Fragrance Hotels in Singapore Offer Excellent Budget Accommodation for All

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fragrance Hotels, particularly in the Geylang area of Singapore, have earned an unduly bad name. There are umpteen number of online reviews complaining about insects, human hair, etc. that guests found in their rooms. Another popular complaint is about some plastic material on the bed below the bed linen and even some complain about the rooms being too small. As a result, most Fragrance properties in Singapore manage to get average guest ratings below 7 out of 10. Some "family" guests even used to complain about seeing some unwelcome visitors in the corridors at odd hours whom their children should not have seen. According to my assessment, most of those complainants were being unfair because in the first place they had decided to stay in a Fragrance hotel to save money. Also, it was possible that if a guest gave a good review to a Fragrance hotel, their purpose of staying in that hotel could be questioned. So, to declare that they were better than the rest of the mortals, people found obligatory faults in Fragrance hotels. Keep reading...

Fragrance Crystal Hotel on Lorong 18 Geylang Singapore

My first "Fragrance" experience was Hotel Fragrance Sapphire on Lorong 10 in which I stayed for four days in the year 2010. The property was almost new at that time, the rooms were really small but squeaky clean. There was that "plastic" on the bed too, actually a faux leather mattress cover under the white bed linen that was meant to keep the mattress clean. That was absolutely nothing to complain about. The bathroom was large but there was no separate shower area, no shower curtain too so when I took a shower, the whole bathroom got wet. I was paying only 60 SGD per night so those complaints were not really material. During my four days in Fragrance Sapphire, I did not see any unwelcome visitors in the corridors and the surroundings of the hotel were fine too. Lorong 10 does not have any "licensed houses" like those found on some other Lorongs.

Licensed Houses on Lorong 18 Geylang Singapore

Later, in 2014 I stayed in two other Fragrance properties - Fragrance Crystal (Lorong 18) and Fragrance Emerald (Lorong 6) both of which turned out to be excellent places to stay. The rooms in both these hotels were bigger than Fragrance Sapphire. All the standard comforts were there in the rooms I got including effective air-conditioning, large beds, free water bottles, tea/coffee makers & supplies, and hot water in the bathrooms. Some of the Fragrance properties even offer free wifi or PC internet in the lobby.

Superior Room in Fragrance Crystal Singapore

The locations of most Fragrance hotels are excellent too from a tourist's point of view. Surroundings-wise, some Fragrance properties in the Geylang area are close to the "licensed houses" if you know what I mean but even those houses operate at night and the atmosphere outside those buildings is nothing like disturbing. The freelance *** workers are no longer allowed to operate on the streets of Geylang as they once were. Many tour operators now bring their tour groups to stay in Fragrance hotels. Presently, the promotional rates in the Geylang Fragrance hotels are close to 68 SGD per night which is just 8 SGD more than the 2010 rates. Where is the inflation in those tariffs?

Lobby of a Fragrance Hotel in Geylang Singapore

There are over 20 Fragrance hotels in Singapore spread over all the major tourist and business areas of the city. A complete list with addresses of Fragrance hotels in Singapore can be found on this page:

Go ahead, stay in a Fragrance Hotel in Singapore. They are better than you think. Find a hotel in Singapore

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