Why You Should Take Official Prepaid Taxi From Kathmandu Airport to Thamel

Friday, May 23, 2014

As one steps out of the Kathmandu Airport Arrival Hall, there is an official taxi booking counter called "Pre-paid Taxi Service". A prepaid taxi ride from Kathmandu Airport to any hotel in Thamel area of Kathmandu costs 700 Nepali rupees (price as on April 19, 2014). Yet, I see that most tourists do not stop at this counter and head out of the airport where there is a of sea of taxi drivers and touts waiting for them offering cheap rides to anywhere Kathmandu. These taxi drivers / touts generally ask for a price higher than NPR 700 by saying things like "traffic jam" or "one way road". Even if they ask for NPR 700, a ride in an unofficial taxi may prove costly for another reason. Unofficial taxi drivers generally allow another person to get into the taxi who introduces himself as the owner of the taxi or a friend of the driver. If the passenger is alone, the driver's friend sits next to the passenger on the back seat. This guy is actually an agent or a tout whose job is to sell hotel or tour bookings or any other kind of service that the passenger may be interested in. Keep reading...

Prepaid Taxi Service Counter at Kathmandu Airport

You need to know that anything you book through this guy or any other service you take through him, you will pay much more than the fair price. Remember, misinformation is their weapon.  Additionally, if you exchange telephone numbers with this guy, he will spoil your trip to Nepal by calling your number several times everyday asking you to avail of his services. Even if you refuse to deal with him, he is sure to give you a headache by the time you taxi reaches your hotel. Moral of the story is, take a prepaid taxi from the official prepaid counter at the airport. Kathmandu Airport Prepaid taxi service may be contacted via phone (+977-1-4499159) or email (prepaidtaxinepal@gmail.com). I personally like Kathmandu Airport Prepaid Taxi because they gave me good advice on Travel from Kathmandu to Lumbini.

If you need a prepaid mobile phone card for your stay in Nepal, there are two counters at the airport - Nepal Telecom and Ncell. Just be careful because the Ncell staff may overcharge you.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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