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Good Hotel on M. G. Marg Gangtok: Karma Hotel Review

M. G. Marg is the tourist center of Gangtok and if one has to get a hotel somewhere in Gangtok, why not on M. G. Marg itself? I used to think, hotels on M. G. Marg must be comparatively more expensive than similar other hotels located away from M. G. Marg. That is not to say that a hotel on Kazi Road or Tibet Road (the two roads at a walking distance from M. G. Marg) would be too inconvenient. I have stayed on both, Hotel Ttakshang Residency on Kazi Road and Hotel Sonam Delek on Tibet Road. Those two are excellent properties. But then to end my curiosity about M. G. Marg hotels, I decided to stay at one such hotel. Price-wise and feedback-wise, Karma Hotel seemed to be the best choice. It was bang in the middle of M. G. Marg, and cost only Rs. 1700 for a deluxe double room (no breakfast, though). For the price, I got a big clean room with a king bed, an OK bathroom, and a great view of M. G. Marg from the room window (see pictures below). There was a jug of water with supposedly filtered water in it, two chairs and a small table in-between, a room-service menu from the downstairs' "Masala" restaurant, a telephone to call reception, and a small TV to watch, but no tea / coffee maker. Sleep was comfortable. Staff at the reception were friendly and kept my bag for a few hours after check-out. The Masala restaurant served typical Indian spicy-oily (spoily?) food and seemed to be quite popular. On the negative side, there was no power generator and in the event of a power cut, one would need to take shower with cold water, which was what I faced. I would have happily paid Rs. 2000 for a day if they got a gen-set. Hotel Karma is not great from any angle but, inspite of the cold shower, this M. G. Marg hotel experience did not prove to be so bad after all. See Pictures below...

Hotel Karma M. G. Marg, Gangtok Pictures

Hotel Karma M. G. Marg Gangtok

Karma Hotel M. G. Marg Gangtok

Hotel Karma Gangtok Reception and the Friendly Staff

M. G. Marg View from Karma Hotel Room Gangtok

Hotel Karma M. G. Marg Gangtok Deluxe Room

Hotel Karma M. G. Marg Gangtok Bathroom

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