Little Home Guest House Pattaya Review

Friday, February 21, 2014

There are plenty of 600 THB per night hotels / guest houses in Pattaya but only some of them are available for booking on internet. Such guest houses offer, at the most, a clean room with little or no other amenities. In fact, a clean room at 600 THB is not too much to ask on Pattaya Second Road. But to get one near Central Festival Mall would certainly be a steal. I have never booked a 600 THB hotel before but this time a last minute change of plan made me stay a few extra hours in Pattaya. I could not extend my stay at Cucumber Inn because they were full. I looked up and found this "Little Home Guest House" at 216/68 Moo.10 Soi 13, Pattaya 2nd Road (Soi Diana Inn) on offer at approximately 640 THB (19.64 USD) per night. The guest ratings were not too bad the location looked perfect. Soi 13 is at a walking distance from Central Festival Mall and Little Home is almost at the beginning of Soi 13 (right side coming from 2nd road). The guest house entrance is not every prominent, so look hard. There is an LK Group hotel on the opposite side. See the pictures below...

Little Home Guest House Pattaya 

The Standard room they gave me was on the ground floor. It was decent sized, had a double but not so soft bed, and the bed linen was like what one can expect in a 640 THB room. There were two small water bottles (sourced from the LK hotel across the road). There was a noisy air conditioner on one side. There was no cabinet but an open space to keep the bags and hang the clothes. I checked the bathroom and it was clean & spacious but no separate shower cabin. Unfortunately after check-in, I left the room in a hurry without realizing that the noise from the air conditioner did not mean it was doing anything to cool the room.

Little Home Guest House Pattaya Standard Room

Little Home Guest House Pattaya Double Bed

Standard Room Little Home Guest House Pattaya

Little Home Guest House Pattaya Bathroom

I returned late and went to bed quickly only to be pulled out of my sleep early in the morning. The room was turning into an oven. Had it not been the month of January, I would have realised the problem earlier. The air conditioner was just a noise making machine. I felt cheated because the management were most likely aware of the problem but would not attend to it. And why, it was just a 640 THB room. I guess some of the rooms in Little Home Guest House will have better air conditioning. Had the air conditioner worked, I would have been all praise for Little Home Guest House. The room size, the location, and free joiner entry are their plus points. There is a phone in the room and there is always some staff at the reception. So if you are looking to save money and take your chances, Little Home Guest House is worth a try.

Little Home Guesthouse Pattaya Booking Site

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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