Indian Disco in Walking Street Pattaya: Ankor Incredible Indian Club

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tony's Incredible Indian Club (Discotheque) is located on the Walking Street Pattaya in a building which is called Tony's Entertainment Complex. If you enter Walking Street from the Beach Road side, the disco is located on the left hand about half way into the street. There are about two-three separate entertainment establishments inside one of which is the Indian Disco. Outside, there is an Indian National Flag in a corner below the words "TONY's" marking entry into the Disco. Before entering the Disco, one needs to buy an entry ticket that costs THB 250. This entry ticket entitles each guest to a free drink (soft / beer, etc.). At the entrance, bags carried by the guests are subjected to a search by a security guy who removes any water bottles, etc. from the bag. That means, no booze can be carried from outside but that does not stop one from getting drunk before entering. The free drink that comes with the entry ticket is served from a counter set up on the way to the Disco. (Read more below...)

Indian Disco in Walking Street Pattaya (Tony's)

Inside the Disco, a large alcoholic drinks menu is available with most drinks costing THB 220 each. Hukka / Sheesha is available for those feeling like sitting on lounge chairs and listening to the really loud music. The DJ is said to be from U.K. who plays western as well as popular Indian (including Punjabi) songs. The Disco atmosphere is created, in addition to the loud music, by high-tech laser lighting and a large glass cage in the center with an internal water fountain that operates most of the time. In-between, when the fountain does stop operating, the glass cage gets populated with two or three female house dancers who somewhat dance to the tunes being played.

Watch a Video from this Indian Disco
Watch the YouTube video from Tony's Indian Disco Walking Street Pattaya - Click Here.

Tony's Indian Disco Walking Street Pattaya

Below and around the cage is the common dance floor where guests get to shake a leg. In addition to the paid guests, the dance floor has quite a few Thai ladies, some of whom like to dance. Other ladies, mostly Thai, stand or sit around the dance floor. The management claims presence of Russian ladies too in the Disco though I did not see them when I was there. Though nobody seemed to be missing them. People were happy to be there and were enjoying themselves.

Stewards with blinking LED lights on their shirts take orders for drinks or Hukka. There are plenty of chairs / bar stools and separate rest rooms for men and women if one needs to take a short break from the dance floor. Tony's Indian Disco is definitely worth a visit. Open everyday from 9.30pm to 4.00am.

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(Update) There was a time when 'Tony's Indian Disco' was the only Indian disco on Walking Street. Now there are two other similar clubs - Fever & Lima Lima and another Mumbai-style dance bar called Mehfil. You may read more about these and other Indian Dance Bars and Clubs in Pattaya here

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