Tips for a Sweat-Free Holiday

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

We Indians sweat a lot and I have always wondered why? The web world is full of articles giving advice like wearing light-colored cotton clothes, avoiding the sun, walking slowly, drinking lots of water, etc. We do all that but still sweat more than fellow human beings of other nationalities. Being a frequent traveler, I can tell you that this one trait of Indians has earned us a rather bad name abroad. Obviously, a solution needs to be found to this problem. In this article, I will share the remedies that I have found and applied with a reasonable degree of success. These remedies work in any place and during any season. Trust me, you will be happy that you read this article. Lets cut to the chase: Its a three step solution - 1) Foods and food ingredients that need to be totally avoided; 2) Foods that need to be consumed more; and 3) Using Soaps and Deos that help. Read the details below...

Happy Summer Holiday

1. Foods and food-ingredients that cause more sweat

Indian food cannot be imagined without these five ingredients - Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric Powder, and red Chili Powder. Indians not only use these ingredients while cooking but rather abuse them. That means, we use too much of these. In some parts of the country, coriander powder is abused too. To know how that is related to excessive sweat, you will need to do a simple experiment. Just stop using these favorites for one week. If it is not possible to stop using them completely, at least cut the quantity to 10% of what you normally use. The results will surprise you. You will start feeling cooler from within and sweat much less. I know that the ingredients listed above have some medicinal value and need not be totally avoided in the long run. One can safely have moderate quantities of herbs and spices during winter months. But these must be avoided as much as possible during travel starting 2 weeks before the date of travel and generally during summer months. In addition to the above, it pays to cut down on deep fried and spicy foods like Namkeen that contain heavy amounts of spices and fat.

2. What to consume

While on holiday, we are generally too busy to drink water. Sometimes bottled water is expensive too making us reluctant to buy many bottles. Instead, sometimes to beat the heat, we find ourselves reaching for bottles of soft (aerated) drinks. Aerated drinks do give us a temporary sense of relief from heat but actually do nothing to hydrate the body. During summer holidays, drinking lots of plain drinking water is a must. Whenever, you feel the need to munch on a snack, try to have fresh fruits. Replace cola and aerated drinks with fruit juice as much as possible.

Ordering Food in Indian Restaurants

Indian food in restaurants is always excessively oily and spicy. Try ordering dishes that are likely to contain less of the offending ingredients. For example, daal fry will have less oil and spices as compared to daal tadka. Aloo Jeera will be mild whereas Dum Aloo will have spices at full blast. Ordering "Jain" preparations can also be a simple yet effective way of avoiding overly spicy foods in Indian restaurants. The best way is to make it clear while ordering food that you do not want spicy. 

3. Helpful Soaps and Deodorants

Soaps containing anti-bacterial ingredients such as T.C.C. help. This essentially requires that you carry your own soap while going on a holiday. Hotels are not going to keep anti-bacterial soaps in bathroom kits. When it comes to deodorants, the ones containing perfumes that are supposed to drive women wild will prove to be the most useless during a holiday. I have found Nivea Deos to be very effective. There are Nivea variants called "Silver Protect" that really work. Also, you will find Deos on super market shelves that claim to provide "Zero Sweat" or "48 Hour Protection". Buy these instead of the ones that offer sexy perfumes. 

In general, never forget the golden rules of wearing loose-fitting, light-colored cotton clothes, avoiding the sun, using an effective sun-lotion, wearing UV-Block sunglasses, walking slowly, spending afternoons inside air-conditioned malls, and whatever else that sounds logical to you. Remember, you are not only responsible for your own well-being but also for earning a good name for Indian tourists.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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