Completely Online Singapore Visa for Indian Citizens in One Day

Thursday, April 17, 2014

(Update May 2016: According to the service provider, this service is no longer available. Singapore does provide completely online visa through their trusted partners for some of the assessment level-1 countries but India does not figure in the list. Visit this website for more detail: Indian citizens need to apply for and obtain an e-visa before entering Singapore. There is no visa on arrival facility and no Singapore Government-run facility for obtaining an online visa like the one offered by Sri Lanka. As a result, for my previous visits to Singapore, I had to hand-over my original passport and other documents to an authorised agent who arranged a Singapore e-visa for me. I got my e-visa via an email after 4 days and my passport back by courier in about a week. Of course I had to pay a fee which was equal to 30 Singapore Dollars plus the agent's service charges. Why Singapore makes us endure so much hassle? All the other countries I cover in this blog offer either a visa-free entry or a visa on arrival. But I like Singapore too and cannot allow a visa requirement to stop me from going there. It has been quite a while since my last visit to Singapore and hence I have decided to go there in May 2014. A couple of days ago, I started searching for an authorised agent who would get me a visa for vising Singapore. I currently live in Bengaluru and, therefore, my search query in '' was "Singapore visa from Bangalore". It must have been my lucky day because the search result at the top took me to a Singapore visa authorised agent who not only did the regular "submit the documents" type of visa but also a completely online visa for Singapore for Indian citizens. And as a cherry on top, the requirement of documents to get a completely online visa was much less than the regular visa. Keep reading...

Singapore Electronic Visa

Documents required for Singapore Online Visa

The list of documents required for completely online visa for Singapore is really short. Here it is:

1. One scanned photo of the applicant

400 x 514 pixels JPEG image with white background and showing the face prominently and clearly. Maximum image file size of 60KB.

2. Scanned (color) copies of 1st (Photo) and last (address) pages of your passport.

3. One-page MS-WORD form that takes 5 minutes per applicant to fill. This is to be typed-in. No writing and scanning. You just download the MS-WORD file, edit it and mail it back.

That is all. No more documents, no original passport to be submitted. Not even your air-ticket.

Fee to be paid for Singapore Online Visa

A non-refundable fee of Rs. 3500/- is to be paid that can be paid online through the Federal Bank Payment Gateway following the link given on the agent's website.

The process for Singapore Online Visa

I prepared the scanned copies of the documents as stated above and my photo in 400x514 pixels. It was 57KB in JPEG format. Then I made the online payment using my credit card. I got a payment reference number on the payment success page that I noted down. I mailed the scanned documents and the payment reference number to the authorised agent at about 9.50pm on April 16, 2014. At 10.18pm on the same evening, I got a reply from the agent asking me if I had visited Singapore before and wanted the dates of my previous travel to Singapore. I replied Immediately with the information. 10 minutes later, I got another email from the agent confirming that they had received all the required information and would apply for the visa. I liked their efficiency because it was after 10.00pm Indian Standard Time. They must have forwarded my application that night itself because in less than 24 hours, exactly at 06.16pm on April 17, 2014, the agent forwarded my Singapore e-visa to my email. Their website promised a response time of 2-3 days for this service but actually managed to get a Singapore visa for me in less than a day's time.

The Fine Print

My experience was wonderful. But the following points are worth knowing:

1. The fee requirement for the completely online Singapore e-visa is Rs. 3500 whereas for the "submit the documents" type of visa, one needs to pay only Rs. 2750. The same agent (particulars given below) does the cheaper visa too.

2. The online visa is given for "two months - multiple entry" only. The regular e-visa may be for "two months-multiple entry" or "two years-multiple entry" depending on the decision of the Singapore Consulate.

3. A print-out of the e-visa (see picture above) is to be carried to the airport for verification at the airline check-in counter in India.

4. At the airport in Singapore, the immigration staff will see your return air-ticket (for return or onward journey within 30 days), your passport having a remaining validity of at least six months, hotel address, and sufficient funds required for stay in Singapore.

5. There are additional requirements for lady passengers travelling alone, such as the purpose of visit, etc.

Where to get the Completely Online Singapore Visa

This is the web address:

Email:  Phone: 09620446636 / 09242900636

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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