Vegetarian Food at Po Lin Monastery Big Buddha Ngong Ping Hong Kong

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Po Lin Monastery's vegetarian restaurant near the Big Buddha statue at Ngong Ping has been my motivation for repeatedly taking the Cable Car ride to this part of Lantau Island. They serve excellent vegetarian food at very reasonable prices everyday between 11.30 am and 4.30 pm. The minimum meal ticket for one person costs 88 HKD for a General Meal. A Deluxe Meal costs 128 HKD per person which differs in terms of the type of soup served - "Mix Mushroom Soup" instead of "Soup of the day (clear soup)" and some main course preparations like "Asparagus with Mix Mushrooms & Cashew Nuts" instead of "Fresh Mix Vegetables with Tofu". Deluxe Meal also comes with a dessert - "Deep Fried Tofu Sheet with Lemon Sauce" which is missing in the General Meal. I have tried both types of meals and would recommend the Deluxe Meal unless one is really into saving money. A solo guest is served the basic menu whereas for guests arriving in groups (up to 8) get to sample some additional dishes for the same price. There are separate menus for groups of 2,3,4,5,6,7 or 8 persons. Chinese Tea is served free with each meal. Children under 5 years need not have a separate ticket. To reach Po Lin Vegetarian, one needs to take the Cable Car from Tung Chung MTR Station to Ngong Ping. Read more and see pictures...
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Po Lin Vegetarian Restaurant Big Buddha Hong Kong

Meal menus at Po Lin Monastery Vegetarian Restaurant

Meal Ticket Office Po Lin Monastery Ngong Ping Hong Kong

The menus are displayed at the ticket office in the above picture. Sometimes, this counter is closed and the meal tickets are sold in an adjoining building. One must purchase the ticket before entering the restaurant. Read below for detailed information on menus.

General Meal

An 88 HKD General Meal for a single person has Today's Soup (Clear), Deep Fried Spring Rolls, Fresh Mix Vegetables with Tofu Sheet, Black Mushroom with Vegetable, and Steam Rice. For a group of 4 persons, the General Meal will additionally have Steamed Tofu with Light Chilli Sauce, and Mix Mushrooms / Baby Sweet Corn. The rest will be the same as a solo meal and the price per person will be 88 HKD.

Deluxe Meal

Deluxe Meal at Po Lin Monastery Vegetarian Restaurant

Deluxe meal (128 HKD) for a single person has Mix Mushroom Soup, Deep Fried Spring Rolls, Asparagus with Mix Mushrooms & Cashew Nuts, Black Mushrooms with vegetables, Steamed Rice, and Fried Bean Curd Sheet in Lemon Sauce as dessert. In the Deluxe Meal for a group of eight persons, the restaurant additionally serves Fresh Lotus with Potato Paste, Deep Fried Taro with Sweet & Sour Sauce, Konjac Jelly with Vegetable, and Deep Fried Spicy Tofu. Now that will be quite a meal. See some of the pictures of the food served here:

Mix Mushroom Soup

Mix Mushroom Soup Po Lin Vegetarian Restaurant Ngong Ping Hong Kong

Shredded mixed mushroom soup has very thin shreds of mushrooms in a sticky broth which is not spicy and so, can use some soy sauce, pepper, etc. The soup is served in a large bowl and one can have as much as one likes.

Asparagus with Mix Mushroom and Cashew Nuts

Asparagus with Mix Mushrooms and Cashew Nuts at Po Lin Vegetarian Hong Kong

The name of this dish is a little misleading. What is actually served has very little asparagus & mushrooms but more of bell peppers. A lot of fried cashew nuts are there too.

Deep Fried Spring Rolls and Fried Tofu Sheet in Lemon Sauce

The spring rolls are crispy and very tasty. The dessert made of deep fried tofu sheet in lemon sauce is also a delight.

Black Mushroom with Vegetables

Black Mushrooms with Vegetables Po Lin Vegetarian Ngong Ping Hong Kong

The black mushrooms (3-4 pieces) are really nice. It is hard to finish the accompanying leafy greens.

Desserts and Snacks Counter

Deli Counter for Desserts and Snacks at Po Lin Monastery Ngong Ping Hong Kong

For those not interested in a full vegetarian meal but just some vegetarian desserts, snacks, and coffee this Cafe is open next to the vegetarian restaurant.
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