Bagdogra Airport Transit Hotel: Airport Summit Hotel & Spa Review

Friday, July 25, 2014

The nearest airport from Gangtok on the day of writing this article is Bagdogra in West Bengal which is about 5 to 6 hours' drive from Gangtok. To catch a flight from Bagdogra while returning from a holiday in Sikkim requires either to wake up very early and take a cab to get to Bagdogra for the return flight or to stay overnight at Siliguri or somewhere near Bagdogra Airport for the next morning flight. A transit hotel near Bagdogra Airport would thus be a real blessing. Fortunately, there is one such blessing and its called Hotel Airport Summit & Spa and is located in a shopping mall in Upper Bagdogra on the highway leading to the airport (Airport Summit contact numbers: 0353-6512555, 083-888-77-888). The hotel reception and the rooms are on the 3rd floor which is accessible by a lift at the back of the building. An auto rickshaw ride to / from the airport costs INR 150 only. The hotel will arrange pickup/drop by cab at a higher cost. The name has the word "Spa" in it which is a basic massage service which I availed of in one of their group properties in Gangtok (Read more about the Summit Spa here). I have stayed in Hotel Airport Summit once and it is not bad. An Executive Room without breakfast cost me around INR 2100 after a discount given by my booking site. Keep reading for pictures and more...

Airport Summit Hotel and Spa Bagdogra

Airport Summit Hotel and Spa Bagdogra Front Office

Rooms and Facilities

My Executive Room was quite big. There was a king bed, a 24-inch TV and a small cabinet in front of the bed, an OK bathroom with an electric geyser on the side of the bed, a small table and two chairs, a coffee maker (not so clean) with tea/coffee supplies, and a dresser mirror. The room and the bathroom were reasonably clean and the AC in the room was effective. Free wifi in the room was available which worked so-so. There's also a PC in the front office for guests' use. Sleep quality was good.

Executive Room at Airport Summit Hotel and Spa Bagdogra

Airport Summit Hotel and Spa Bagdogra Executive Room

Airport Summit Hotel and Spa Bagdogra Bathroom

Food Service

Dinner at Airport Summit Hotel and Spa Bagdogra

There is an on-board restaurant and food is served in the room. After my arrival, the hotel staff actually started sort of insisting that I ordered dinner and the next morning's breakfast. I did not promise them about breakfast but because I had arrived at 9.00pm, there was no other option for food around the hotel. Hence, I ordered dinner in the room (Mutter Paneer and Chapati) which was not so great. The peas were under-cooked, like frozen peas taken out of the freezer and cooked in the pan for about 5 minutes. This meal along with a Pepsi cost me approximately INR 200. I guess, not many guests eat in this hotel.

Options Nearby

The highway outside has a few meal options, like a restaurant part of Hotel Marina and their coffee shop called Glenary's (closes early). To get to these, turn right after coming out of the Summit building. Apart from that, there is nothing much. Airport Summit Hotel Bagdogra is OK for a one night stay. While leaving, go out to the highway and fetch an auto rickshaw for going to the airport and save money. This will cost just INR 150 while the hotel will charge 4 times of that for a drop. Airport Summit Hotel & Spa Booking Page

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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