Apple Inn Soi Buakhao Pattaya Hotel Review

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Apple Inn, located at 111/174-175 Soi Buakhao, is one of the budget hotels in Pattaya that have a high customer review rating. Average rating of Apple Inn on different booking sites is between 7 and 8 on a scale of 10. Its a 1000 THB (Standard Room) per day hotel. I think the main advantage of Apple Inn is its location. Soi Buakhao is one of Pattaya's most happening areas in terms of the typical entertainment avenues that Pattaya is known for. There are bars of every kind, restaurants serving all kinds of food, cheap as well as upmarket hotels, cheap laundries, and daily needs stores everywhere. This road, running parallel to Pattaya Second Road, connects Central Pattaya Road to South Pattaya Road and can be approached through "The Avenue" Mall on Second Road (Read more about Soi Buakhao here). Apple Inn is also known for its ownership. Most online reviews mention that its "Russian Owner" sends a welcome email to all customers as soon as an online booking is done. So, when I booked this hotel for two days, I was naturally expecting a welcome mail. Unfortunately for me, the mail never arrived. Read more and see pictures below...

Hotel Apple Inn Soi Buakhao Pattaya

At the time of check-in, I learnt that the "Russian Owner" was no so comfortable with having guests from India. My friend and I found him sitting on a couch next to the reception counter that was manned by a Nepali boy from Burma. During our check-in, the "Russian Owner" suddenly got up from his couch and starting shouting at the Nepali boy about some house-keeping issue that I am sure even the Nepali boy could not understand. It looked like the owner was trying to give a message to his new guests from India that he was a toughy and the guests better not mess with anything or anyone in the hotel. The look on the Nepali boy's face was of regret. Later we learnt that the staff, all from Burma, are really nice and helpful people crucial to the successful running of Apple Inn whether or not their "Russian Owner" knew that. The needless show of immaturity by the "Russian Owner" got over only in two minutes and we got the key to our room. There is no lift in the building that means one needs to climb three stories by stairs. The Nepali boys help with the luggage so the climb is not so hard.

Apple Inn Soi Buakhao Pattaya Standard Room

Our Standard Room was clean, had a king bed with a soft mattress, a small LCD TV, a dressing table, a refrigerator, and a cupboard with a safety locker that was out of battery that day. Anyway, it is not advisable to use safety lockers in small hotels in Pattaya because there have been instances of Nigerian guests making duplicate override keys of safety lockers. The bathroom was basic but clean. There was no separate shower cubicle. Airconditioning was effective. Overall, it was not a bad deal for 1000 THB per night. Solo guests can bring an additional guest without charge but a third guest in the room is not allowed. The hotel has in-house laundry service which is provided by the wife of one of the staff members. The lobby has a bar, a pool table, and a few comfortable chairs for guests.  Outside the hotel, I found a cheap and good laundry service called "Kanon" that wash clothes by the Kilo and charge 60 THB per kilo if no ironing is required. Great service. There are several taxi service operators around for booking taxi to Bangkok airport, etc. Even though Apple Inn is not a professionally run hotel, its not bad in terms of the quality of the rooms and the location. (See more pics below)

Apple Inn Pattaya Booking Site

Standard Room at Hotel Apple Inn Pattaya

Apple Inn Pattaya Bathroom

Kanon Cheap Laundry on Soi Buakhao Pattaya

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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