Vegetarian Food in Terminal 21 Food Court Asoke Bangkok

Monday, February 24, 2014

Vegetarian Food is not always easy to find in Nana / Asoke area of Bangkok. I have always been on the lookout but could not find much other than the Indian restaurants that all serve vegetarian Indian food. Of course there a few Thai restaurants that will make a Thai Vegetarian Curry on order, but one can never be sure if the curry paste used by them contains shrimp paste or not. Therefore, it was nice to learn of this food stall in the food court called "Pier 21" at Terminal 21 Shooping Mall next to BTS Asoke Station. The signboard there says "Vegetarian Food" and they do have a few surprises in store. First of all, the prices are really delightful. Imagine a Rice / Thai Noodles with Mushroom Curry Sauce for just 25 THB or a Mussaman Curry for 30 THB. One can have a full vegetarian meal consisting of brown rice and a choice of one, two, or three curries at 25, 30, or 40 THB. This is fantastic, see picture below. Then there are other tempting preparations like Fried Chinese Mushrooms, Crispy and Spicy Fried Mushrooms, Spicy Minced Tofu Salad, Spicy Tofu and Tomato Dip, all for 30 THB each. I guess one will need just a side serving of steamed rice to go along will any of these dishes. Keep reading...

Pier 21 Food Court at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall BTS Asoke Bangkok 

The 40 Baht Vegetarian Meal

40 THB Vegetarian Meal at Terminal 21 Food Court Bangkok

The 40 THB vegetarian meal that one gets here is perhaps the best value meal one can hope to get anywhere in Bangkok. It actually starts at 25 THB if you choose to have just one curry. There are about 5-6 choices and it is easy to pick at least three. Take away orders cost just 5 THB more.

Vegetarian Food at Terminal 21 Shopping Mall Asoke Bangkok Food Court

Vegetarian Food Menu Food Court Terminal 21 Asoke Bangkok

Vegetarian Food at Food Court Terminal 21 Asoke Bangkok

Tip: If you are going for dinner, go early because this place manages to sell all of their food by 8.00 pm.

Vegetarian Desserts

Vegetarian Desserts at Food Court Terminal 21 Asoke Bangkok

5 Tropical Nuts in Longan Syrup Food Court Terminal 21 Asoke Bangkok

Vegetarian Dessert Menu Food Court Terminal 21 Asoke Bangkok

And if one really finds no food left in the vegetarian food corner, one can still try some of the heavenly vegetarian desserts in this stall close to Vegetarian Food. There are a lot of fresh mangoes on the shelf. Here, one can have Iced Assorted Beans in Syrup (20 THB), 5 Tropical Nuts in Laongan Syrup (30 THB), Palm Seed / Corn / Grass Jelly (30 THB), or Salim / Red Ruby-like Chestnut in Coconut Milk for 30 THB. They even have the popular Sweet-sticky Rice with Mango at 35 THB. Actually, the vegetarian food at the food stall is not very heavy so one is easily able to enjoy some of these desserts after a vegetarian meal. I loved this. So will you.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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