Pattaya is known for its nightlife. Similarly known is the fact that Pattaya's nightlife is not for everyone. All are not welcome into Pattaya's countless night joints - drinking bars, dance bars, go-go bars, and all other kinds of bars. Entry into such establishments is easy for tourists from the Western world who are called 'Farangs' in Thailand but difficult for the lesser mortals - those who are not Farang. I think the most prominent disco on Walking Street that likes to choose their customers based on race is called 'MiXX' at the end of the street. I am sure they are not getting many customers these days because the number of non-Farangs visiting Walking Street is now much more than Farangs. What I have been seeing lately is that the practice of turning away non-Farangs by bar owners is less common now. Walking Street is already undergoing a transformation. Go-Go bars are giving way to clubs (discotheques) where there is much less of a discrimination. Nationality specific clubs are cropping up everywhere. Walking Street already has four clubs/bars designed for customers from India but customers of all nationalities are welcome into these clubs. While the bar owners take their time to grow-up, here are a few pointers for those looking to have some fun in Pattaya without being discriminated against...

Walking Street

Walking Street is the epicenter of sin in Pattaya. When I wrote this article first in 2013, there was only one go-go bar in Walking Street that welcomed everyone. Its still there - "Sweet Hearts A-Go-Go" but is a low quality bar and is thus avoidable. Now (2016) there are at least half a dozen go-go bars on Walking Street that have stopped discriminating among customers based on their nationality. All that they expect is for the customer to be well dressed and be preferably in a small group. Two examples of such bars are "Taboo" and "Sugar Baby". Of course even now there are a select few who want Farangs only, at least during the busy tourist season. During lean season (July to early October), even the choosy bars may allow everyone.

Soi Buakhao

Action Street Soi Buakhao Pattaya

Soi Buakhao is a road sandwiched between Second and Third Roads connecting Central Pattaya Road to South Pattaya Road. There are a few entry points from the Second Road to get to Soi Buakhao. From Walking Street, a motor bike taxi to Soi Buakhao should cost 50 THB. This road has everything that Walking Street has, and more. Some new innovative "massage" establishments have also come up on Soi Buakhao. There are hotels - both expensive and cheap (starting 600 THB a night - Cheap Hotels in Pattaya), all types of food, all types of bars, and a dedicated entertainment ground called "Action Street". Yes, there are go-go bars even in Soi Buakhao that will turn away non-Farangs, particularly the ones on Soi LK Metro. It is possible that the Farangs who are not happy with the transformation of Walking Street have turned to Soi LK Metro for their fix. It will be interesting to see how long this street remains "exclusive".

Action Street Bars

A dance bar in Action Street Soi Buakhao Pattaya

Action Street has several bars with loud music, large screen TVs, and girls dancing on bar stands. Everyone is welcome in Action Street. No discrimination is practised here against any nationality. Better still, prices of everything here are less as compared to Walking Street. Lately, Action Street has lost some of its appeal due to the opening of many new clubs on Walking Street. There are still a few bars but one does not see so many ladies doing pole dance there now a days.

Off-season is the best

The ultimate tip for a non-Farang is to be in Pattaya during off-season months of July to early October. That is the time when supply is more than demand, prices of everything drop or are at least negotiable, quality of service is better, and Pattaya's entertainment market turns democratic to a large extent.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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