Yama Cafe: A Nice Little Restaurant in Kushinagar

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A small restaurant called "Yama Cafe" with five tables and a capacity to seat 20 guests is actually the best independent restaurant in Kushinagar. Going from the Kushinagar Gate towards the Nirvana Temple & Stupa, you will find Yama Cafe on the left side of the road that is called Buddha Marg. Everything in Kushinagar is located on Buddha Marg and locating Yama Cafe will be no trouble. If you happen to be in Kushinagar during the lean tourist season of April to September, you will thank your stars that you found Yama Cafe. The reason is, all the good hotels in Kushinagar remain closed during this period and so do their in-house restaurants. Of course there are two other choices - a government hotel called "Pathik Niwas" and its restaurant are open alright even during that period. But having experienced that "hotel hell" first hand, I will not recommend Hotel Pathik Niwas or their restaurant to my worst enemy (Read my review of Hotel Pathik Niwas Kushinagar here). The second alternative to Yama Cafe is another small restaurant called "Tokyo Cafe" opposite Hotel Lotus Nikko. I had a meal at Tokyo Cafe too but would go there again only if Yama Cafe is closed for some reason. Yama Cafe is open daily from 8.00am to 8.00pm but in the evening they close earlier than 8.00pm on some days. Their menu is faded and that too all of half a page but they have covered all the basics and then some more. Keep reading...

Yama Cafe Buddha Marg Kushinagar

For breakfast, they have Bread / Butter / Jam, etc. (INR 20-30), Vegetable/Paneer/Chicken sandwich (INR 50-60), Bread & Omelette (INR 50), and French Toast (INR 50). Tea / coffee can be ordered in small or large mugs between INR 10 and 30.

Yama Cafe on Buddha Marg Kushinagar

Vegetable Sandwich and Tea at Yama Cafe Buddha Marg Kushinagar

For lunch and dinner, there are Soups (INR 50-70), Noodles (INR 50-80), and Fried Rice (INR 40-80), all of which are available in vegetarian and non-vegetarian variants. There are a few Indian curries like Mixed Vegetables (INR 50), Paneer (INR 70), Dal (INR 40), and Egg Curry (INR 60). Chicken curry is served in five variants starting at INR 80. Sandwiches are available all day. Food is not only cheap but fresh and tasty too.

Map of Kushinagar Attractions in Yama Cafe Buddha Marg Kushinagar

The restaurant has a gift shop next to the tables that lifts the atmosphere of the place. The owner and the staff are helpful people who would love to give free travel information and help with tour planning. There is an attractions map of Kushinagar on display in the restaurant that is really useful. No doubt, Yama Cafe is a real blessing for tourists in Kushinagar. I am sure you will like it.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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