Kushinagar Budget Accommodation, Tariffs, Facilities, and Best Time to Visit

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kushinagar in Uttar Pradesh (India) is a small place where Lord Buddha attained Mahaparinirvana. Because of its religious importance, pilgrims and tourists from all over the world come to Kushinagar. Visitor arrivals in Kushinagar, however, are concentrated more in the winter months of October to March and also around the Buddhist festivals and special days. Summers are very hot in this part of India and hence a visit to Kushinagar is better avoided during April to September. Another reason to avoid Kushinagar during the lean season is the non-availability of good hotels at that time. The good hotels in Kushinagar remain closed from April to September. The one very bad Uttar Pradesh Tourist Department hotel called "Hotel Pathik Niwas" is open 365 days but it is so bad that if no other hotel is available in Kushinagar on a particular day, it will be better to stay in a monastery / temple rather than in Hotel Pathik Niwas. Hotel Pathik Niwas has rooms starting at INR 700 plus tax and going up to INR 1900 plus tax. Keep reading...
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Hotel Pathik Niwas Kushinagar

Budget Accommodation in Kushinagar

Once you rule out Hotel Pathik Niwas, the only other options for a budget stay in Kushinagar are the temples / monasteries constructed there by some Buddhist countries and a Birla Temple. The temples / monasteries offer simple & clean accommodation and the guests are supposed to make a small donation towards the cost of the stay. From what I learnt, the maximum one can be expected to pay for spending a night in a monastery is INR 1000, but generally it will be a lot less than that. The decision to allow or deny accommodation rests entirely with the officials of these temples. It may be a good idea to contact them in advance and inquire about the availability of accommodation. I have given contact information of some of these places below:

Linh Son Vietnam Chinese Buddhist Temple Kushinagar

Linh Son Vietnam-Chinese Buddhist Temple Complex

This beautiful Vietnam-Chinese Buddist Temple Complex located close to the Mahaparinirvana Temple offers clean budget accommodation. This place is also the one where a tourist is more likely to find a good room to spend a couple of nights in Kushinagar. You may contact them on +91-9936-837270 or thichnutrithuan10@yahoo.com.

Japan - Sri Lanka Buddhist centre, A.I.K. World Buddhist Culture Association

Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Centre Kushinagar

The temple complex constructed by Atago Isshin World Buddhist Cultural Association Japan offers accomodation for travellers. It is located on the road that goes from Matha Kunwar Shrine towards the Ramabhar Stupa, on the right side of the road, not very far from the Matha Kunwar Shrine. I tried a lot but could not find any contact information of Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Centre Kushinagar. So, one will need to go there and find out what is available.

Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Phuntsok Choephelling Namgyal Monastery Kushinagar

Tibetan Buddhist Temple Kushinagar

This temple is on the same road as Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Centre. This temple was established by the holy Dalai Lama. They do have rooms for pilgrims in Kushinagar. There is one phone number of the Temple but I am not sure if it is current +91-9931276680. Try it anyway.

Birla Temple Kushinagar

Birla Temple is located opposite Mahaparinirvana Temple. I forgot to take a picture but the good news is that they do have cheap accommodation for pilgrims.

Read about some more temples and monasteries later in this page.

Where to Eat in Kushinagar

Yama Cafe on Buddha Marg Kushinagar

Kushinagar has a nice independent restaurant near the Mahaparinirvana Temple on Buddha Marg called "Yama Cafe". It serves delicious and inexpensive food. Read more about Yama Cafe here.

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Travel to Kushinagar from Lumbini (Nepal)

One can travel partly by taxi and partly by bus starting from Lumbini in the morning and arriving in Kushinagar by the afternoon. I did this trip in April 2014. Read about Travel from Lumbini to Kushinagar here.

Other Temples / Monasteries in Kushinagar

There are three other temples / monasteries in Kushinagar, all located on Buddha Marg. Some of these may have accomodation available for pilgrims. Here they are:

Thai Temple (Wat Thai Kushinara Chalermraj) 

Thai Temple Kushinagar (Wat Thai Kushinara Chalermraj)

The Thai Temple is located on Buddha Marg in the vicinity of Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Centre. It is a beautiful and huge property. They even have a free medical centre opposite the temple.

Korea Temple

Korea Temple Buddha Marg Kushinagar

Korea Temple is located after Matha Kunwar Shrine, not far from Japan Sri Lanka Buddhist Centre. Can be tried for spending a night there.

Burmese Temple (Mahasukhamdadachan Thargyi Pagoda)

Burmese Temple Mahasukhamdadachan Thargyi Pagoda Kushinagar

This temple with a beautiful golden pagoda is located near the Mahaparinirvana Temple. They have a free school in the premises. Possibly they have rooms too.

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