Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore: Eat All You Can, Pay What You Like

Friday, August 1, 2014

Its an Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore like no other. Annalakshmi serves great Indian vegetarian buffet lunch and dinner and does not ask for a fixed price for the same. You are at liberty to pay what you think is the right price and they never question your judgement. Actually, this "eat all you can and pay what you like" concept would only be half as interesting if the food at Annalakshmi was not as delicious as it is. Its mostly South Indian food but somehow tastes way better than the typical South Indian food that we are used to having in common South Indian restaurants. Even someone who never tasted Indian food before will love the food here. Annalakshmi operates from more than one locations in Singapore but the one that I visited is in Chinatown. To get there, take Exit "E" from Chinatown MRT and when outside, turn left. After a short walk, you will come at a road crossing from where you need to go left on the Havelock Road. On that road, its another 5 minute walk to a shopping mall called Central Square on the right side of the road. Annalakshmi is on the ground floor of this mall behind the front row shops. The restaurant opens every day from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm for lunch and 6.15 pm to 9.30 pm for dinner. It is advisable to call ahead for reservation (phone: 6339 9993) to avoid long wait for a table. Also on some days they have private functions when general guests are not allowed. Keep reading for food pictures and what is the right price to pay here...

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Singapore

The Food

I got a table after a 25 minute wait but being solo, I had to share my table with another guest. The buffet had everything - soup, snacks, curries, rice preparations, poori & some pancakes, and several desserts. On top of that it was possible to order drinks like lassi, fruit juice, and tea/coffee etc., again without any marked prices. The buffet was so huge that it was barely possible to taste and do justice to each preparation. It would have been better to go there at around 11.00 am so I could have both my breakfast and lunch at one go. Great tasting food and no rush. After my fill of the desserts, all I could ask for was a black tea which they quickly served. (See more food pictures below)

How much to pay

Annalakshmi's guests are more local Singapore residents than tourists. While waiting outside for a table, I got to have a little chat with a regular who told me that 10 SGD per head for food and a drink was reasonable. But it can be less or more, as you like it. All I can suggest is, when you visit Singapore, don't miss Annalakshmi.

Buffet Pictures at Annalakshmi Singapore

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore South Indian Soup

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore Buffet

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore Curry and Poori

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore Buffet Lunch

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore Pancakes and Curry

Annalakshmi Indian Vegetarian Singapore Buffet Desserts

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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