International Food in Lumbini at Kudan Restaurant

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I have read it somewhere that tourists in Lumbini eat in their own hotels. That may be true because most tourists stay in Lumbini for two nights and one day, arriving in the evening of the first day and leaving early in the morning after the second night. Such a tight schedule does not allow tourists enough time to venture out looking for restaurants in other hotels. Also, there are not many stand-alone restaurants in Lumbini. I saw only one on the Eastern side of Lumbini Development Area, called "Lumbini Invitation 365" and that too did not seem to be a very popular one. The hotel I stayed in, "Ananda Inn" also has an in-house restaurant called "Maitri". Actually Maitri Restaurant is one of the best Lumbini has. Still, for my dinner on the second night in Lumbini, I decided to check out another restaurant on Lumbini Bazaar that looked promising from the outside. To clarify the location of Lumbini Bazaar, the Lumbini Development Area is surrounded by a circular road called "Vishnupura Road". On the eastern side of the Area, the stretch of this road along gate numbers 4 (Maya Devi Temple) and 5, is called Lumbini Bazaar or Buddhanagar. The Saleena Bus from Kathmandu drops passengers at Gate number 4. OK, the restaurant I had zeroed in on was Kudan Restaurant which is a part of Hotel Peace Land (+977-71-580210) located opposite Gate number 5. Lucky for me, Kudan turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Keep reading...

Kudan Restaurant in Hotel Peace Land Lumbini

Kudan Restaurant opens daily from 6.00am to 10.00pm but last order for dinner has to be placed by 9.00pm. Such timings are the norm in Lumbini. In Fact Lumbini Bazaar does not have very good street lighting, so unless one is staying in Hotel Peace Land, it may not be so much fun walking towards Kudan on a deserted street after dark. But if you wish to have really good Thai or Chinese food in Lumbini, a visit to Kudan Restaurant will be a must. Kudan is international because they serve Nepali, Indian, Chinese, Thai, and Continental food.

Kudan Restaurant Hotel Peace Land Lumbini

For breakfast, one can have American (NPR 380) or Indian (NPR 280) combo or choose eggs, sausages,  a simple corn flakes or porridge, individually costing between NPR 80 and 200. For lunch and dinner, they have Thai salads (NPR 200-300), Thai soups like Tom Yum Goong (NPR 250 - 300), Thai snacks like Satay Kai (NPR 250), Thai red / green curries (NPR 300 -350), and Phad Thai (NPR 300). Chinese menu has snacks like Spring Rolls (NPR 200), Paneer Chili (NPR 250), main course dishes like Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce (NPR 300 served with free rice) and others. Continental menu has Butter Sauteed Veg (NPR 200), Spaghetti (NPR 300), and grilled meats (NPR 350), etc. Indian curries (NPR 250) & breads (NPR 15-40) and a great Nepali Set Meal (NPR 380) complete the menu. Kudan has a bar licence too. Hard drinks here can be ordered in bottles (quarter, half, or full) at something like NPR 400-800-1600. Food is really tasty and the free steamed rice served along with certain Thai & Chinese preparations makes it budget friendly too. My complements to Kudan.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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