Air India Pilots Slept while Air Hostess Switched off Auto-Pilot

Monday, December 23, 2013

An Air-India pilot and his first officer are reported to have allowed two air hostesses to operate a plane 33,000 feet in the air while they both stepped out of the cockpit to take a 40 minute nap in business class seats. This happened on Air India flight AI 133 (8.55am) on April 12, 2013 from Bangkok to Delhi. The plane was put on Auto Pilot before both the pilots left the cockpit. To make matters worse, one of the air hostesses switched off Auto Pilot after which the pilots returned to the cockpit. Initially, First Officer Mr. Ravindra Nath went out of the cockpit to "go to the loo" after making an airhostess - Ms. J. Bhatt - to be in his seat. After some time, Captain of the flight, Mr. B K Soni called another air hostess, Ms. Kanika Kala, to the cockpit. He gave a quick lesson on flying the plane to both the air hostesses, put the plane on Auto Pilot, and went out to join his First Officer in business class for a nap. Read more below...

40 minutes later, an airhostess accidentally switched off the Auto Pilot. Mercifully, the pilots returned to the cockpit afterwards. There were 166 passengers on board, unaware of the whole drama that could have killed them all. The incident was reported to the airline management by one of the other cabin crew members. All four involved in the incident are reported to have been suspended for now. Only God knows how long these Air-India employees will remain under suspension before they are allowed to fly again. I hope that gets reported as well. Though not related to the subject matter of this blog, being a frequent flier, I felt compelled to report this news here. This is the link to the news story: Also Read: Problems with flying Air Asia

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Posted by Narinder Singh

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