Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy Review

Monday, January 27, 2014

Cheap hotel rooms are sometimes good but sometimes really bad. That is what I discovered when I reached my Budget Single Room at Majestic Tourist Hotel in Kandy. It was a 300 LKR Tuk Tuk ride from the Kandy Railway Station. The hotel is located at 83 / 40, Ampitiya Road, Kandy but do not expect to find it based on the address. You will need to rely on the local knowledge of Tuk Tuk drivers. If some Tuk Tuk driver does not know Majestic Tourist, he will perhaps know another hotel called "Kandy View" that is located close to Majestic Tourist Hotel. Well, my Tuk Tuk driver knew both and took me to the basement of this "Majestic" building very quickly. He should have actually charged me 200 LKR. There was no reception counter but a staircase going upwards. There was a bell too. I rang it a few times and got lucky 10 minutes later. Someone appeared from somewhere and immediately said that they were having a shortage of rooms due to overbooking. I got worried but the next thing he said was I did not need to worry because they had the basement room available. That would be a first - staying in a basement. But I reminded myself that my booking was for a "Budget Single". Read on...

Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy Sri Lanka

The reception of the hotel was a couple of stories above so I was told to wait down while someone finished doing the room and brought my key. 30 minutes later I got the key and got face to face with my "Budget Single". It was a disaster. Not even worth the LKR 2200 I had paid through HostelBookers for one night. I felt cheated. There was a rough and cold cement floor, two old wooden single beds with a doubtful looking blanket on one bed, a window on a side opening into a duct, a bathroom without any hot water, a small table & chair, and a cloth stand. The floor was so cold that it would be impossible to be in that room without bathroom slippers. I decided to go out and buy a pair before starting any sightseeing in Kandy. I tried the free Wifi but it did not work in my basement room. Fortunately it was going to be only one night in Majestic Tourist Hotel. The evening ahead of me would be spent in downtown Kandy and next day I would check-in to my next hotel. I returned to the room late and tried to sleep quickly. I was not sure if the bed linen was clean, the blanket smelled odd, so I could not sleep so well.

Budget Single Room at Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy

The free breakfat next day was not so Majestic either. It was two white bread slices, butter, bad fruit jam, bad coffee and a glass of fruit juice that I got only after asking. The cafe on the terrace and the view around is really nice though. People who stayed in other rooms must have liked it better. After finishing breakfast, a lady (owner) approached me to settle my room bill. I paid and instead of saying "Thanks", she curtly told me to leave the key in the room while checking out. It was 8.30 am and my check out was officially 3 and a half hours away. Perhaps she knew I must have had enough of this "Majestic" experience and would leave as soon as possible. I did. See room and hotel pictures below...

Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy Booking Site

Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy Pictures

Budget Single Room Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy

Budget Single Room in Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy

Breakfast in Hotel Majestic Tourist Kandy

Terrace Cafe in Majestic Tourist Hotel Kandy

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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