Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant: Good Food and Entertainment on M. G. Marg Gangtok

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If I were to decide which one is the best restaurant on M. G. Marg Gangtok, I would most probably choose Golden Dragon. And why not, it has a huge dining hall, serves veg & non-veg Indian and international food, has a well-stocked bar, a small dance floor with Karaoke every night and is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There's more. They have an open balcony overlooking M. G. Marg where they keep a few tables too. One needs to climb a narrow staircase to get to the restaurant but that would be OK if one gets a table right away. I guess with the number of tables they have, that should not be a problem. There is a separate bar counter with an LCD TV if one needs to wait for a table here. The Karaoke (7.00pm to 10.00pm) every night tells me that Golden Dragon must be popular with the locals and with the variety of the food they serve, a tourist from anywhere will find something of his or her liking here. Golden Dragon is located above the Bata showroom. Keep reading...

Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant M. G. Marg Gangtok

Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant M. G. Marg Gangtok Dining Hall

Food and Drinks

Let me start with the bar. They have Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Brandy & Cognac, Tequila, Liqueurs, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, and Mocktails. The prices are not too high. 60ml Indian spirits start at INR 90. Western brands start at INR 200 for 100 Pipers with the costliest brand being Glenfiddich 12 Years at INR 520. There are a total of 19 brands of whiskey on the menu. The rest of the bar menu similarly has a mix of Indian and imported brands of Vodka (INR 80 to 550), Gin (INR 85 to 260), Rum (INR 60 to 140), Brandy (INR 80 to 540), Tequila 30ml (INR 220 to 310), Liqueurs (INR 310 to 350), Beers (INR 110 to 170), Wines (INR 900 to 1200 per bottle and INR 200 to 275 per 120ml), cocktails (INR 249 and 349), and Mocktails (INR 179). Notable among these are Absolut Vodka (INR 260), Beefeater Gin (INR 260), Hennessy VS (INR 500), and Baileys (INR 310). Martinis top the cocktails menu at INR 249 each.

Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant on M. G. Marg Gangtok Bar Counter

Food Menu

The food menu has an all day western breakfast (INR 320) that includes choice of eggs, bacon, sausages, ham, and salami with grilled tomatoes, hash browns, bread with butter & preserves, juice of the day, and tea/coffee. Or one can have eggs (anyway) and sandwiches all priced between INR 72 and 210. Soups and salads cost between INR 140 and 180. Then there are burgers and steaks for the meat lovers (INR 165 to 415). There are three pages of starters with everything imaginable in both veg and non-veg. Main course has Indian curries between INR 150 and 215 for vegetarian and between INR 185 and 285 for non-vegetarian. Indian breads at INR 20 (Roti) and INR 130 for stuffed parathas, Rice and Biryani (INR 85 to 385) complete the Indian menu. Chinese snacks, rice, noodles, and curries (INR 150 to 250), Pasta (INR 255), Pizza (INR 200), and Thai curries (INR 365) are part of the international food on offer. Desserts like Brownie Bottom Pie and American Dream Boat (both INR 165) are among the four choices for dessert.

Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant M. G. Marg Gangtok Chinese Food

Quality of food

I had Chinese vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce which was tasty, though a little too hot for my taste but I guess people like their Chinese food overly spicy. Value-wise, I think they could have used a little less of cabbage and a little more of other veggies. Yet the pricing is alright considering the overall setup, particularly for dinner when the Karaoke is on. The music gear they have is really big. I think one should go to Golden Dragon for dinner rather than for lunch. That is what I will do for my next visit there.

Golden Dragon Bar & Restaurant M. G. Marg Gangtok Karaoke Station

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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