Peak Point Hotel Kathmandu Review

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hotel Peak Point (Near Amrit Marg, Jyatha, Thamel, Kathmandu. Phone: +97714215110) is one of the many ordinary hotels in Thamel - the tourist area of Kathmandu. To be exact, this is Jyatha Thamel which is a 10-15 minutes walk away from Darbar Marg or Kathmandu Guest House. The hotel is located in a compound with a public taxi parking right outside the hotel which is advantageous for taking a taxi to the airport or Bus Stand. The compound has a couple of other hotels, a dance bar and a few private residences. The main road is about a 100 meters away which has shops for tourists with money to spend, many restaurants, some massage facilities, and more dance bars. That is about all that Thamel has to offer. Getting to Hotel Peak Point from the airport cost me 700 Nepali rupees by official prepaid taxi and going to Kathmandu's "New" Bus Stand from the hotel cost 300 Nepali rupees. A "Standard" non-A.C. room here was 22 USD per day including breakfast and free wifi. They "upgraded" me to an "air conditioned" room which was still barely adequate and the free breakfast was inadequate. Read more and see pictures...

Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu

The room

Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu Standard Room

Standard Room Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu

Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu Balcony and View

My "Standard" room had dark, tiled floor and a double bed with an old mattress. The bed sheet and the pillow covers were clean but the pillows inside the covers were very dirty like the ones that should have been replaced a few years ago. The room was dimly lit which added to the overall gloom. There was balcony with one plastic chair and a prison-cell like window. I never stepped into that balcony because the dumping-yard / slum like ground outside was visible even from the room (See the picture above). In the room, there was a dressing mirror & table, a sofa chair, a small LCD TV that worked when power supply was available. The hotel did have a power generator but that was connected only to a couple of lights and wifi access point but not to the TV. Power cuts in Kathmandu are a matter of daily routine. These cuts are lengthy and scheduled. There was a power-cut schedule on display at the hotel.

The Bathroom

Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu Bathroom

The bathroom was not very clean and some of the bathroom fittings were broken. On the plus side, hot water was supplied centrally and was available all day. A pair of plastic slippers was kept at the bathroom door.

Free Internet in the lobby

Free wifi internet worked well in the room and the lobby which had a few easy chairs. There were even a couple of PCs kept in the lobby which had free internet for the guests.

Free Breakfast

Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu Free Breakfast

Hotel Peak Point Thamel Kathmandu Restaurant

The restaurant was next the lobby. My free breakfast turned out to be a small glass of tetra-pack orange juice, one single Aloo Paratha with tomato ketchup, and one coffee. The western breakfast they were serving to other guests was also in tiny portions. It seamed like a hotel policy to encourage dieting among the guests.

My verdict

Overall, Hotel Peak Point was not as good as some of its online reviews suggest. The dirty pillows and broken bathroom fittings were serious flaws. Food was disappointing and in general, the property lacked energy. The staff at the front office were trying to sell tours, etc. to the guests which seemed to be their priority. I do not know why this hotel is called "Peak Point".  Actually, there is no point staying here.
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Posted by Narinder Singh


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