Coral Island Day Trip from Pattaya

Friday, February 21, 2014

Coral Island trip from Pattaya is a scam prone adventure. There are numerous stories of tourists getting scammed in many different ways including the most common "Jet Ski" scam. There is even a YouTube video that shows how the Jet Ski scam works. Another scam is where the speed boat takes you to an island other than Coral Island, but the speed boat guy will swear that he brought you to Coral Island. This scam will happen if you book your Coral Island tour on the road from an "agent" who is walking about the Beach Road with a few pamphlets in hand. The safe way is to find a travel agency that offers this "Pattaya Sea King Tour" which I found to be real value for money. It includes free hotel pick-up & drop, speed boat ride to two islands - Koh Sak and Koh Larn (Coral Island), sea food lunch, Snorkeling with free use of Snorkeling gear, Parasailing, under-sea walk, pictures and video of your trip on a CD, beach chair & towel at Coral Island, and some fresh fruits on return to Pattaya. All this for 1900 THB per person. See booking information and more below... (Also read: Ripley's Believe It or Not, Pattaya)

Beach At Coral Island Pattaya

Pattaya Sea King Tour to Coral Island

Actually, this 1900 THB is a sort of Maximum Retail Price. Most agents offer a discount and it is totally possible to book this tour at around 1650 or so depending on how you bargain with the agent. Imagine indvidually doing all the activities covered in the tour. You will easily spend double. There are cheaper options too in the Sea King tour. By cancelling Parasailing, you pay 1500 THB only. But if you cancel under-sea walk, you can have Parasailing by paying 1200 THB. The basic tour consisting of speed boat, Snorkeling, sea food lunch, and CD pictures costs only 1000 THB. The agent might offer this basic tour at around 750-800 THB. Beach chair & beach towel are given in all the tour options. 1900 and 1500 THB tours include video shooting in addition to still pictures. The CD containing pictures and video is delivered to your hotel later in the evening. The tour begins at 10.00 am and ends at 4.00 pm.

Pattaya Parasailing Platform

Koh Sak Island Near Pattaya

Vegetarian lunch is available for those who do not wish to have sea food lunch. This needs to be communicated at the time of booking. The trip starts from Beach Road where the tourists are brought by the free pick-up "Baht Buses". A briefing is given along with a warning against hiring a Jet Ski at Coral Island. Each speed boat carries 8-10 tourists. The speed boat first stops at a Parasailing platform and then goes to Koh Sak for Snorkeling. One does not need to know swimming to enjoy any of the activities. A life jacket is given to all the passengers while in the speed boat and for Snorkeling at Koh Sak. Snorkeling gear is also provided free of charge. Under-sea walk is a 20 minute adventure on the way from Koh Sak to Koh Larn.

Swimming At Coral Island Near Pattaya

Tourists reach Coral Island well before lunch time and have until 3.30 pm to eat lunch, relax or swim at the beautiful beach. Sea food lunch is not fantastic but OK. The entire trip is totally family-friendly but one must be prepared to handle the high-speed boat ride. I found this Coral Island tour to be the best bargain in all the activities that tourists do in Pattaya. Just, don't get scammed.

Where To Book Pattaya Sea King Tour

Pattaya Sea King Tour Booking Office in Pattaya

If you are not able to find an agent to book a 'Pattaya Sea King Tour', you may go to this shop that I have spotted at a corner of Beach Road that can be reached not only from the Beach Road but also from the Second Road. To get to this place from Beach Road, you need to come to the road turn from where one can turn towards Central Pattaya Road. Coming from the Beach Road, this shop is on the left hand corner. To come here from Pattaya Second Road, you need to walk from Central Festival Mall towards Central Pattaya Road and at the road crossing, turn left from the point where you see the Tops Market. Walk on this road towards Beach Road and you will spot Pattaya Sea King Tours right at the corner of Beach Road on the right side of the road. (Also read: Ripley's Believe It or Not, Pattaya)

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