A Business Hotel in Sigra Area of Varanasi: Hotel Varuna Review

Monday, June 23, 2014

Actually, I have to call Hotel Varuna a business hotel just because I did not find it to be a hotel meant for someone on a holiday in Varanasi. It is a place to crash at night that's all. But because of its location, (22, Gulab Bagh, Sigra, Varanasi, Phone: +91 7800040271, +91 542 2418524 / 25 / 26), Hotel Varuna is away from the garbage filled streets that line the famous Ghats of Varanasi and that makes it more likeable than it actually is. The road outside Hotel Varuna, though not squeaky clean, is a lot better. There is a shopping mall nearby (IP Mall) that has a few brand shops, a multiplex, and a good food court. Sigra area is not very far from Varanasi Junction Railway Station either. A prepaid Auto-Rickshaw from the Station to Hotel Varuna costs INR 50 only. Sigra's location makes it an ideal area for a business visitor to stay at. And that is the point of Hotel Varuna. I found it because I was looking for a cheap hotel that did not have too many complaints mentioned in its guest reviews. I booked a single room, called Studio room that cost INR 1300 per day including breakfast. The breakfast was nothing great, poori bhaji or aloo paratha/curd and tea, and served in the room at my request. Keep reading for the room condition...

Hotel Varuna Varanasi

Hotel Varuna Varanasi Front Office

My Studio Room was meant for a solo guest only because there was only a single bed in the room. The room size was not too small, I could move around freely. There was a small cabinet for hanging clothes, a dresser mirror, a side board, a small fridge and a small TV completed the furnishing. The room floor was not very clean due to lack of scrubbing. The bathroom was small. When I checked in, the flush tank had a leaky pipe but they fixed it after my complaint. The shower head needed de-scaling and the plastic bucket was really dirty. Overall, it was just poor maintenance.

Hotel Varuna Varanasi Studio Room

Studio Room Hotel Varuna Varanasi

Hotel Varuna Varanasi Bathroom

The remote controls for the TV and the air-conditioner were missing. When I asked for them, for the first day they could only provide the TV remote. I got the A.C. remote for the second night. INR 1300 does not buy much in India now-a-days and I do not make too many complaints generally because the strategy is to observe and expose, but how could they not provide remote control for the A.C.? The bathroom window opened into another room used by their staff who kept their TV on all night. The first night I did not sleep so well because of the noise coming from that TV and the temperature setting of the A.C. that was beyond my control

There was nothing in terms of the hotel atmosphere too. The small reception and a waiting hall type of room next to it were the only public areas in the hotel. From the outside, the building looked wrapped in overhead electrical supply cables. Ghats are about 3-4 km away. Cycle or Auto-Rickshaw are available outside for taking a ride to the Ghats (INR 50 to 150).

Though I will not stay in Hotel Varuna again, I still forgive them for everything because, perhaps, hotels in Uttar Pradesh are generally like that. My previous hotel in Uttar Pradesh- Hotel Pathik Niwas Kushinagar - had cost me almost the same same money but was nothing short of hell. At least Hotel Varuna was better than that. Hotel Varuna Booking Site

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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