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Friday, August 29, 2014

In this page I will not only tell you which one is the best money exchange place (money changer) in Singapore but also the easy directions to get there via MRT. The two main places in Singapore where you can find the best exchange rates for your currency are: people's Park complex in Chinatown and Mustafa Centre in Little India. Of course there a few other places too, like The Arcade at Raffles Place and Lucky Plaza at Orchard Road but in my experience, being at Mustafa Centre or People's Park Complex takes the guess work and stress out of changing money. One can decide among the two depending on pure convenience. If one is staying in Chinatown or visiting there, one may try changing money at People's Park Complex. Similarly, if one happens to be in Little India and needs to change money, just go to one of the exchange counters at Mustafa Centre. Mustafa Centre has a few advantages: 1) Here you get several exchange counters belonging to the same company so there is no comparing of rates to do. 2) Its open 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, 3) If a particular currency can be changed anywhere in Singapore, it can sure be changed here, and 4) The exchange rates are among the best if not the best. At People's Park Complex, not all money changers are the same though I did find one that could be the best money changer in People's Park Complex. Read about that below. Keep reading...

Money Exchange at Mustafa Centre in Little India Singapore

Money Exchange at Mustafa Centre Little India Singapore

Mustafa Centre is the shopping centre of Little India where I find more locals doing there shopping than tourists. Anyway, there is something for everyone inside and around Mustafa Centre and hence a trip to this place for changing money will have other rewards too. This is also a great place to buy a prepaid sim card for your mobile, not inside the mall but the small shops in front of it. Mustafa Centre Money Exchange is always open, day or night.

Directions to Get To Mustafa Centre Little India Singapore

1. Alight at the Farrer Park MRT Station.

2. Take Exit A, when outside, turn right

3. You will come to a road signal. Turn right again.

4. After about a 100 meter walk, Mustafa Centre is on the left side of the road. 

People's Park Complex Chinatown

People's Park Complex Chinatown

Here, apart from changing money, one gets to shop for all things Chinese - food, herbs and all. Money changers are a plenty, just look around a bit for the best rates.

Directions to Get To People's Park Complex Chinatown Singapore

1. Alight at Chinatown MRT Station

2. Take Exit C and when you are out, you will find yourself almost in the middle of People's Park Complex. The entry point that you see in the picture above will be in front of you. The first level you enter into People's Park Complex is Level 1 and that is where you need to be. There are quite a few money changers here.

The Best Money Changer in People's Park Complex Chinatown Singapore

Crante Money Changer People's Park Complex Chinatown Singapore

Judging by the longest queue of them all that I saw in front of this particular money changer, Shop Number 01-28 (Number 28 on Level 1), 'Crante Money Changer' looks like the most popular. Now that kind of popularity does not come without a good reason. It is obvious that they offer the best exchange rates in People's Park Complex Chinatown.

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Posted by Narinder Singh


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