Pattaya Van To and From Ekamai Bangkok

Friday, February 28, 2014

(Update April 2017: This service no longer operates from Victory Monument in Bangkok and has instead shifted to Ekamai Bus Station. The original article was written when the service operated from Victory Monument in Bangkok. I will update details with pictures soon, both of Ekamai Bangkok Mini Van Stand and also of the locations in Pattaya)

This is the fastest and the cheapest mode of public transport between Bangkok and Pattaya. The vans are air-conditioned, comfortable, ply according to scheduled timings, and cost between 92 and 120+ THB per person one-way depending on where you book your seat. The difference in the pricing tells me that there are at least three different van operators or booking agents. One is charging 92 THB, another one charges 120 THB and there is yet another, near Central Festial Mall in Pattaya charging more than 120 THB for the same service. The vans are similar and the comfort or otherwise is also similar. Which is why one must try to buy the 92 THB ticket. In Pattaya, I have seen three different spots for taking the Van from Pattaya to Bangkok but in Bangkok, everything starts and ends at Victory Monument, below the BTS Station. You will find directions in this page to go to the van stations at Victory Monument in Bangkok. Keep reading...

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Pattaya Van Stop Victory Monument BTS Bangkok

But first, there are some basic rules. There is no space for keeping heavy bags. One is supposed to be carrying a hand bag that can be kept in the lap. Small sized luggage is sometimes adjusted near the van door or under the seats free of charge but to carry a large bag, one needs to buy an extra ticket. Say, to carry one small and one large suitcase, a single traveller will need to buy two tickets. The vans stop on the way for filling gas for which all the passengers are required to get out of the van. The gas station has toilet facilities and a 7-Eleven type of store for buying snacks and drinks. This stop comes within 10-15 minutes after leaving Pattaya on the Pattaya-Bangkok route and 10-15 minutes before arriving in Pattaya on the Bangkok-Pattaya route.      

Taking The Van From Victory Monument Bangkok

92 THB Van from Victory Monument Bangkok to Pattaya

You see a quoted fare of 97 THB in the above picture but in December 2015, they were charging only 92 THB. The service from Bangkok to Pattaya operates daily from 6.00 Am to 8.00 PM. Usually, there is a van departing every 15 minutes. But this can vary depending on the number of passengers available. In Pattaya, they drop the passengers somewhere on the Pattaya Second Road.

How To Find The Van Stations

92 THB Station

There are two van stations that I could identify near Victory Monument BTS Station in Bangkok. The 92 THB Van Station can be found by exiting the Victory Monument Exit Number 4. Get down from the stairs and once on the ground turn backwards to your left. After turning, you will see a Suzuki showroom on your right side. Walk a little and you will pass by a coffee shop called 'Rest Note Cafe' and then by a language teaching center called 'Exchange English'. The 92 THB Pattaya Van station is located immediately after 'Exchange English'. You see this station in the picture above.

120 THB Station (T-Tour)

Mini Van Station Near Victory Monument BTS Bangkok

This van station can be reached by coming out of Victory Monument BTS Exit Number 2. As you are coming down the stairs, you will see the van station on your left side which is located right along the stairs.  Go to counter number 7 as shown in the above picture and buy your ticket.

From Pattaya to Bangkok

(1) 92 THB Service

97 THB Van from Walking Street Pattaya to Victory Monument Bangkok

The 92 THB service has the most accessible boarding point near Walking Street. If you are standing in front of the Walking Street entrance (Samsung Signboard), turn left and a few yards down the road, before the road signal, one sees this little road side office. It is in front of Fah Pattaya Restaurant. The vans operate from 6.00 Am to 8.00 PM. (Update December 2015: This counter has shifted inside a nearby open area and the service has become less reliable. I was told that the service to Victory Monument Bangkok does not operate everyday but instead they were offering a service to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Maybe now they wish to operate a regular service to Suvarnabhumi from here. Possibly they will continue to operate van service from this point to Victory Monument as well.)

(2) 120 THB Service (T-Tour)

100 THB Van from Second Road Pattaya to Victory Monument Bangkok

Turn from Walking Street towards South Pattaya Road and instead of stopping at Fah Pattaya restaurant, come to the road signal. Turn right on Second Road and on the right side of the road, you will see this counter. This 120 THB Van service to Victory Monument Bangkok operates from 5.00 AM to 8.00 PM. 

(3) 130 THB Service

130 THB Van from Central Festival Mall Pattaya to Victory Monument Bangkok

This one is the most irritating because I have not been able to understand why they charge 30 percent more. Their vans are no different from others. Perhaps the boarding location is the reason but its not a good-enough reason. This premium price van can be taken from Central Festival Mall on the Second Road side from 6.00 am to 8.00 PM. All the three van services stop at Victory Monument BTS Station in Bangkok but some of the vans continue their journey in Bangkok beyond Victory Monument. That means, the passengers need to take care to get down at Victory Monument. The drivers make announcements in Thai only. Asking some local passengers for guidance is better than unknowingly going to another part of the city. (Update December 2015: I am not sure the new price of van service from here after the price of other operators increased from 100 to 120 THB in December 2015. It will probably be 150 THB.)

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