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Friday, October 24, 2014

Interestingly, the best prepaid SIM card for a tourist in Singapore may not be the one that is sold as a "Tourist SIM Card" or by any other name at the Singapore Airport's arrival area. The prepaid SIM cards on sale at the Changi Airport are all over-priced and are sold with promises of benefits that a short-stay tourist may not be able to avail of during his/her visit to Singapore. Once outside the airport and in the city, much better value and lower priced prepaid SIM cards are available. The lowest priced prepaid SIM card on sale that I saw at the airport was a SingTel for SGD 28. Most others cost around SGD 50, with promised value of SGD 60 or something like that but the pre-loaded value expires within 30 days. Some of these "Airport" SIM cards come pre-loaded with 5 GB or more of data that may not be necessary for a short stay particularly if your hotel offers free WiFi. All I am saying is that you should carefully study what is on offer and whether it really suits your needs before spending those 50 Singapore Dollars on a SIM card at Singapore's Changi Airport. I bought a SGD 15 SingTel hi! prepaid SIM card in Little India that came with a pre-loaded balance of SGD 18. I converted SGD 7 out of that to buy 1 GB of data valid for 7 days and still had SGD 11 worth of talk time which meant 220 minutes of talk time for calling India (at 5 cents per minute) within my six days of stay. It was more than what I needed. Not only SingTel but most other telecom operators in Singapore offer special call rates for making ISD calls. Keep reading...

SingTel hi! Prepaid Sim Card Singapore

(Read more about SingTel hi! Prepaid SIM Card later in this page)

Over-priced SIM cards in the city too

Sim Card Shop in Little India Singapore

You need to watch out. Unless you are buying your SIM card from an authorised store, you will most likely get over-charged for your purchase. Look at the picture of the SGD 15 SingTel card above. Most street vendors in Singapore will sell this card to you without the top cover that you see above for SGD 18, when the actual price is SGD 15. The reason is, this SingTel prepaid card comes with a pre-loaded value of SGD 18, valid for 120 days. One shop on Geylang Road even tried to charge me SGD 20 for this card. Actually, this illegal premium is what we pay for not being able to find a SingTel company shop. But please do not confuse a SingTel banner on a shop to believe that you are at a SingTel company shop. Use this SingTel Store Locator:

Buy at a 7-Eleven Shop

SingTel Singapore Prepaid Card at 7-Eleven Shops

Many 7-Eleven shops in Singapore sell SingTel prepaid SIM cards. I bought my 15 Singapore Dollar SingTel prepaid SIM for 15 Singapore Dollars only at a 7-Eleven on Geylang Road. This prepaid SIM came with 18 Singapore Dollar stored value. So if you buy your SingTel prepaid SIM from a 7-Eleven, you will never pay more than the right price. Sometimes, the staff at a 7-Eleven may tell you that the SingTel card is out of stock just because there are too many other customers in the shop leaving the staff with no time to scan your passport and process the sale of a SingTel prepaid SIM. But you may try again at a time when the shop is relatively empty or at an odd hour or just in a different 7-Eleven.

More about SingTel hi! Prepaid SIM Card

Foreign tourists need to produce their passport to buy a prepaid SIM card in Singapore. In Singapore city, you will find either SGD 8, SGD 15 or SGD 38 (4G) SingTel hi! SIM cards. SGD 8 card has a stored value of SGD 10 (90 days) and SGD 15 card has a value of SGD 18 (120 days). Incoming calls while in Singapore are free. Local outgoing calls start at 8c a minute (Sat and Sun) and go up to 16c a minute (8.00am to 8.00pm Mon-Fri). IDD (ISD) call rates depend on the country that you are calling. Special call rates are available for several countries for which you need to dial 019 before the country code. To dial a number in India, dial 019+91+Area Code+Number. For premium service, 019 is not required. Top-up can be done starting at SGD 10. The same sim card will work as a normal or micro sim, just be careful while removing the sim from the plastic card it is attached to.

Special 019 Rates

India: 5c per minute flat

Bangladesh: 7c per minute flat

Free 019 IDD Calls

"Free" 019 calls are available to several countries (listed below) but these calls are actually not free. Local calls rates still apply which is not the case with calling India or Bangladesh.

Free 019 IDD calls are available for the following countries:

Australia (Fixed)
Hong Kong
New Zealand (Fixed)
Puerto Rico
South Korea
UK (Fixed)

SingTel hi! Data Plans

7-Day 14GB: SGD 25
7-day 1GB: SGD 7
Dial *100# to subscribe.

Check Balance and Manage Services

You need to dial *100# from your SingTel SIM to know your prepaid balance/validity and to manage services like subscribing to data plans, toll-free.

Where to Buy

SingTel hi! Prepaid Cards and Top-up can be purchased in Singapore City at SingTel Retail Shops, 7-11, Cheers, Prime Supermarket, SingPost, Sheng Siong Supermarket, etc.

Online Registration and Top-up

Online registration of your SingTel hi! Prepaid Card is available so that you can top-up online from anywhere but make sure to register while you are still in Singapore because a code is sent to your number to confirm the user's identity. International roaming on SingTel hi! Cards is available.

Go to this page for details of SingTel hi! cards:

Online Top-up:

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